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Men's & Women's Leagues at Public Courses


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I am doing some research about how league nights are managed at PUBLIC or Semi-Private courses so I am looking for some feedback.  Does the Pro at these public courses manage this for you?  Meaning do the league players (or the league commissioner) have to contact the Proshop each week to indicate which players on the team are playing that week, find subs, setup scorecards and mobile scoring on Golf Genius?

Or is all of this managed by the League Commissioner?

I believe at most private clubs, the proshop staff manages this on behalf of the members, using golf genius, i was just curious to see if the same setup applied to leagues playing at Public and Semi-Private courses.



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I believe you will find that at public or semi-private courses the league themselves will be responsible for everything.  I'm sure for a fee the course could manage your league.

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For our Mens night at my public course, it is a 10 week, 4 ball - match play format.   The matches are all pre-arranged prior to the start of the 10 week competition by the course/pro shop, however, it is up to the players to agree on the tee-time.  All results are recorded via spreadsheet....no fancy software needed.   It is kind of unusual (I think) on how they handle handicaps for the match play but seems to work well.

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We have a 60 man league flighted into 6 flights of 10 golfers.
Each golfer plays the golf in their flight twice, front and then 9 weeks later back.
The match is a combination of match play (matching holes) and stroke play, with 2 points for each for a total of 4  week. 
Golfers are required to coordinate their match with their opponent. 

Out tee times are from 2:30 to 5.
This has been negotiated by our President. Our president, who is elected to 2 year terms also works with the course regarding tee times, cost and rainouts.
Our VP handles 2 tournaments, mid year and end of year. 
Our handicapper calculates all the match points and handicaps,
Treasurer handles money and bills.
All 4 officers are exempt from paying league dues, but still have to cover cost of golf. 

we use league tracker for flighting, schedule and handicaps.

Manage Your Golf League Online. Track scores, handicaps, stats, standings and more. Free 4 round trial


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Out league is 28 players in 2 flights and we golf stroke play for two 10 week “Half Seasons” and I run the main golf and another player runs the skins. The course does nothing but take out money to hold the tee times.

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Two guys run our league at a Resort/Public course. The pro shop used to do it but the handicap method they used was bazaar to say the least and also, it often took them weeks to publish the scores. As a result, we took it over and have been running it ourselves for the past 5 years or so. Results and recalculated handicaps using the WHS formulae are published the next day. The only thing the course does is reserve our tee times and collect our green fees.

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