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Big Break Disney

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throwing things around after a shot--actually in mike's case it seems to be as frequently as every other shot--is not only unacceptable on the golf course but also dangerous. it has nothing to do with being passionate about sports as you have enlisted. since there is no clear rules against it, let's be ourselves and push to the limit, right?

def acknowledge that probability g.d. Again, if he threw his clubs in such a way that they would have been headed towards a gallery (had there been one) then I missed that part. Most times I saw him toss them towards the side of the green or throw them into the ground in front of him. Def acknowledge your point though...i like the passion, not necessarily the act.

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As a former and unfortunately occasional club-tosser, I hate seeing it. Every time I've done it and every time my emotions get out of control and I throw a club, I immediately regret it, and I feel terribly embarrassed.

The only thing more embarrassing than the moment after throwing a club, is watching somebody else do it.

Personally I'm a lot more reserved now, so it happens very rarely (couple times per year), but I can relate to the frustration that leads to throwing a club. I think if I were going to be on a TV show, I might at least try to keep my cool a little bit more though.
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I mean he is a Perez. Pat has a history of cursing and blowing up on the golf course. I believe it got to a point where the channels wouldn't actually give him air time because they weren't sure when the next f-bomb was going to come. I personally don't like it, as I have almost been hit with a tossed club once, but I am not surprised he does that. After seeing what his brother is like on the PGA Tour.

Mind he (Pat) seems to have calmed down a bit.
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it really really sucks having to play behind a couple of course destroyers like blake an mike...
i could give a crap if they throw their clubs in the deepest part of the water/woods... but anywhere my ball might land where its still in play... really pisses me off...
hell unfixed ball marks on the green piss me off... just imagine a divot... on the green!
or a big hole in the fw!
they could break every club in their bag as long as they clean up by the time i get to whatever hole they were just on...

mike and blake were never taught one of the most basic rules in golf...
leave the course as you found it
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Not destroying the course is not just a matter of self control but thoughtful actions on the course. I followed a foursome at my usual course,all in all quite good about leaving conditions as they found them. Then it happened,one of them hit a wedge onto the green, 2ft. from the pin. When they were all on the green he, being closest to the flag walked over pull the flag, stepping on the blade of his wedge (about 3 ft. from the hole) in the process.If he had laid the wedge off the fringe my chip shot would not wound up in the canyon he left when he pulled that plugged club from the green.
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Didn't read all 91 pages, but my thoughts on Big Break Disney Golf

I liked the players pretty much, but not sure I liked the overall show.....seems like I have liked some other seasons better.

I kind of wanted Tony to win, I didn't think he came across THAT arrogant. I mean he was confident, but many of his comments on the show about other players were pretty factual and not egocentric on his part.

I thought Mike was a D-Bag, but not as bad as Blake.....that guy is a monumental jerk.

I was impressed at Mike's comeback....he was on fire!

Kevin actually played a pretty good round (IMHO). Considering how is his always scrambling to save par. His short game is hot.....and so is his wife!!

I'm ready for Big Break to go back to the ladies....or do a coed thing.
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Didn't read all 91 pages, but my thoughts on Big Break Disney Golf

Kevin did come out with a good result for a guy who is struggling with his game,2 over par is good shooting for someone whose swing is off.I was hoping Kevin might pull it off.Good short game and seemed like a decent chap.

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Gipper did't get out of prelim-qualifying. Tony did but shot over par in rd 1 and didnt advance.

And i think the above post is correct for Andrew.
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I love this show. My wife even watches it, and she's never golfed? I thought Tony would win, he's pretty classy, and would be good for any tour. Kevin, nice guy, but sheer luck he got that far? I liked Andrew, pretty cocky/confident, but could back it up... then there was Blake. He would be an embarassment on any Tour, in my opinion. Not so much skill wise, but how he acted. You could make a "'How not to act in Golf" video starring him. Mike was getting close to Blake status at times, but his "hissy fits" were short lived, and aimed mostly at himself. Can't wait for the next one.

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I've heard that the next Big Break will be all female and hopefully clothing optional. Now that should bring in some new viewers.

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Note: This thread is 2686 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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