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  1. sofingaw

    My Swing (sofingaw)

    Thank you gentlemen kindly!
  2. sofingaw

    My Swing (sofingaw)

    These were consecutive swings with 6i this morning. Trying to get the hands deeper, and to come down less steeply than the swings in my previous post. I felt like I hung back on the first one and slapped at it, sending it low and left. The second and third ones had better results and felt better. I’m still pretty steep, but I think my downswing move has improved just a bit. I don’t feel like I’m ‘chopping wood’ straight down at the ball as much. Thanks for the look! As always, I appreciate any and all comments and critiques!
  3. I also do it this way. No particular reason, I just always have, and so it’s part of the routine now.
  4. sofingaw

    How To Try (Only) The Right Things

    I’m sure you’re right. I come up with failed ideas all the time, so no worries!
  5. I think that many (all?) of us have tried to do things with our swings that somehow made things worse due to being either: 1) Incomplete or nonspecific in description (you thought of or were told something wrong) or execution (you understood or wrong and/or did it wrong/overdid it). 2) The opposite of beneficial or intended, due to it being counterintuitive and/or flat out wrong. Or even: 3) Impossible to actively ‘do’, for one reason or another. 4) Some other problem. (Feel free to describe!) Then hopefully, we realized the issue with our false fix, or were shown the light by a competent pro. I’d love for his thread to serve as a compilation of pitfalls and more importantly, ‘a-ha moments’ that we have had over the years. Hopefully a long enough list of these will allow others to avoid our specific pitfalls. I’ll start: Issue: Hitting fat shots. False Fix: Actively attempt to hit ‘down’ on ball in order to ensure ball-first contact. Problem with False Fix: Swing became far too steep, causing continued mishits due to smaller, and thus harder to reach ‘impact zone’ Real Fix: Shallow out swing, increasing serviceable ‘impact zone’, allowing for more consistent ball-first contact, reducing number of fat shots. Very interested to see what we can come up with and glean some tips!
  6. sofingaw

    Dealing with slow play

    Last time I played, there were 4 of us, and we all shot over 100. Course was not busy, and we took right at 4 hours for 18. We played ready golf the whole time. I’ve played the same course on a busy day full of very slow, deliberate Japanese local players and took 5+ hours with the same foursome. Waiting on every hole, etc. Sometimes you can’t control how it goes.
  7. sofingaw

    Dealing with slow play

    Also, a lot of you speedy guys are talking about playing alone, yes? Playing with 2 or three other people will make the round longer for sure. It’ll make a 2.5 hour solo round into a 3.5-4.5 hour round, even if everyone is playing at a decent/normal pace.
  8. sofingaw

    Embracing the slice

    My problem with aiming to compensate for a big miss is that I’ll aim ‘properly’ for the miss, but then either double cross myself and hit the opposite miss, or hit a ‘good one’ that goes dead straight where I was aiming (away from the fairway or green). In short: It almost never works. At least for me. I’m currently working on getting manageable and predictable misses from as neutral and straight a setup as I can, and of course, improving my swing as much as possible. Best of luck to you!
  9. sofingaw


    Like many have said, and like I also do.. You groove a swing and can make immediate adjustments on the range until you get desired results, with no penalty. On the course, the stakes are higher, even in a practice round, and certainly when playing in competition or with others. And every shot counts and can’t be ‘done over’ without heavy penalty. Tension comes with knowing this for most of us. Add to that a long list of variables, including uneven lies, pace of play concerns, and club changes swing to swing... we’re destined to swing worse a lot of the time. I’ll also add one thing from my personal experience: Alignment. On the range, I align generally with my feet, hips, and shoulders parallel to my target line, and my shots fly relative to that line. Like they are supposed to. I still mishit a bunch, but the good ones do about what I expect. On the course, I invariably line up closed or open to the target line more often than I should, trying to adjust to what I see, and or obstacles to the green. This causes me to hit a lot more over fades, straight pushes and over hooks than I do on the range. A lot more. I think alignment discipline would go a long way in helping me, and many of us out there. That and staying focused yet calm, and trusting our swings. Easier said than done, but I think it’s within reach for us all. One other note, I do notice that on the course, my distance improves, and so does my ballflight on my good shots. This is most likely due to playing good balls vs. range rocks. I do like that about playing vs. the range.
  10. I’d set up to hit a comfortable 8i from the whites, since that’s where I play from. ....and then proceed to block it right, overcook a draw off the planet, or skull a screamer that one bounces over the creek and into the lip of one of the bunkers. Then, take either 1 shot out of the bunker, or two from off the green left or right, and 3 putt. Score: 4-6. Nice hole!
  11. sofingaw

    Poll: Who is #3?

