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Golf Ball Finder Glasses??

Note: This thread is 4563 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Let's see... a golf accessory at Bed, Bath and Beyond... does that tell you anything?

They are trying to get unknowing wives to buy them as a gift for the hubby... something else to hide away in the garage or basement and and hope that the wife never catches on that you aren't using it.

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I know one thing for sure your golfing buddies will have endless material to poke at you. I think your about 20 yards ob, wait you haave the blue glasses no need for a provisonal. Your in the lake, oh I forgot you got the glasses no problem...........
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Here's a website for the product.

Now if they actually work the way the graphic shows, I can see how they could help. I have color vision problems (colorblind...if you will) and do have problems seeing the ball at times when nestled down. Yellow balls seem to work better for me, but not many manufacturers make them.
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Note: This thread is 4563 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Day 209, May 28, 2022 Hit balls for 10 or 12 minutes waiting for a lesson to arrive. Shorter, wider, still just as far.
    • Good one.  Thanks.  But the problem is the guy kept pushing his drivers when (if he looked) he could see I was hitting my own driver just as far or farther.  When I went into the session I told him I was looking for more distance and at least the same accuracy.
    • It's entirely plausible that the fitter is unscrupulous, but it seems more likely to me that there was a misread on one of your baseline shots. The good news is, it sounds like you have a setup that works well for you. Maybe try yelling "boom!" When you hit your current driver to make up some of the yardage.
    • So I went back for another part of my fitting. I didn't have a good swing in my first session, and I let some minutae get into my head. So I came here for some advice. I want to thank everyone for their advice on the last thread. I especially want to call out something @TourSpoon said "The only person that should be thinking is the fitter," I went into this session with that in mind.  After the warm-up, I hit the shaft and iron combination that we decided on zelos shaft with Cleveland launcher xl head. With the better swing and mindset, the results were much better. I was making good contact, getting good results. It felt good too, the zelos felt solid despite being so light. They were easy to swing, definitely a good club for those off days. Then we moved on to driver, which I'll swing back to. After driver we went to putters. I found out that my swing, which I thought was straight back and through, actually had a slight arc and the face balanced putter I am using is not the best fit. Technically I need something with 30-45° of toe hang. I ended up going with an Odyssey eleven tour lined with stock shaft and grip. I rolled it quite well and had good pace control. Now I'll circle back to drivers. This is where we kind of screwed up. We paid attention solely to performance and not budget. I got fit into a Diamana pd, $400 through them, and kinda surprisingly, looking online not too overpriced, I've seen it as low as $300 but usually around the $360. It felt sooooo good though. Plan A is to go back and try some more budget friendly shafts with the same profile, plan B is to try and sell off some old gear to offset the cost and save up. I guess my question this time is what shafts have the same profile as a Diamana pd, for ideally a quarter of the price, but more likely half the price.
    • Ya got me.  You figured it out.  Now I need to bag the "Chipper" and one of those stand-up putters.
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