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I Can't Hit Off a Mat… Am I Weird?


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I had the EXACT same thing happen to me yesterday!  I took a golf lesson, and the instructor said that my driver doesn't have much loft so I should consider a newer one with maybe a 10.5 loft.  I've been hitting ok, but decided to go to a place with the cameras to measure swing, spin etc.   I was embarrassed..  I couldn't hit ANYTHING!  The club head was literally going under the ball and pushing the soft rubber tee out of the way.  I tried 5 different drivers and left the store embarrassed.  I can hit off of the tees at the driving range and I played this past Thursday without this problem.  No idea what's going on. 

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For some reason I can no longer hit my driver off mats. Everything else I hit just fine.

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On 5/18/2009 at 4:01 PM, opie said:

I really can't hit off the mats in places like Golfsmith etc.. I go to try and demo clubs and look like an idiot. I can't get a good feal without the ball on the ground and me taking a divot. Am I weird?

I tried out Mizuno MP57's this weekend at PGA Superstore and it was like I've never swung a club. Hit the MP62's much better off the mat but still not any good. Then went out to the range with my Golfsmith Pro Forged clubs and was striking the ball great. Good divots, good ball flight etc..

Anyone else that just can't hit off a mat?? I'm reluctant to buy any new clubs until I can test some on a range at least

I am the same way, when hitting on mats, it's like i just can't get comfortable..   And Especially when trying out a driver, omg i hate trying to hit off of the rubber tee's...   i'd rather hit off grass in crappy weather than to hit off of a mat.

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    • I really like this video.  1) They talk a bit about how feel isn't real. Tiger really gets into that. Morikawa talking about how you have to make a feel your own.  2) I like Tiger's discussion on hitting a spot and being aggressive. His spot might be 40-FT let of the pin, but he is aggressive hitting it there. He isn't trying to guide a shot there. I like this way of thinking. It's knowing all the information, and always been very committed to where you want the ball to end up, and 99% of the time it probably shouldn't be aiming at the flag. In the end, hit a shot you are confident in hitting. This probably helps a lot when you have a shot with a lot of hazards around. Focus on where you want the ball to end up, and be confident in hitting the ball there.     
    • Shifts illegal Pitch clock Bigger bases That about it, right? They're all fine. Though I wish with the shift nonsense that hitters could just "hit it where they ain't."
    • Nabbed a birdie on 8 today, down to 2 left, which of course are 2 of my toughest to birdie.
    • Birdied 18 at Whispering Woods today after: Didn't play the tenth (took a par for GHIN). Missing a 15-footer on 11. Missing a 20-footer on 12. Missing a chip-in on 13 (tap-in par). Missing a 25-footer on 14. Missing a 10-footer on 15. Missing a 10-footer on 16. Missing a 20-footer on 17. (To be fair [or make an excuse] I didn't warmup putt, and the greens were slow because of the heat, so I kept over-reading the break on the putts.) I hit almost every putt just about how I wanted. The putt on 18 was about 20 feet. I drove it through the fairway and the ball was about 18" above my feet. I told my playing partner how weirdly good I am from those types of lies. It was also about 10 yards farther than I typically hit the club I used. Hit it to 20 feet dead online, and he was putting about ten feet behind the hole (he'd already putted out, was just hitting another putt) so I asked him to stop because I wanted to get ONE birdie out of the round. So I'm glad I did.
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