    The way I chose to answer this question was to look at each players individual accomplishments and ask myself: Which would I be most satisfied with? Hogan and Player both won modern Grand Slams, in addition to a ton of other tournaments, which I consider to be a very fulfilling set of accomplishments. However, Hogan had about 3x as many PGA Tour wins as Player, since Gary chose to play internationally more often. Both are very impressive, but Hogan simply beat better players more often. Phil and Snead each have the U.S. Open monkey on their backs, though Phil may still do it. I hope he does. Palmer never got the PGA. While it’s not all about the career grand slam itself, I can’t help but think given the choice, I wouldn’t have chosen a career without it as the ‘best’. Having said that, I’d say #3 to me is currently Hogan, with Phil and then Player right behind him. If Phil gets his US Open, and especially if he also reaches his goal of 50 PGA Tour wins overall, considering today’s strength of field, and going directly against Tiger so often, he’s my #3. Even if Phil just gets the US Open, I think I put him at #3.
  12. sofingaw

    The "Stop Conning Yourself" Thread

    Biggest self-cons for me are: 1) That I ever truly intend to practice with purpose. Unfortunately, I still waste a lot of time bashing balls. I know it’s bad for my game, but I just love doing it. One day I may finally decide that I love getting better more than hitting ball, after ball, after ball.... 2) The common one mentioned here that my best shots are representative of my current skill level. I know the truth is that I hit way too many horrid shots every single round, and until I improve my swing enough, I will continue to.
  13. sofingaw

    "Lowest Score Wins" by Barzeski and Wedzik

    I just finished reading LSW, and loved it. Can’t wait to practice and play using the concepts. Thank you for writing it! I do have one question out of pure curiosity, however. I may have simply missed it, and it seems clear that common sense dictates this, but: By which specific data measure(s) is GamePlanning a SV4 skill? I ask because I recall all other skills having a SCOR value, and specific data points associated with them, which clearly illustrated and in effect proved thier relative SV ratings. I didn’t notice this with GamePlanning. Is that simply because no data yet exists relating specifically to GamePlanning, since you guys invented it only a few years ago? Or perhaps because GamePlanning is a nebulous thing to measure? I mean, it’s obvious that spending a third of the book on it, and assigning that level of value to it, that it’s arguably or certainly the most critical piece of the book. And I believe fully that you wouldn’t just decide that arbitrarily. Common sense tells us that your scores will drop if you GamePlan properly. I guess I’m just curious about roughly or exactly how much you think (or know) one could expect to lower scores using GamePlanning alone, as compared to the other skills. I hope that makes sense, and please don’t take it as a criticism. I do have faith that it’s that important. I know you guys never put out junk. I’m just curious about what your feeling is or what data says about how much one may improve via GamePlanning specifically.
  14. sofingaw

    My Swing (sofingaw)

    I guess those old videos are gone now. Here are my newest swings. A couple of 6i and a couple of drivers. Apologies for the poor lighting and angles. I’m still trying to figure out how to film at my range. I’ve recently updated my grip and my stance, each in accordance with the threads that Mike posted in the ‘instructional content’ sticky thread. I believe I’m getting much better contact overall, and my big miss has gone from a pull hook/push slice to an over-fade/pull slice. My good shots are now pull fades or straight, while they were straight or straight draws before. A couple things that stood out to me when looking at these videos myself was how steep and how far past parallel I am going with all clubs. While I feel fine doing these things, and seem to be getting decent results overall, I seem to think that my swing looks wildly out of control. Any suggestions or comments are appreciated.

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