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  1. http://www.golf.com/tour-news/2018/05/16/crazy-golfers-brave-erupting-volcano-hawaii-sneak-round-photos I might be looking for the next flight out on Expedia.
  2. Lived near a public muni that you could hop on the third hole. Used to go there all the time to look for balls but also sneak in a handful of holes. I'd sell the golf balls on Sundays in old egg cartons. Memories. 🙂
  3. Joey seems extremely laid back...like Fred. May have worked for Couples but not sure about Tiger.
  4. NCGolfer

    Golfer Elbow

    I've dealt with tennis elbow (pain on the outside of the elbow) for the past year or so...but it is in the right elbow. I've had to rest it a bit and go through some does of meloxicam/ibuprofen to calm it down. I also wear one of the straps that relieves stress on the tendon when I hit balls. That has helped but it hasn't gone away completely. I need to stretch and ice it a bit more than I do...i haven't been diligent on doing some of the PT work.
  5. One other consideration for me is NFL. I watch an out-of-market team so I'd need Sunday Ticket. if you cut the cord and go to streaming you can't get the online-streaming version unless: You are in an apartment or Your signal is blocked So that answers the question if I should go with DirecTV so I could add Sunday Ticket and stream the games that way. With all the people cutting the cord I'm surprised they aren't using this as a hook. I'm guessing there is some other reason. Leaning Hulu Live right now. I haven't had the Sunday Ticket in years but wanted the option. I'm guessing it will become available at some other time. I could get Game Pass for $50 and just watch the replay.
  6. Playstation Vue. Big and significant enough that DirecTV uses them as a comparison. Don't know of anyone that uses them though.
  7. I'm considering as well. I've looked at the different options and the problem with DirecTV Now is that they put the Golf Channel in the $60/mo "Go Big" package. Can someone confirm that Hulu TV has it included in their $40 Live TV package? It looks like they do. It's more expensive to add on HBO to Hulu ($15 vs $5) but that doesn't make up the difference. Plus Hulu has cloud DVR as well. I'm leaning Hulu Live TV right now and adding another Apple 4k TV. Also wondering if I'm going to have to up my internet package as well to handle the throughput of streaming plus the kids gaming at the same time.
  8. Lee Janzen won the D2 individual national championship in 1986.
  9. I'd put myself at Red or just a bit higher. Carry for driver is around 255-260. For the rest of the chart I'd say I'm longer with the 3-wood, slightly longer with the 4 & 5 irons and about 5-7 yards longer with the 6-PW. Full LW and GW are pretty spot on...shows my gap (20y) between my GW and PW and something I've considered filling.
  10. Current odds: Rory: 10/1 JT: 10/1 Dustin: 23/2 Tiger: 12/1 Spieth: 14/1 Rose: 16/1 Bubba: 16/1 Day: 18/1 Phil: 20/1 Rahm: 20/1 Rickie: 22/1 I thought Bubba would have jumped a bit more. I'd take him over DJ and Tiger for sure right now. Rory, JT and Bubba would be my top 3 as it stands.
  11. If he wins another major he's on the other side of the fence. I'd still like to see around 15 wins as well. Personally, I think he will get there.
  12. Improvement. Two pieces I'm working on is the last one @iacas mentioned with is loading too shallow. I'm trying to set my hands a bit faster on the takeaway. I've always had hands that did not set quickly so it's a bit harder of a change. Also still focusing on not getting across the line as Erik said, working on the first part should help the second. It has but I still feel like I have to work on keeping the club pointing almost left of target (which is what it feels like.) I'm also working on getting my hands a bit more "in" through impact and extending more. I'm not flipping my hands but I could stand to extend them a little more.
  13. I'd echo what @DaveP043 said. The Hickory Tavern is a chain here in NC that is a great, typical bar spot. Never been to the Sly Fox, but I've been to Dugan's Pub which is right in the middle of downtown Pinehurst. Always sat in the basement and had a good time and good food. Might be hard to accommodate 12 there though unless you call ahead. I'd also give a big thumbs up to Etalia.
  14. Stroke play for ours. They have a separate Match Play tournament with both net and gross flights.
  15. I played through a woman playing alone last year...first time I had seen that since, well, I can remember.
  16. Have fun @jsgolfer. My father, brother and I have been putting in for tickets for a while now and my dad won it back in 2009 for a Monday round. I haven't heard of someone winning more than once so I'm sure the Masters did the right thing in putting the rainouts back in for the next year.
  17. Normal temperature/time of year, it would be a 90% PW. It's just out of range for the 52 for me unless I'm trying to stay under the hole or it's middle of summer and the ball is jumping.
  18. Me: <working> Me: <checks TST> Me: <sees Chamblee thread> Me: Mutters "Heads, it's Brandel saying something annoying people. Tails, it's someone saying something about Brandel" Me: <flips coin...heads> Me: <checks thread> Me: "Damn!" Co-worker: "What's wrong?" Me: "Lost a bet with myself" Co-worker: "Doesn't that mean you also won?" Me: "Nope."
  19. I think @iacas has given reasons against that. I was listening to Hank Haney today at lunch and he basically echoed the same thing. The players don't want this because they can't endorse a product the public can't buy. Also, the kind of golfers that might have to buy extra equipment would be myself (lower handicappers that might play in both worlds)...and I'd be pissed about it. I'd have to have equipment to play in USGA events/qualifiers (if they enforce them there) and also equipment to play at my club in regular tournaments. I'd have to practice also with both equipment, spending more money on two different sets of the same damn thing. What about range balls? Are they going to provide two different types of balls for players that need to practice both? Do you think clubs are going to do that or be happy about that? Buying extra balls and having to sort them every day? It's just stupid. I don't see a product that is broken yet people are trying to find a fix.
  20. $299 for Pinehurst #2...but that included a stay at the hotel as well. This was about 8 years ago when they were running a special in the winter. Lucked out with decent weather in late February. Straight greens fees...hard to say since both Pinehurst and Kiawah included hotels. Outside of those I did drop around $100 (plus caddie fees) to play #2 another time when they had a deal for CGA Interclub members. I really can't remember paying any more than $100 to play other places. I'd be glad to do so if the opportunity arose like at Sawgrass, Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines.
  21. So the PGA Tour has gained 0.44 yards per year since 2003. That actually doesn't sound bad. I really don't believe things are so dire and worrisome as some may believe. I'd actually attribute a good portion of the gains to science....of the swing and ballfight. Trackman (which was started back in 2002) and other technology has allowed for players to optimize their equipment and swings. Sure, equipment and balls have been tweaked in the past years but with the data these guys are collecting they are looking at small changes in their equipment to hit those perfect numbers. I'm not saying the pros don't want to or aren't trying to hit it longer. They absolutely are but I just don't see it causing irreparable harm to the game.
  22. I'm a fan. Didn't like the 18 hole playoff since, 1) I could never watch it and 2) I always felt it a little excessive. The two-hole aggregate is good since one swing may not kill you and gives us a little more golf. I like the idea of knowing who the winner is on Sunday.
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