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How Many Courses Have You Played?

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TwoTacos totally stole my thunder over in the Golf Talk forum by asking folks to list the courses they've played. You can look over there as I listed the 165 or so courses that I've played and documented, but my question is a bit more generic and is posted in Playgrounds where it should be!

So let me have it, how many do you have under your belt? I have seen a few folks with 300+, maybe even in this forum, not sure.

I'd like to hear the following from anyone who cares to post:

1. How many courses have you played? Obviously this can be an estimate if you're not as anal as I am and keep track of this stuff.
2. How many states/countries does that cover?
3. Do you collect anything from each course you visit?

For me,
1. I've played about 165 courses, but a few I played as kid have been forgotten and not documented.
2. That covers 18 states and 3 countries (US, Scotland, Holland).
3. I get a logo ball from each course and display in my office. But I only display IF it's a course I played. No buying a ball from The Masters and then displaying it (at least not until I get invited to play Augusta! ). Also, I try to keep all of my scorecards, particularly the first time I play a course. For some of the all-time great courses, I'll get a flag as well and have it framed.

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This is the second update over twelve years. I'm now over 900 courses in 48 U.S. States and 13 countries. I've photographed almost 600 courses and now have 26,000 golf course photos on my Flickr page 

I just saw these posts which are just a few months shy of ten years old. I did recently hit 750 courses played. Gorty, you were a fortune teller  I've now played in 42 U.S. states and nine countries.

I have played 136 courses in 11 countries My top 5: 1) Twenty Ten Course, Celtic Manor, 2) Royal Portrush, 3) Rosapenna - Sandy Hills, 4) Portstewart Golf Club 5) Turtle Bay - Palmer Course

Posted Images

I've played.....carry the 2.....divide......pi.....square root.........three.
The Battleground at Deer Park - Deer Park, TX.
Pasadena Municipal - Pasadena, TX.
Glen Brook - Houston, TX.
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1) 30 courses

Where did you play in UT? We've got some pretty cool courses here. Nothing too insane but fairly cheap for how nice some of them are. I think ive played about 20-25 or so. Mostly every course i can think of in Utah. And a few in Nevada. All three of the big ones in Mesquite. One of these days i want to make it up to Coeur d'Alene, ID. I liked that idea of getting a logo ball from all the courses. I dont think ill do that with every one but all the cool ones i want to. It will give me something to display in my office.
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Where did you play in UT?

Homestead, Wasatch (mountain course), Soldier Hollow, and Talon's Cove. I think my avatar pic was actually taken at homestead.

This is soldier Hollow: I really loved playing out there. Courses were beautiful, great views while you played. Inexpensive green's fees, crowds were low, conditions were good, and adding 20% distance to all my shots was cool!
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countless courses, no way could i put a number on 'em.

i buy yardage books for most of the really good or big-name tracks and keep those in my home office. will definitely buy flags from the courses when i have a basement or bar-room or home gym, but it would definitely take over my townhouse.

when i first started playing some pretty decent name tracks I'd get bag tags, but then they clanged around so much so i just picked the two really different looking ones (whistling straits - just the head of neptune and bandon's puffin head) and put a few more on a side ring, but most are at home now and off the bag. picked up a towel from pebble and whistling straits as well.

still trying to play in all 50 states; currently have 30 down (6 to go east of the mississippi), including 25% of the courses in Alaska (aight, so there's 12 tracks in AK and i've played four).
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I've been lucky to have played by my reckoning 205 courses. This thread got me wondering so I tried to work it out. The list below has got to be pretty close, I think I may have missed a few as I know of a few that are missing due to having closed many years ago. The list is broken down by state.

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I have only been playing for about 4 years and I have played the following:

1. Right at 30 Courses
2. This includes CA,CO,TX,and Hawaii
3. I try to get a shirt from each course.
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I have played all but 9 courses in the Myrtle Beach area. So, I think, it's 88 here. I've played all over Texas including Crown Colony and Colonial C.C. I played TPC at The Woodlands several times but it has lost its luster over the years. I saw Payne win there in '95.

1. About 250
2. TX, OK, NM, SC, NC
3. I keep all scorecards and yardage books from Myrtle Beach. I plan to lay them all out on a table and the cover them in resin. Only 9 courses to go!
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I have played all but 9 courses in the Myrtle Beach area.

