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Hello from Washington State

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Hello all!

The names will, I am from Washington State.  When I am at school (College) I play a regular length 9 hole course.  Its reasonably cheap and I get plenty of practice and enjoyment there.  While at home for the summer I usually play a very technical 9 hole par 3, also cheap.  I love the feel of my mizuno mp54 irons!  Been golfing for a little over a year and really have come to love the game.  I currently have roughly a 20 handicap, although my best score ever was 8 over on a 9 hole course.  Today I played for the first time of the season with my new irons and shot 9 over on that little par 3. I was ecstatic to say the least!  I love golf, love talking golf and forums!

Cheers and good luck this season!


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    • This entirely depends on where you play. I play courses that usually have three groups and a couple of singles out per side, and I would say no, but then I get to an urban course, like Long. Island, or South Florida, and it's anger management time.  I like to watch my friends's shots, and compliment their successes, I take a couple practice swings if I am in an uneven lie, or whatever, but I am not going to spend time searching for extra balls while walking between shots, or sit and BS at the tee before shooting. For some reason I am always ready to hit first, honors or no, and I just don't get why people take so long there. As long as I can do the things I enjoy, like watching my shots and my friends shots, and take due care taking my shots and putting, I don't feel rushed, but three hours for a foursome means you have four serious golfers. My golfing is more social so that is unlikely to happen. I play with one guy who takes pace seriously, and we do fine.  If we want to pick up the pace of a group, we play best ball.
    • It would  be cool to see him get his card and do well, in this age of specialists from day 1, someone takes a different route and makes it.
    • Well, what if a feel for you produces a result for another that doesn't work at all? That is the problem of using feels in trying to describe what is going on. I am not you, you are not me, and we are not Mickey Wright.  Each golfer needs to find their own feel for what might produce the same movement. 
    • GOT, Walking Dead, and 13 Reasons Why.
    • It's not the powers that be. It's anybody who understands the golf swing and its mechanics. "feel" is never scientific nor does it provide any evidence. You don't agree with that? "Reasons to support the old school motion". Iacas has repeatedly stated he supports your appreciation for what you call 'Old School". He stated he's fine and even teaches the lifting of the lead heal if it allows one to gain better rotation. You seem to be trying to defend something and I'm not sure what it is you're defending. The rear leg does not retain its flex completely on the bs. You can have the 'feeling' all you want that it does. But it doesn't. Just like 'feeling' you keep your trail arm straight to help widen your swing. It's impossible to keep straight. Feeling it as being straight? Fine. I don't think you seem to understand that just because these 'old school' golfers SAID what they felt or did during a swing doesn't  represent WHAT THEY ACTUALLY DID. Mickey Wright can say she tried to get all her weight or 95% of it on her trail leg in the backswing. Fine. But she didn't. You can't possibly believe that if we put these "old school" golfers on pressure plates their readings would be vastly different than today's 'modern players'?  No one has said the old school motion was wrong. What has been stated, correctly by Iacas, is that what you're describing as what is being done by that swing is incorrect. Hell, you even just admitted your statement on weight shift was inaccurate.  So....what, again, is your point?
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