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FootGolfer Calls his Hole in One

Note: This thread is 913 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Note: This thread is 913 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • AM I BELIEVING CORE LIES THAT DESTROY MY SWING in a FLASH Can you remember the first time that you hit a golf ball?  If it was after you had learned how to hit a baseball or something else, then this is the first day that you started believing a few if not all of the Primary Core Lies about how to swing the club.  You were doomed to average at best from this point forward. Here’s the scenario: ·       You pick up a club, doesn’t matter which one.  Boy does that feel weird, you thought.  It’s awkward and feels unbalanced.  You try to take a practice swing and swing it like a baseball bat and it seems not very smooth through the bottom, like you have to manipulate the club head some how to square it up in the hitting area.  Nothing you ever had to do before, unless you played hockey.  This might be the closest thing, but then that still doesn’t translate well because you hold a golf club nothing like a hockey stick. ·       You take your first attempt and you might even miss the ball completely or hit the ground behind the ball.  More LIES being birthed in your brain about the game of golf.  ·       You finally hit the ball and it goes really far maybe, but most probably to the right or a major slice.  This is the result of swing the club in the wrong sequence.  Only you don’t know this yet. ·       So, your next swing attempt is do make an adjustment and try not to hit it right.  You might release the club later or yank your shoulders through the hitting area, (as if you were going to pull a line drive over third base), ·       You think this will definitely keep you from hitting it right with that atrocious slice.  o   Unfortunately, physics is physics and it is true and unchanging. o   One result is a pull left, that goes a mile, if you actually get the club head released. o   Another result, which is more likely, is a worse slice that could either start left, straight or right and then curve more right.  This is more likely the case, because you won’t be able to square up the clubface fast enough to match how fast you swung the club with your arms.  Especially if you are athletic and were any level of good at baseball and other sports.     ·       THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE END, NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU THINK YOU ARE OR COULD BE. ·       Golfers spend hours on the driving range and tweak and adjust until they can find their “A” game. o   I feel that this is a matter of weeding out the thoughts of things that don’t help until they find their groove and can commit it to at least some level of muscle memory.  ·       They go out to the course and claw and scratch in order to hold onto this magic pill they discovered on the driving range.  (But it’s only temporary until they quit going off of feel and start thinking.) They play well for a while maybe and then make an inevitable mistake.  When this happens, they think about one of the fundamentals of the golf swing and implement that on their next swing.  The problem is, that whatever fundamental they choose, if it is a major one, is almost always one of the PRIMARY LIES that contradicts the physics of what will really work, then you are doomed to fail.  It is inevitable.     WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE CORE LIES ABOUT SWING TECHNIQUE THAT ARE OUT THERE?? i.e. Turn, weight shift, delayed release, swing plane (or) two, Hips fast for power, arms for power, clear hips through impact  blah blah blah
    • Every time I play I come very close to pulling a flag... then I catch myself.  And when I meet up with a matching twosome on the first tee I almost shake their hands... but pull back at the last second... ingrained habit.
    • What? I didn’t get the memo.
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