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My Swing (Jetfan1983)

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Happy Thanksgiving and WOOHOO!!!!!!

 I’m so glad to see this. And they swing wasn’t bad. At all.

 This all made me so happy right now!

I can’t imagine how you must feel.

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2 hours ago, boogielicious said:

Happy Thanksgiving Constantine! Glad you are progressing and thanks for the update.

Thanks! Slowly but surely 😄

1 hour ago, iacas said:

Happy Thanksgiving and WOOHOO!!!!!!

 I’m so glad to see this. And they swing wasn’t bad. At all.

 This all made me so happy right now!

I can’t imagine how you must feel.

I feel really good! But also cautious since it's been a rough few years with all this stuff. I'm forcing myself to stay present and positive. I don't want to get too ahead of myself or too negative about these things. I'm very happy I've made it to this point. 

I'll probably head back to the range on Friday for another go at it, forcing myself to leave after 45 minutes max. Hopefully I remember how to practice properly so I can change things more efficiently 🙂

With golf, my only goal right now is to be able to practice regularly and pain free. If I can accomplish that, then everything else will eventually follow. It seems like I'm actually almost there, which is hard for me to believe. A few more months of rehab and I might actually be able to practice three times a week, which would be an amazing accomplishment for me.


Thanks for a great welcome back, and Happy Thanksgiving to you too! And congrats on yet another teacher award 😃 Very much deserved! 

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Finally got back out to the range since the last time (officially post-surgical range session #2). Sixteen days between them. I wasn't happy with how some things were feeling so I refocused my energy on rehab. Long way to go still, but things keep "progressing nicely" to quote Tiger 😄

So, in the days leading up to yesterday's session, I decided to focus heavily on mirror work so I had some feels nailed down and ready to go once I was ready to actually hit some balls. I wasn't going to waste any time since I was limiting the session to an hour only. I don't have the privilege of "finding it in the dirt" if you know what I mean.

After about a couple days of doing the mirror work, I decided to just try to copy Tiger Woods to see what it feels like to match his positions. I did this just for fun, but also because I thought it could be useful to my own learning. Before you say, "omg bruh stop copying any pro," I totally hear you, but I actually think with the right knowledge base, this can be smart to do sometimes, especially if it's done in the spirit of learning and understanding. Plus I was kind of frustrated with how my swing was looking in the mirror. It definitely didn't seem right, so I wanted to try to feel what Tiger does to see if I could uncover some more information about myself.

Obviously there's a lot different between what I do and what Tiger does lol, but the major pieces I noticed were the following:

1) His backswing shoulder pitch is steeper than me

2) He regains flexion in his trail knee and torso a ton in the early downswing (aka his head lowering/squatting)

I understood both these pieces were not peculiar idiosyncrasies of his swing but rather universal pieces I can acceptably adopt, especially if I was deficient in those areas and I thought they were causing me sequential problems.

On my second to last ball, I was able to get the DTL view to look like this, which I'm very excited by:

Here's a slowed down version I put on Instagram:

When you consider this is what DTL looked like during my last range session, this is a very positive difference:

That was the last swing I filmed from range session #1. My time was up (45 minutes) and I had to walk away and ponder that awful DTL view for the next two plus weeks lol. Psyched about the feels I'm using to change that picture though!


Anyway, here are some face ons. This is the first swing of yesterday (PW). Feels here to start the session were:

1) Steep Shoulder Pitch on backswing

2) Head lowers (regain flexion) in early downswing

3) Slide and rotate hips on downswing

4) Palmar flex lead wrist to lay down shaft in transition (but I was willing to ditch this feel if I couldn't juggle all four)

Not a bad start honestly:

Here's a seven iron a couple balls later:


Anyway, after I kept working (I filmed every single ball I hit yesterday), I gradually realized that regaining flexion in my trail knee was a lot more important to the sequence than I thought. For some strange reason, doing that combined with rotating/sliding/extending the hips as well as dipping the torso slightly was shallowing the club without much effort. I guess the geometry of that makes sense, but it was still surprising how addressing the trail knee's role in the early downswing affected my swing plane, at least, so far. Who knows if that will keep working, especially as I ramp up the speed.


Anyway, here's the last swing of the day:

This was a straight-as-an-arrow low bullet that went forever. I hit the wall at the back of the range (which was like 240 yards away). I'd prefer more hip slide/axis tilt and I would like to see my head lower and back, but it's not bad otherwise. I really tried to add speed to this one to see what happened and for the most part, it's promising. But jeez, squaring the knees/silding hips/rotating hips simultaneously as the downswing begins is definitely not easy for me to do and will take some work.


I'm excited by my progress so far though. To summarize the updated feels:

1) Steep shoulder pitch on the backswing

2) Regain flexion in trail knee and torso in transition/early downswing as hips slide/rotate/extend

3) Swing arms across my chest through impact




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I had just a stretch day yesterday and overall felt pretty good, so I decided to go back to the range to hit some drill PWs, just so I could do some disciplined work on my swing and build some momentum hopefully towards lasting change.

Keep in mind, I can't even break 90 right now. Not because of putting and short game which IMO are perfectly fine (for example, I shot an under par round at the Jupiter Lighthouse mini-golf course recently), but because I would just hit so many awful full swing shots, there's simply no way it would happen right now.

The good news is, the range is a magical place for me despite all the frustrations that come with trying to change one's swing. 

So face-on looks perfectly fine to me right now, especially given the scores I anticipate I would shoot if I stepped on the course:


BTW, I hope everyone is cool with vertical video. I used to poo-poo it, but since I read the site a lot on my phone, vertical vids are actually preferred for me, but I can stop doing that if it's frowned upon still.

But yea, I know that's a drill swing, but it seems like it's fine given my ability level.

DTL however is a bit of a different story. This is more or less a full swing. Well close enough anyway:


Yea, not as promising looking as FO is. That said, after I left I went to grab a bite, and while watching some swings at the table while waiting for my food I noticed this:


Elbow shifts behind me in transition which probably is compromising some of what I'm trying to do. And I don't do it in softer drill swings. From that nice DTL driver swing from Monday:


And I'm not necessarily trying to copy Tiger, but he's such a good model for so many things, I'm just going to remind myself what he looks like at this point too:



I will say, working my swing again has been both totally frustrating, totally fascinating, and a lot of fun 😄. It's interesting how on drill swings the elbow doesn't shift behind me, but it does on full swings. It's definitely something I need to pay attention to if I want the kinds of elbow positions that make it easier to swing the club on plane. I know Rory McIlroy and others have weird elbows and stuff and are fine, but since I'm such a crap golfer, I think it's probably a good idea to apply some conscious thought to this so it gradually goes away with practice and time.

I'm otherwise still working on the same things: Steep shoulder pitch in backswing, dip torso in early downswing, bring arms down faster relative to the body, open/slide/extend knees and hips, and now... don't let my trail elbow shift behind me in the transition. 

Hopefully I feel good enough to get back out to this range in a couple days. I got a two hour PT session though in an hour with some BFR therapy so hopefully I get through that well given how sore I am at the moment lol.

Baby steps continue....


Edit: I just wanted to add that because I'm dynamically working on several things,especially during rehearsal swings in between actually hitting the ball, this experience will likely be a bit more frustrating than normal. I know these are a lot of changes to juggle. I just want to remind myself that frustration and bad shots and everything else are just a part of the game, and the faster I learn to accept that, the better off I will be.

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Make sure your turn rate matches up. If you don't turn, your shirt seam will be further "forward" than it should be. In other words, you could leave your elbow there and move the shirt seam rather than moving the elbow relative to the shirt seam.

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