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Thinking about a 4 fairway wood instead or 3/5. yes/no? Which one?

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I have trouble hitting the 3 off the deck, but do like my 5 wood.I am thinking about switching to a 4 fairway wood instead of 3 and 5 as previously discussed here a while back.

Has anyone changed to that strategy? Have you stayed with it, or switched back?

Can you recommend a game improvement 4 wood you're happy with? I like my Ping G-15 driver, so would look at the Pings, and am also interested in the Rocketballz clubs. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Thanks to all.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

I thought about going to the four, but have settled on the following: Nike Covert 13* 3 W reg......190-200 Nike VR Pro 21* 3H 175- 185 Nike VRPro 24* 4H 165 - 175 Nike Covert 26* 5H 158 - 165 So I am going without the 5W, as I can really be more accurate with the Hybrids.

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I only carry a Ping driver and a Ping 4 wood, rest is irons cause I can hit them ok.

I love the 4 wood and think it's the best decision I made. I can hit it long and straight when a driver means too much risk.

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Thanks for the replies.

To answer WUTiger, the reason I didn't join the other threads is because I'm a lazy, self centered ass...Actually, I did look but didn't do a good enough search and missed most of them.  Thanks for the links.

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I use the 3 with a nice smooth easy swing. Point it in the right direction and relax your grip. Imagine your on the beach with no worries and put it right on the green. Zen golf. Lol

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Didn't mean to come down so hard on my first reply.

I went with a 3W +  { 5W or 19* TM Raylor) for about three years. I was having trouble getting 3W airborne enough if I had an uphill shot, so I reorganized.

Last season, I switched to an RBZ 3W.HL (4W in other kingdoms), a 7W, and a 4H. Had a lot of trouble with hooks from RBZ, so I swapped them out for a Tour Edge Exotics XRail 4W and 7W, and an Adams V4 4H. New combination works great.

Here's a review I did on XRail 4 + 7. It also talks about 4Ws in general.


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    • I am not sure. Maybe 10-12 years old. I remember when I purchased them, I told myself they were the last  set of irons I would buy.  My fairway woods are probably 7, or 8 years old.  My putter is the great grand pa in my bag. I also have a couple of loose iron clubs that are pretty old.  Both my irons, and woods still serve me quite well. They are quality stuff. 
    • I'm interested in skytrak and other similar devices (more affordable at home indoor launch monitors).  I've been reading about them and watching reviews, and every single one seems to analyze the accuracy of the distance related numbers.  I don't care about distance when it comes to these devices, I only care about directional accuracy.  I want to know if I'm hitting the ball straight.     Are there reviews out there that I haven't found that focus on this aspect of these devices?
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    • This is pretty much what all teaching is based on.  The idea that changes in your alignments will make you a better player.   If a player comes in with either too strong or two weak a grip or a flying right elbow or a flat swing or an upright swing, the average teacher wants too change it.   I too believe there is certain things you can do to change your swing.  But I more importantly believe that a proper transition fixes a lot of little details.  I think most people would agree that tiger, jack, Sam Snead, Ben hogan, lee Trevino, and nick faldo are some of the best ball strikers and best winners of all time.   But Trevino had a really strong grip and hogan had a really weak one.  So any where in between will work.  Hogan had a really tucked elbow and jack had a flying elbow.  So anywhere in between will work.   Sam Snead had a pretty upright swing as did jack and tiger but hogan and Trevino both much flatter.  So anywhere inbetween will work. All these players do have one thing in common and that is a similar lower bodie transition  
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