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My Swing (saevel25)


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2 hours ago, saevel25 said:

I have no idea what this is.



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Played halfway decent in Wisconsin. For the most part I was able to put a good stretch of holes together (8-10) and be making pars or a birdie or two.

Still had some big misses, mostly a big push or push cut. Rarely I would hit a hook. 

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Just some video...

This video is a weaker grip, just right hand more on top. I just try to keep my focus on the ball a lot more...

Face on view... Not with the weaker right hand. 


Right now my misses are...

1) Thin (either playable, 1-2 grooves, or just a flippy thin shot)
2) Straight draws
3) Big push cuts

Got to Figure out a way to be less in to out? 

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Played 9 today. 

had my best off the tee nine holes in a while. Weakened the right hand slightly so fast the right thumb feels more on top of the left thumb and less off to the side. It helped me feel like I could swing out at the ball better. 

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Some range time after playing today. Just searching a bit for some consistency. I found it more in making shorter (of course) backswings.  Also, a bit more left hip goes back and up, and feels like I get some belt buckle pointing to sky more.  Just trying to clean up low point better. I rather hit some slight thins by extending up more than by flipping to avoid fatting shots. 

Some driver swings. Today I was hitting a ton of push cuts (no playable). When I tried to play for them I hit the ball straight (Golf sucks). 

Baseline Driver... (not a push cut, of course)

Kind of same feels for iron swing. Shorter backswing, belt buck up to sky as I turn. 


On a side note, its getting easier to just turn the swing length down by making a what feels like an 75% turn on the backswing. Of course, I get to 90 degrees here making what feels like is like partial backswing shoulder turn. 


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  • 3 weeks later...

Was on vacation, and played 18 hole scramble with three of my friends (two who would shoot 120+, another was his first time out). We played 5700 yards (67 rating) to let them enjoy the course, and to keep pace of play up. I was in Myrtle Beach for the week, and just out to have a good time. We finished in 4h-20m, on a difficult course. Like 72 rating from 6650 yards, with a rating near 130. For some high handicap golfers, first time playing in SC, we did good. The 5700 yard course had a rating of 67. 

Here was I try to do. 

1. Like previously, just less of a turn on the backswing to keep things more compact. Arms don't carry on forever. 
2. Fling club out at the ball. 
3. Belt buckle towards sky in finish feel. 

Overall, good strikes. Some irons were a bit to hook-ish. Driver was really good when I decided to hit it. Hit some of the best iron strikes I've had in a while with some effortless distance. For not hitting the range in two weeks, and not playing 18 in two weeks, pretty good stuff 🙂

Short game was really good, putting was solid. Yea, with out expecting much, I was happy with the swing that showed up, lol. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

You don’t play golf in a few weeks and bad habits come back. Mostly club getting stuck behind me. Swing length felt good, more compact. 

at this point, I want it so my swing doesn’t revert to a hook swing if I take some time off.

was able to get the flight back to being more neutral so that was a good thing. Mostly arms up more as I turn. Did that for a hybrid and stripped it. A few holes back I snapped hooked a 3 wood 70 yards right to left. 

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Went to the range after a bit of a hiatus...

Just me trying to make the swing shorter and more compact. Less shoulder turn feel, hands down sooner. 

Grip looks to be way to strong here, thought the camera angle is a bit towards the back foot instead of center of my stance. Same feel as the DTL above. The more compact my swing gets in the backswing, the more I don't tend to have knee flex through impact into the finish. 


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    • I've heard a story about Bobby Jones, however even I'm not old enough to verify it as true. Bobby was supposedly putting one day with who I believe was Horton Smith, but I may be wrong on the name. When he was setting up to putt, Horton (or whoever) asked him if he was going to clean the worm castings from his line, since the may knock his putt off line. Bob's response was "they may knock it on line as well". 
    • I think what it boils down to is that the bad putters would gain a bit and the good putters would loose a bit from their respective normal from the ensued randomness. That makes sense so I changed my vote.  
    • Bumps hurt the good putter too.  I probably am not explaining my thought process well, and good chance I'm totally wrong since I'm in the minority in the poll 😀.  But if you use the shotgun approach, say the average proximity on all putts for the good player is 2 feet.  And the average for the poor putter is 3 feet.  Then the randomness kicks in acts as a multiplier, some putts get better and some putts get worse.  When the multiplier is applied to the 2 proximities, the number increases more for the poor player.   say the multiplier is 1.5, 3x1.5=4.5 (new proximity average) 2x1.5=3 (new proximity average) good player new versus old proximity...3-2=1 foot increase bad player new versus old proximity....4.5-3=1.5 foot increase  The poor player's shotgun increases by a wider margin.
    • I changed my vote because of the post below.  This made the good sense.  On a personal note, I understand randomness but can't stand 'luck' as a significant factor for ANYTHING in golf. I think that influenced my first vote.  EDIT: @saevel25 yes, I def stand corrected. 
    • I am going to disagree. This would mean the good putters would know the outcome of the randomness to know how to adapt.  Also, wouldn't a putt that hits a big bump harder be deflected more offline than one that is hit slower? I've seen golf balls shoot 1-2 inches in the air before on longer putts due to imperfections in the green (i.e. Pitch Mark). I remember back in the day when spike marks use to be a bigger deal. PGA Tour players would just accept their fate if their putt had to go through a foot print of spike marks. They would get pissed off that the ball got deflected, and then stamp down the spike mark with their putter after the putt.  Also, just to visualize, and I hope this helps out about how randomness hurts better putters.. Imagine a 10-FT putt, that is flat. The green area putters who make it 100% of the time. They got perfect speed for maximum capture speed. The teal color are putters who make like 50%. The blue area are those who make like 25% of the putts. Again on a perfect green. Now, the red crosshatch, is the area of imperfection that if hit into would cause 50% of all putts made to be missed, and 50% of all putts missed to go in. This would be random, but over 1000 putts the percentage would be around 50%. You can see how the imperfections only hurt the best putter. He would go from 100% made putts to 50% made putts. The golfer who made 50% would have half of his made putts go in, and half of his missed putts go in since his shot zone falls inside the imperfection area. The terrible putter would only have some of the putts effected, and others would be putted so bad there would be no help a all. 
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