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2 minutes ago, Wanzo said:

Is there one or two main things you use it for?  I don’t know a ton about it but from looking at the site I’m still a little confused.  

Putting stuff, mostly. I'll start a new topic on it now.

Look in Swing Thoughts in a little while.

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DAY 15 December 18.  Cold and windy out today... so stuck in the house.  Well I could have worn winter clothes, and gloves and tried to play/practice.  Instead a 60 minute coaching session with my Mental Coach -- doing some goal mapping for next year.  Then continued the work for awhile.  Finally pulled out my putter.. and putted on the 4 foot ruler for 10 minutes.

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Day 371

Played 18 today. Very sore from a workout yesterday, so had trouble making a full turn, so ball striking was pretty dismal. Worked on tempo most of the round. Will probably do some tempo and backswing practice later today to, if advil helps with the muscle soreness.

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DAY 16  December 19   I am on Day 4 of the Tour 25 Blueprint Challenge.  I did 23 different drills focusing on improving clubface awareness and the swing motion.  In addition I continue to hit 3 balls with the Swingwyde attached to a 3 wood.  Working on insuring I take a more complete backswing and stay on plane on the follow-through.  In addition I spent an hour on the putting green with one short putt drill (3-4 feet) and two longer putt drills (from 20-70 feet).  Total time today was 4 1/2 hours.

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Day 12 - Spent a good amount of time doing my step drill, focusing on the club at A2/A3, and then focusing on my hips at impact. Filmed some with MirrorVision, but didn't get the face-on view for Evolvr. I'll try to film those tomorrow or Monday.

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DAY 17 December 20   I worked through 31 different drills in the Tour 25 Blueprint Challenge.  This is my fifth day working through these drills... I am estimating it will take 50 days to accomplish it... since the program is designed around 6-8 hours a day, and I am only doing about four plus.

Each drill required practice swings and hitting 8 balls.  So I hit 248 balls today over an almost 5 hour time on the range.  The positive part is that I am noticing improvements in my ability to execute some drills more successfully.  And I am even more committed to making it through this program, since I find it easy to get distracted with other drills, tips, etc. etc.  Discipline is important in achieving the goal. 

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Day 356 - December 20, 2020

Worked on the backswing. Am feeling like it's pretty good to about A3 or so, so I'll probably finish out the month on this and then move on to the A3-A4 stuff.

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    • We often get people on the site who set goals to reach some sort of handicap threshold in a year. Peruse this topic and you'll likely find some: Well, "Irish Mike" Carroll of "Fit for Golf" fame (a few staff members are doing his program now) went from a 5 to scratch in under a year, and to a +1 in just over a year, and this past May he wrote up how he did it. First, he started with a poll… and then played and practiced more than the poll suggested: He categorized his strokes gained/lost and had this to say: He also said: How did he work on his swing? Using the five "S" words of effective practice! This allowed him to say (emphasis his): All told, I encourage you to read the article. Handicap Improvement: From 5 to +1 In One Year. Interested in handicap improvement? Learn how I went from 5 to +1 in one year.  
    • Nice win for the Braves. Hopefully they can keep the momentum going into Houston.
    • I am not going to meet this goal this year, as I simply haven't played much golf at all, and seldom on the back nine (where all of the birdies remain). It's a bummer, as I set out to do this again this year, but oh well: I had a good year otherwise, and I look forward to playing a bit more golf next year.
    • Guessing the cost will be around $80-$100 for the length adjustment, weight change and new grip. Also probably will take 4 weeks (guessing). I would for sure do it yourself or find a local shop to do it.
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