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Best Shot of the Week


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Sitting 190 out in the rough staring at a 20 ft+ tree blocking any view I had of the green...pulled out a 6 iron and put it perfectly over the tree and the ball mark was 3 feet from the cup, ball stuck about 6' out...made the putt for bird.
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My best (and definitely most ironic) shot of the week (and year) came while playing in Chicago on Sunday morning. The hole was a slight dogleg left playing approx 330 uphill into the wind (OB left, nothing but space right). I hit a draw off the tee that was heading toward the left edge of the fairway. Due to the leaves on the ground, it took approx. 10 minutes to find my ball. My friend and I were close in score and I wasn't going to take a penalty for a ball that landed left edge of the fairway. The ranger was on the hole and helped us look. We found my ball approx. 20 yards from the hole in the left rough.

The ranger commented "I've only seen one person hit the ball this far on this hole..." (apparently it is always into the wind) "...and he holed out for eagle." I responded, "Let's make that happen again," pulled out my 60 Degree Vokey, and hit a pretty aggressive shot that was aimed 5 feet right of the hole. The ball landed what I thought was too hard on the green, caught the break, and hit the center of the pin dropping into the cup. Neither the ranger nor I could believe it.
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My best was on a practice round, replaying a par three. I do not usually get on the green with my tee shot, so I hit an eight iron from 145 straight at the pin. It hits the pin takes a wicked bounce to the left. I get to the green and between the glare and autumn leaves I ended up losing the ball and dropped. So I ended up turning my best shot into my worst :(
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This was about two weeks ago:

I was playing on a par 5 and was about 260 out after my first shot. I stepped up w/ my hybrid and and hit an okay shot and then just b/c I thought I would hit another one for "practice".

I stood up and hit the best shot of my life... I put the ball within 2 feet of the cup (too bad it wasn't my "real" shot). So as soon as I did that I gave my club a nice "friendly" toss (like why couldn't I have done that on my first shot toss) and YES you guessed it, there was a nice friendly pole right where the club went and SNAP, right in half.

I've never heard of someone breaking their club on a Great Shot.

Oh, well at least that club went on on a high ;).
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Was on #18 today, a fairly short Par 5 but with 2 creeks that cross the fairway, and both in just the right places to keep you from going for it. I put my drive as close as I could to the first creek, leaving me 220 into the pin, but the 2nd creek guards the front of the green. 4 Wood is too much club, 7 Wood might clear it, but I'll have to really hit it well. Decided to go for it, and hit the 7 Wood. Best shot I had hit all day. 210 yards, and ended up on the fringe on the front of the green. 2 Putted for Birdie, but that approach shot was just beautiful. It made my day when I added up the score and had a new personal best, an 83.
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It seems as if I'm improving just a little bit every time I go out these days. I was hitting my driver the best I've ever hit it today. But the best shot of the week was easily this drivable par-4 at Pebble Creek Golf Course in Colts Neck, NJ.

It's 295 yards from the men's tees, but there is OB everywhere. It's very tight, so anything offline is gone. Also, you have to be able to carry it 220 yards to clear the hazard in front as well. Sounds pretty easy if you're good at golf, but it's not at all if you're not. Anyway, I finally cleared the hazard today when I hit a 240 yard straight shot that landed 50 yards short of the pin. I've hit longer drives before, but this was the most satisfying because not only does this hole always have my number, but because I executed it when I had to.

The longest drives I've ever hit were in the 280 range, but those occurred just randomly during failed rounds and I was just swinging angry and got lucky. The 240 yarder in this case was disciplined and executed almost exactly as I had planned. If only I had driven the green, then I'd really be reveling in it. But it's a nice step in the right direction. Confidence slowly growing each time i head out there....
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I and a friend of mine played a home-made hole. We started from the back of the green of the hole N.1 aiming for the green of the hole N.2.
The result was a Par 3 with a green surrounded by 3 bunkers and next to some lateral water about 200y far.
I took my Mizuno MX-100 Iron 4 and shot for the green. I couldn't see where the ball stopped.
When we arrived on the green i couldn't find my ball and...guess what? The ball was in the hole!
Nice hole in one for me :D
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today heads up (20 bucks) stroke play against my friend who i play against every day. par 4 number 3 @ big rec in long beach. after my friend hit the green pin high from from 175, i'm in the trees to the left so i pull out a 5 iron close the club face and hit a low 160 yard draw around huge pine trees that lands still in the fairway releases and settles pin high right. i went onto two putt, stay tied, and then win by 3.
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Par 3 7th at Pebble on day of intermittent heavy rain and mostly 20-35 KT winds (cold front moving through - bad timing), last Tuesday. Hit a clean PW right at pin which was about 12-15 ft from left edge of green, bunker a few yards further left. Slight draw shot (according to my caddie), plus the wind (only about 5-10 KT at that moment), so ball hit grass to left and rolled into left bunker: short-sided! Slightly uphill lie fortunately but sand was wet, almost visible standing water - not enough to lift though. Caddie said "lots of follow through", I hit a very gratifying shot that landed just beyond the hole and rolled a few feet to maybe 8 behind. Only just got enough sand up, rather shallow sand "divot" was left but made contact 3-4 inches behind ball - nice. Really squatted down on the shot, strong follow through as instructed. The shot sounded like a wet slap, nothing like a typical bunker shot. Under the circumstances it was one of my best bunker shots (a thin or sculled shot would have been on the beach/rocks or in bunker on other side).