Lol i live in SC and ive probably played 9 courses in myrtle beach

but I usaully play cobbs, boscobel, brookstone meadows I played some in las vegas and arizona 20-25 Not bad for 15 and playing for a year
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I have played all but 9 courses in the Myrtle Beach area. So, I think, it's 88 here. I've played all over Texas including Crown Colony and Colonial C.C. I played TPC at The Woodlands several times but it has lost its luster over the years. I saw Payne win there in '95.

Sweet! I like the idea of the coffee table of scorecards! I've been wanting to do a similar thing with my ticket stubs, but maybe I can do the scorecard thing too. 250; that seems to be the most I've seen so far.....

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Has anyone been to Myrtle Beach before? Its a whole different scene... Its surprising how many holes on how many courses you remember. My favorite in Myrtle Beach is the Fazio course at Barefoot Resort. I shot 69 there about 8 months ago, one of my best rounds ever.
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I've played more than 450 courses in 28 U.S. states plus Canada, England and Scotland. Next week I'll be adding 4 more to the list, the two at Whistling Straits and the two at BalckWolf Run. I travel a few times a year for business and for an organization I do volunteer work for and always bring my clubs and try to play a few nice courses in every city I visit. Decidin where to play is part of the fun. About 5 years ago I started collecting logo balls from each course I play. I also sent envelopes and checks to about 100 courses I had played previously asking them to send me a logo ball from their course. Every single course responded by sending a ball. Some returned my check, others sent change, others sent other stuff like ball markers. Golfers are pretty cool that way. The pro at the Olympic club even sent a hand drawn club logo. My den is decorated with the golf balls in display cases and photos I have taken of some of my favorite courses. I had kept a list of every course I've played including dates and who I played with but my computer crashed a few years ago and I lost the list.

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I've played more than 450 courses in 28 U.S. states plus Canada, England and Scotland. Next week I'll be adding 4 more to the list,

Now THIS is my kind of guy right here. This is what I've been waiting for....I knew someone out there had to have some crazy number under their belt. I do the exact same thing as far as always trying to bring my clubs when I travel for business, or pleasure for that matter (unless I'm doing multiple cities the same week which unfortunately I do quite a bit). That's a great idea about sending the checks to the courses where you didn't get a ball. I have a list of 15 or so courses where I forgot to get one or lost it between the course and home, so I'll try your strategy since they're all over the place. I, too, have a list with the month/year and a sentence or two about who I played with (even if it's a stranger) and a tidbit about the course. That's cool man. I think I'll get to 450 eventually, but it'll take me another decade or so. And by then you'll probably be at 750! I'll be over 180 by year's end after really not playing serious golf until around 2003 and I'm "only" 34, so I've got the years in front of me. Awesome stuff. Thanks for posting!!

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Gorty - I've never played in MO. Only been there once and it was before I played golf. If I ever get there I'll try to set up a round at a new course so we can each get a new logo ball to add to our collections!
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Sounds good to me. Worst case, we can play my club, which is a great layout with a ton of history (Hogan won the '46 Western Open there and the club was founded by the Busch family in the early 1900s, to name two good stories....). And likewise, I've never played in New York, although I travel there frequently. Playing the Black is definitely on my to-do list this summer (but alas, it was on the list last summer too).....
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    • Notes 4/19: Priority piece: Working on the lead shoulder turning down and around center of chest on backswing. Feel is that lead shoulder propels the club head back and up. COVID-19 day-2 drills are helpful. Looks good in video compared to reference video from last lesson. But contact is all over the face, and I’ve been frustrated lately trying to sort out what has changed. Reviewed some recorded swings from my lessons in March and April compared today. Looks like the flow has gone away. I tried some rehearsals feeling the trail hip move away from target at start of the backswing (along with shoulder priority piece) before “falling” back to target. Hit some balls at slow speed and immediately contact and low point control improved significantly. Did this for about 45 minutes after kids went to bed. Probably hit 30 balls, most strikes centered between the grooves, with a couple toe/heel/fat strikes. Moral of the story is to not sacrifice gains from previous priority pieces for the latest one. Also I should film more often. Actually ordered a Live View Pro camera to facilitate this and hopefully prevent future regression.
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