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    • It may. I'm assuming the driver is the biggest issue right now, and not just by a little. If I have a student who is coming for > 1 lesson, I take a slightly different approach. I'll work more often with an iron swing, because many of the same issues are present across the board. But if they're just coming once? I have to show them that I can help them get better with their biggest weakness. And so sometimes that means "yeah, you probably do that with your irons, but since it's magnified even more with the driver, let's work with that." It's not always a pure "golf" decision. Sometimes it's a business decision. If you've got someone coming for eight lessons, you can work up a longer-term plan, and if the driver still isn't fixed you can address it in a later lesson, and the student is more comfortable with that too. If you have one shot, you've got one chance to leave the student feeling happy at the end of the lesson. Your priorities change a little, as does the student's - he's not looking for a long-term ten-shot improvement, he wants to save two or three shots by not hitting a huge slice 14 times a round. Depending on what you mean by "generally." The driver and iron swings can be fairly different. There's less importance on getting your weight forward when the ball is teed up, you can swing faster, many pros play a different shape with the driver than irons, etc. It's a similar but different swing… depending on how picky you want to be about calling something the same or different.
    • Why?   I'll assume you're familiar with logical fallacies and spare explaining why this isn't a legitimate argument.   I don't remember Jack complaining when he was outdriving most of his fellow competitors in the 60s and 70s.    
    • There's no one commonality here Frankie. If letting your head/neck rotate through more will help your chest/torso rotate through more, go for it.
    • Well, some people equate long game with length alone. Straight is a huge factor as well. Length without the ability to find the darn thing is pretty useless. All other aspects of the their games being equal someone who hits the ball farther will win as they should have a better chance of getting the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes. That being said in the real world that would never happen as people's games would almost never be equal in all other areas. And I never said that, too many factors exist. I just never did buy into the "practice your short game 80% of the time" theory for the mere fact that even the best players on the planet only get it up and down at an average of about 60% of the time. I mean the best guy on tour only gets it up and down 67% of the time. So even the best amateur can only hope to achieve 50%. (although there are people on this forum who would make you think they get it up and down 90% of the time ) Basically my belief has always been to be successful you have to have as many looks at birdie as possible, so you have to have as many GIRs as possible which means you have to be in the best position possible to hit greens. Which in turn means hit it as long as you can AND hit it where you can find it. Even the best hybrid player on the planet from 225 yards is not as good as I am with sand wedge from 110.
    • I literally watched about ten seconds of that video, and he says "most of my weight is still behind the ball." Uhhh, no. Not really. With a driver? Sure. With a ball positioned forward a bit more than usual? Maybe? But probably still not then either? (And that's only if we're talking about weight and not pressure. If we're talking pressure, it's always well forward at impact with something hit off the ground.) But relative to the middle of your stance? No. Almost never. And what's more, your PRESSURE is WAY under the LEFT (front) foot at impact. WAY forward. Or it should be. Again, I only watched ten seconds, but those ten seconds were not good IMO. I'd check out this topic: Get your weight forward at impact. There's a reason it's Key #2.
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