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  1. My , that was a very short period of dominance now wasnt it?! : ) Even Montie was on Golf Channel after the US Open saying he's not looking forward to this years Ryder Cup... methinks that rumors of US Golf's death were vastly overstated. LOL Let's remember that at the last Ryder Cup -when so many pundits were drafting the obituary for American dominance of the game ..the Euro team barely won ...and it took 18th hole heroics and a Mahan muffed chip to eek out a "victory"...
  2. Love the US Open! My favorite major (actually love BOTH Opens) because for at least one weekend we duffers get to see the worlds best players struggle with bogeys, doubles etc.... t'is truly the toughest test in golf... one other thought for everyone: If the Olympic club is this difficult what mere mortal golfer would want to be a member?! LOL
  3. Ideally, I suppose you'd use your "gamer" balls for both chipping and putting ...but like many others I tend to use range balls to chip and my balls for putting...
  4. Without a doubt it's me putter.....my money club has been the prime reason that I regularly defeat partners who can out drive me by 40 plus yards..... as Bobby Jones said : The putter is the great equalizer."
  5. Traditionalism in golf as so often in life is generally a silly adherance to the outdated and outmoded.... Hybrids are the single greatest tech advance in golf since the dimpled golfball. They are particularly indispensable for recreational players since they are easier to hit and have greater distance than the old fashion irons... I play the Nike SQ Sumo2 Hybrid iron set which is 4 through 7 hybrids and I've included a Cleveland hibore 3 hybrid as well...there is no question that these clubs have drastically improved my game in short fashion...I went from a high to a mid 'capper an
  6. the record speaks for itself...Phil....by a large margin....
  7. The golf course is one of the last best public places for cigars. Sincerely, StogiesnBogies (Of Course!)
  8. Methinks its one of the nicer unwritten traditions of the game
  9. I never wear a watch for two reasons: 1. it would interfere with my swing..it would feel awkward 2. I go to the golf course to get away from the clock...let the game itself determine how long I'm on the course....if I do need to know the time I rely on my cell phone ...which I generally shut down for the duration of the round to minimize interuptions.
  10. Best aspect of the show is the striking Holly Sonders ...and apparently she is on to bigger and better things-getting to do broadcasts of Nationwide Tour events and co-hosting the School of Golf (which desperately needed eye candy) ...what's more she can actually golf -having been on the Michigan State University golf team for 4 years in college.... other than that the Morning Drive program is a dud.
  11. Absolutely normal... I play with a partner once a week but also play alone at least one additional day...there are so many wonderful things about the glorious game to be discovered in the silence of solitude ....there is a difference between being alone and being lonely...being alone is being satisfied with the company of ones self....while being lonely is longing for the company of others. On the pragmatic side , when golfing alone and not being pushed by groups behind you ...there is opportunity to drop an additional ball or two and try that shot again -maybe even with a different clu
  12. While I too am a Phil fan ...there's no need to knock Luke Donald's excellent game...indeed, .it is Luke's game that I strive for ...lacking distance off the tee yet hitting every fairway I rely entirely on my shortgame to beat guys who can hit it literally 270-300 yards...ah...but I can hit my putter smack dab into the hole before they can and thus I win more often than not ...while they go home with a whole bunch of GPS induced fantasies about how great they hit the ball today LOL as Bobby Jones said: Golf is about turning 4 shots into 3. and a scorecard doesnt give a hoot ab
  13. Whether all those who oppose a gay marraige ammendment are homophobes or not( and many indeed are) distracts from the fact that they are indeed against other people's civil rights-you know that whole" equal treatment before the law" thing that became so much the fad during the great civil rights struggles of the 1960's?.... but I digress from the fact that you make a very poor comparison between a golf forum where I am free to ignore anyone whose opinions I dislike and being forced to waste my precious golf time and money hearing some racist, sexist or other idiotic clap trap for 18 ho
  14. Na was subjected to cruel comments and brutal heckling from a PGA Tour gallery....they behaved in a disgraceful fashion toward a guy who is struggling with a serious mental issue bordering on OCD... and apparently the PGA Tour and course security did nothing about it... throughout his hellish final round and throughout the entire week Na handled himself in a professional manner ....I had always heard that Na was something of a jerk but after seeing him at the presser speaking candidly about his condition and the outrageous way he was treated by some in the galleries I am now a newly
  15. It's a shame that many courses do not allow walking.....it's an entirely different experience on foot...
  16. Shot 81 : four times......the quest to break 80 continues !
  17. Luck is indeed the x factor in the game....it comes and goes in both good and bad forms....i.e. Angel Cabrera in the Masters playoff when his bad shot hit a tree and bounced into the fairway....viola green jacket! Think Phil at this years masters -hits "safe shot" but clangs off grandstand railing into shrubs-goodbye green jacket....if the ball misses that narrow rail and lands in grandstand he gets a free drop ..and is in the mix down the stretch on sunday at Augusta! Luck is indeed a fickle mistress....
  18. Undoubtedly the first reason is usually price....they tend to be expensive and the second is that many of these resorts like to brag about having "Championship" level course design -which translates into frustratingly long and difficult for the average amateur golfer...expensive and frustrating makes for a long day indeed...and not how one usually wants to spend their recreational time...
  19. One time a playing partner hit a shot right into our cart and smashed the control board...we had to call in for a replacement as the cart was disabled....luckily for him the club did not charge him for the damages...
  20. I've posted this in other threads but I believe its the very best guide regarding the correct course length for a golfers actual driving distance... TEE IT FORWARD Guidelines for Selecting Tees Driver Distance Recommended 18 Hole Yardages PGA Tour Pro 7,600 - 7,900 300 7,150 - 7,400 275 6,700 - 6,900
  21. I agree xman....I too would go to Butch Harmon.....and also Pelz for shortgame ....
  22. My favorite common sense golf book.....rock solid advice for amateurs in simple straightforward language-jargon free . as subtitle says: How to score your best when not playing your best...priceless stuff on those days when you seem to be scrambling from the first hole to the 19th... I often revisit the book and always take away something I needed to remember -again! i.e. "chipping is putting with loft"
  23. It looks like one of the few gadgets out there that might work and help your swing....but like all of these improve your game gizmos...methinks its way overpriced..... :)
  24. Bubba golf will lead to higher scores -especially for amateurs who do not have anything resembling a repeatable swing....hell Bubba Golf doesnt often even work for Bubba as he has only a handful of wins on tour and has lost some heartbreakers -to more controlled and steady playing styles such as the brilliant shortgame of world number one -Luke Donald....what Luke lacks in flash he more than makes up in cash... the first number one on BOTH US and Euro money list!!! Now THAT"S a golf game you can literally take to the bank! The key -especially for we amateurs- is to play the game within
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