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New Vs Demo Vs used

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Ok so I'm trying to complete my set while saving some dough....

SO I am a little worried about purchasing demos clubs...ideally they can all be new, but can't afford what I like new (I could, but my wife would wrap them around my neck )

Anyway....I was wondering if any of you have ever bought demo clubs...Are these any more "beat-up" than used clubs? My though process goea along the idea of"... not my clubs, who cares if i beat them!!!!" so with tha, I am hesitant to purchase. The porices are sometime pretty low, that also makes me wonder....

Why can't some one sell the new clubs for the price of old beaten up ones

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I wouldn't think demo clubs would be too much different than used ones. You could argue that used clubs may be better taken care of but that all depends on who had them before you. Most of the golf shops around here only carry 6 or 7 irons to demo so any demo sets that are for sale are from the sales reps who may look after them because cosmetics might matter to someone trying them out at a demo day. You could also say that demo clubs are only hit under "controlled" conditions so nobody's going to be hitting them off cart paths or stones. There's also no real way of telling how many times they've been hit either, you might get a demo set that's only been used for a couple or months or a used set that's been played hundreds of times and vice versa.

At the end of the day if you're buying second-hand you're not going to get perfect looking clubs. Ideally buy them from a store where you can check them out and see for yourself how they look and perform. I recently bought a set of used clubs that looked absolutely great, I even thought they were new because they were with the other new clubs for the brand at the store, but that had nothing to do with why I bought them; I bought them because I liked how they hit the ball. You can get some great deals on second-hand clubs as long as you're not too hung up on the cosmetics.
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The only concern about demo clubs I would have is what conditions they have been hit under. If they have been used primarily off of driving range mats, then you would want to have the lofts and lies checked to make sure they are not way outta whack, but overall I don't think you'll see a difference between used and demo clubs. The main thing to check for is face wear. If the face and grooves are in good shape then it's probably a good set. I am currently playing a set of used clubs that are a few years old and in great shape (grooves almost looked new). If you look for a used set that is a couple year old model you can really save some money, but you have to pay more attention to wear when they're a little older. This is a big reason I'm not sure I'd ever buy a used or demo set of irons off eBay or internet unless I could see them before putting down the cash.
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I bpought my irons used on Ebay...great price, and the clubs are awesome. My driver used on CL, my wedges and hybrid were used, but in very good condition from 3balls.com. They have an easy return policy, so if it's not to your liking, send it back.
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I have bought quite a few demo clubs and I do this because they are much cheaper and if you don't like how it looks you don't have to buy it. I mainly buy them for the head and them reshaft/regrip them because I can get them for half off. Plus the normal wear and tear will happen on a new club as well so why spend twice as much to get the same wear and tear you'll have in 3 months with a new club. If it looks good then why not buy a used club. Hope this helped. :)
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I have to agree with Neudi here. Why not buy demo or used clubs? If you hit well and like the overall look then don't let something like a few little nicks in the face stop you.
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I think it depends on who and where you buy the clubs from. My irons are demo clubs and I saved over 50% on them. I was hesitant like you, but because I went through Golfsmith to purchase them, I actually was in contact not only with the sales rep on the phone, but they put me in touch with the store that actually had them on-site. The rep went through the details with me and after talking to them, I was convinced to go ahead with the purchase, so I did. When I received the irons, the 6 iron had a small nick on the face and the remainder of the clubs looked they hadnt been hit at all. I've been happy since.

I would do a bit of research first but dont over-analyze.
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I bought a complete set of Cobra clubs that was used as a rental set. I had played with them once ahead of time. The clubs looked like they had barely been used. It was a $2000 set brand new that I got for $500 with free shipping. If you can find a private club that is going to sell the rental set at the end of the season I'd say that's the way to go. They might be willing to split up the set just to get rid of them.
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My concerns with the demo's is how much care was given to them...

But I am past that...I have officially completed my bag!!!!!

I bought my fairway in "like new" conditions today from e-Bay. So I think I have covered my gaps in loft fairly well.... I'll see this weekend, if my calculations on distance will match! I hope so cuz I can't spend any more mulla!!!!!

Thanks for you input!!!

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Note: This thread is 4837 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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