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  1. Just lost? Is this a post from the past? And if so, so what?
  2. MacDutch

    Ernie Els

    I see this is not a question, but a statement. I think its true. Ernie Els deserves our respect.
  3. Would love to try them, just as PXG. Before I buy them, I would need to take the bet about hole in one against 5 years in prison. Not gonna happen 😛.
  4. Well deserved bragging rights. Congrets 🚀 As a 7, I moved to Spain/Andalusia and it humbled me to 10-11. But I’m finally back to 9.5 now.
  5. When I started playing golf at hcp 36, an 18 handicapper was a golfing god to me. