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PGA Tour Caddies Finalizing Plan for Association

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Joe LaCava was mentioned but interesting not to see other more well known caddies like Bones Mackay, Damon Green (Zach Johnson) and Joe Skovron (Rickie Fowler). http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/9934681/pga-tour-caddies-forming-new-association


The group grew from a series of issues that irked some of the caddies, including the PGA Tour's decision to cancel "caddie races" at the Waste Management Phoenix Open and the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial for 2014, as well as an incident at the Barclays event in New York where caddies felt they were unjustly treated.

"The straw that broke the camel's back for us came at the Barclays during a rain delay," said APTC President James Edmondson, who caddies for PGA Tour player Ryan Palmer . "This security guy came in, started berating us, asking to see everyone's ID, and then began kicking out our families into the rain. We all thought, 'Would they ever do this to the players in their area?' That's when we decided to have a meeting."

"Caddies realized we had two options," Edmondson said. "Go to the Tour with our hands held out or empower ourselves by organizing, therefore expediting the process of the PGA Tour recognizing caddies as a profession like the rules officials. It seemed like because of the era we are in, the timing was right."

The APTC eventually reached out to 200 caddies. Of the 115 who responded, all agreed to create the association.

"The caddies play an instrumental role in the success of tour players and the success of professional golf," said Christian Dennie, an attorney for the caddies. "In an effort to further their profession, caddies have united to provide more information about their role in professional golf and obtain group benefits that will allow them to have retirement accounts and health care like many Americans who watch golf each week."

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lol @boogielicious ,

Shakes is a pretty devoted caddy to his him man Billy, but I could see him looking out for himself as well.

And participating in the caddy races if it meant he had a shot at picking up chicks. ;)

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We all thought, 'Would they ever do this to the players in their area?' That's when we decided to have a meeting."

Well, probably not. But then again, remember, you are caddies. *

I am very interested to see how this works out. They are pretty much independent contractors and are reliant on the success of their players.

* Not meant to diss caddies. It's a joke. I was a caddie and I like to support them whenever I can.

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I would think it's up to the Pro's to look after their caddies since they are their employees.

Yep. If a caddie is being mistreated it wouldn't take much from a big name player for the offender to be going down the road looking for a job...Problem solved.

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