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Golf's Mental Game Aspect


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Everything above is true - who would disagree?

But that doesn't make it "90% mental" - and I know you're not saying that.

The whole topic is a bit silly - imagine if Nicklaus had come out and said "Golf is 98% physical and 2% mental."

People would be saying "No sh*t , Sherlock"

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5 hours ago, ncates00 said:

- blocking out your own internal noise, e.g., old bad habits you’re trying to overcome 

Depends on what this is. If it's a bad golf swing habit, that is physical not mental. Sometimes old feels just creep in with out you knowing. Until you see the miss on the course then have to fix it own the fly. 

5 hours ago, ncates00 said:

commitment to the shot you’re trying to play and blocking out things like “don’t hit it OB left” or “don’t hit it in the water on the right”

I feel like this is easy. 

I don't even register the hazard is there outside of knowing my shot zone and planning accordingly. I just aim so the percentage is so small that the ball will end up in a bad spot that its not stressful at all.

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9 hours ago, iacas said:

I could totally beat Bernhard Langer in match play... if I just had a better mental game! 🤣

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