Just missed the putt for a most repectable bogie. Coulda been a birdie if I'd been less aggressive with the tee shot but that's OK, almost a sand save in very nasty conditions. Figured I'd take the beach out on the tee and go for it. What a marvellous blasted day!
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earlier in the week, i was coming up on the 17th hole at 1 over par. i really wanted to get that even-par score, and the 18th is a pretty tough hole - i count myself lucky to get a par on it, let alone a birdie, so i knew i really needed that bird on 17. the hole itself is pretty short, only about 335 yards, and i managed a 3-wood that set me up about 90 yards out - pretty straightforward. but my "shot of the week" was the simple little knockdown wedge i hit from there. there wasn't anything fantastic or great about it in appearance, honestly, it was just - i felt - a real good clutch shot (approach shots are the weakest link in my game). it landed at the bottom of the green and rolled up to about 6 feet short of the pin, leaving me a straight uphill putt for my bird, which i sank.
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Hole #4 at Farmstead- Lakeview course, 508 yd par 5

Drove it 293, and it ran into the rough down near the lake. Had a nice tree in my way blocking my way. Had a 215 shot left. Pulled out the 5 iron, hit it so flush, lands 5 feet short of the cup. Missed the eagle putt but sank the bird.

Awesome feeling.
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502 yard par 5 at my local club, the tee box is tucked in the back right corner of a dog leg left with trees on the left and water on the right. Not to mention, water about 385 out. Right past the water is a landing area the green is surrounded by pot bunkers and no back bail out. Additionally, the green has a hard downward and right to left slope where one can fall off right into a bunker. Poked my drive out about 265 with a nice fade barley missing the trees and landing in the fairway. I played up with a wedge, simply beacuse I never make it over the water when i attempt to on this particular hole. Played up perfectly about 10 yards out from the water. Next i pulled my 9 iron out from about 125-30 yards and just aimed for the middle of the green, as it were a front pin that day. The strike felt great and the ball flew true, and landed about 5ft from the pin and rolled down the slop into the flag plole and down into the cup. I just picked up the game this past summer and it was my first eagle!
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Today is the best day in my life! First hole I hit a overpowered 100 lay up shot and ended up behind the green, ball blocked by a tree. I used my 56 degree, hit a perfect shot thru the "Y" shape tree trunk and landed on the green. Today is my 5th time playing on a golf course and broke 100. Never taken any golf lessons (will do soon).
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    • Man, get well soon (seriously). This is just chit-chat about golf, or, to be precise, a level of golf most of we mere mortals can only watch in awe before heading out and skinning one over the green. The best of luck with your recovery. And I'm sorry for being snippy.
    • Yeah sorry your right but my point was Jack didn’t make the course the reason he didn’t win, my memory is abit off after a month in a coma. I’m trying to setup a new laptop and it’s not happening, I’ve had to admit defeat and get some help. My bad…
    • Yeah yeah but hey it gets better lol    USA have won 3 of the past 12 !!!!!   25% when I went to school, but you’ve conveniently forgot about that. Europe let you win so you keep coming back lol…
    • Lesson 9/25: Some bad things had crept into my swing, and I think I have the tools to fix them. Setup: I was setting up a little to close to the ball. Not sure what precipitated this, but as soon as instructor pointed it out, I stepped back maybe 1/2 to 1 ball and right away addressing the ball felt more comfortable. I've started fidgeting with my right hand grip at setup again, resulting in an overly strong right hand. This seems to happen when I stand over the ball too long, maybe because I am not committed to the swing. Worked on increasing grip pressure with this hand through backswing. I'll need to work on this. Backswing: Need to get a little more depth, but otherwise okay. Might have been I was focusing too much on downswing that I short changed backswing. Nothing major to work on right now. Downswing: Clubhead exit was too much up and out, and not enough left. Worked a bit with a PVC/pool noodle plane thing in front of the ball to get a feel for the clubhead exiting more around and left, and less up, after impact. Might pick up some PVC pipe, elbows, and a tee-fitting at a hardware store, or maybe order a Pure Plane Pro device for this. Everything in the downswing looked pretty good up until club delivery, where I was shoving/flipping my right hand pretty hard. Right before delivery, clubhead was in a good position, but I was still shoving/flipping it closed through impact. Tried out a feel/thought of holding the face open through impact. Initially instructor just had me try to hit the ball with an open face and hit a push-slice way right. Even though it felt like I was leaving the face wide open, the ball was not atrociously offline right. After a few balls of getting used to the concept, I backed off the feel a little bit and was hitting the ball pretty straight. It'll take some work to deprogram my right hand/arm for this one.
    • You are correct, Titleist has really upped the distance on last years TS models and even more so on this years.  The older ones always carried the moniker of being for people who were concerned with shot shaping over distance.  Now a days if you want to sell a driver, distance seems to be the number one concern and it’s good to see Titleist jumping on the bandwagon because they make nice looking driver heads
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