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  1. sofingaw

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Maybe I’m just simple, but how can one say that with 13 misses one way and 11 the other way that there’s no ‘two-way miss? Seems like if you are routinely missing in two different directions, is that not quite plainly the definition of a ‘two-way miss’.
  2. sofingaw

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Also, 266 is lower than all Open Championship scores except Stenson’s 264 in 2016, and is lower than any score ever at the Masters or US Open. Understanding that this years scoring was low for a major, this is all very impressive and encouraging, still.
  3. sofingaw

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Just a couple of notes about how good Tiger (and Brooks) were this week: 264 (Brooks) is the lowest winning score for a PGA Championship ever, and Tiger’s 266 would have won outright every stroke play PGA Championship ever, except for David Toms’ win at 265 in 2001, and would have tied Jimmy Walker at 266 in 2016. That’s 58 out of 61 stroke play PGA’s that would have been won outright. Also, looking at Tiger’s winning scores in all of his PGA Tour victories, 266 was better than 69 of the 79 overall.
  4. sofingaw

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    4 Wins, 2 majors. Health staying where it’s at, (or dare I say, perhaps improving a bit?), plus the offseason to get his driver sorted, he’s gonna go off next year.
  5. sofingaw

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Fair play! I got confused, and I also forgot about the other Zach Johnson. Apologies for accusing you of not knowing. The (professional sports publication) article about Oosthuizen is still wrong though! Lol
  6. sofingaw

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Yes. Someone posted in this thread that Zach Johnson had never won a major, and then I happened to see that the article mentioning Louis’ withdrawal -by ‘The Sporting News’, no less-mentioned that he has placed highly in majors, but has never won one. .... and now it’s no longer funny 😕
  7. sofingaw

    2018 PGA Championship at Bellerive

    Probably only of note to me and a few others since I like to follow him... one more on the subject of players who have ‘never’ won a major... http://www.sportingnews.com/us/golf/news/pga-championship-2018-louis-oosthuizen-withdraws-back-injury-kelly-kraft/t3igf9ge63ih1rwm0rxpjf3qm Hopefully he gets it sorted, but back stuff can mess you up long term, and this isn’t his first time with back issues. One of my favorite swings to watch, and almost always shows up in majors. (Maybe he’ll eventually win one! LOL)
  8. sofingaw

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I’ll admit that my prediction is on the optimistic side. But nothing so far has indicated that he can’t get back to top 5 or #1, even. He’s certainly trending that way, overall. It’s not ridiculous at all. Perhaps a tad optimistic. But very plausible and would not be surprising to many (excepting mostly virulent Tiger haters), considering the solid start to his comeback so far.
  9. sofingaw

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $10M

    I will say that now/soon is the best time to do this match. With Phil having a good year, and Tiger still working his way back, their world ranking should be similar. By this time next year Tiger will be top-5 in the world, if not #1 again. Phil could still be up there, but the odds are he will be a bit lower.
  10. sofingaw

    Womens British Open 2018

    I’m also in the minority, seemingly and I like to watch women’s golf. A lot of people, especially better players, seem to dislike watching women play since they definitley can play almost as good or better (or think they can). I’m still in awe of what they can do out there, and I do like to watch. I prefer to watch the men’s tours, but I certainly don’t turn up my nose at a ladies tournament.
  11. sofingaw

    2018 WGC Invitational at Firestone

    Tiger pooped in his hand on that one. Let’s see a bounce back birdie, here!
  12. sofingaw

    Trajectory Same Height For All Clubs

    Yeah, it took a while the first time I went to a tour event in person to get used to looking at the correct height for hit balls, particularly tee shots. It seems like they go maybe 20-30 feet higher on average than what I see from myself and other amateurs. Of course there was some variation, but generally these guys were hitting it pretty high. I seem to recall Tiger, Lee Westwood, Louis O, and G-Mac at the time (2013) hitting it pretty damn high, even compared to the rest of the guys that day.
  13. I have no set timeline for replacement. I’ll play one until I lose it (normally happens first) or, it gets badly scuffed by a cart path or tree. I have definitley played a whole round with one ball more than once, but I don’t know if I have ever played the same ball for more than 18 holes straight, since after each round, the balls go either into the ‘gamer’ pocket, or the ‘shag’ pocket and get mixed with all other balls in said pockets. Certainly some in the ‘gamer’ pocket have more than 18 holes on them. Perhaps much more.
  14. sofingaw

    Phil Mickelson Dance

    Phil taking the PGA this year, confirmed. Just look at that swag! Tiger and DJ running scared up against that!
  15. sofingaw

    What clubs to upgrade first?

    Of course everyone is correct that instruction is most beneficial, and you made it very clear that you are already aware of that. I’ll answer your question as it relates to the clubs, since that is what you’re asking about. The clubs you hit the worst should be replaced first, IMO. If you slice or worm-burn every drive, but can generally keep your irons in front of you, then by all means, look at a new driver first. If you can normally keep it in play off the tee, but can’t get the ball in the air reliably with your longer irons, then a new set of more forgiving, fit to you irons may be better to look at first. I would definitley not worry about wedges right away, and certainly your putter last. Unless possibly if putting is the worst part of your game by far... probably not even then. Whatever direction you go in, though, the most important part of getting new gear is to be properly fitted. If you aren’t going to get fitted, I would advise against new sticks at all, until you do.

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