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What's the lowest score you have ever shot?


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Shot my lowest round today of 78. Been playing golf for about 6 and half months now and this was my first time breaking 80. Before this I had shot 82 a few weeks back but during my high school season my lowest round was I think like a 95. Hoping to be shooting consistently in the 70's this upcoming year!

I actually started off really badly today, started bogey, double two of the easiest holes on the course then I skipped 3-6 and played 7-18 because of how many people were in front of me when I teed off. I shot a 36-42, 36 on the back, I only hit 7 greens and had a total of 9 near greens but my chipping was good. I shot an 86 yesterday and I hit 12 greens so my ball striking has been there the last 2 weeks or so but my short game has been awful. Today was the first time I ever had less then 30 putts!

Edit: Course was par 72, 73.4, 7024 yards

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74 on a par 72.  Mostly from my best ever 9 hole score, 33 on the par 36 back nine.

If I remember correctly I had a par 5 eagle, par 3 birdie, and 7 pars on the back.  A bunch of semi-miracle recoveries through the round.  Typical driver miss pushed right into the trees followed by 100-150 yard punch slice 3i under the trees, rolled down the fairway onto the green, two putt par...

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I think my best round ever, however, was a 78 from the tips at Butlers Lakeside (Elizabeth PA) when I had a 9 on a Par 4, and an 8 on a Par 5.  Shot -2 on the other 16 holes.

This reminds me of a playing partner/friend of mine during a club championship qualifier for match play.   He was -4 through 13.  The 14th hole was a par5.......he hit into the woods and spent about 4 strokes trying to get out!!!!   He carded a 9!!!!  what impressed me was he parred the final 4 holes after that disaster to shoot even par.   That took some STONES...IMO!!  I have no clue what I shot...LOL

I don't know my lowest tourney round because I've played in so many the years...not so much recent years.   I also played in pot-games that weren't tourney rounds, but they meant as much or more to me because money was on the line.  All of these rounds blend together in my memory.

My lowest round is a -4 68 on a par72 course with a 72.5CR and 137 slope.  Another round I am equally proud of is a level par 72 on a long 7100+yd course with a 75.1CR 141 slope.

I've scored even par or lower on 7 different championship courses. ............and I am one of those guys that doesn't play around much!!

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Tournament 18 : 70 (-2)
Casual 18 : 64 (-8)
Tournament 9 : 36 (even)
Casual 9 : 31 (-5)

If you want to count the PAT test as a tournament then yeah I've shot a 70 there.  That was with hitting 4-iron off of almost every tee because my driver was really bad that day and I didn't need to hit anything too long.  The tournament 9 was in high school where I helped our team win a multi-team tourney, which was cool.

My casual 18 was interesting.  I wasn't hitting spectacular shots into the greens, but I was sinking every putt.  Everything out to 30ft or so would just drop.  I had another round of 65 where I was hitting awesome shots into the greens and having tapins for birdies.  So kinda both worlds there.  The casual 9 was after work one day and my game was on.  Hit every green and was putting well.

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Tournament 78

Casual 77

The tournament score was in our B Flight Final (match play) and it was the first time I ever broke 80. I was so focused on the match that I wasn't paying attention to the score. I have broken 80 many times since and have shot 77 three times in casual rounds.

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Note: This thread is 2273 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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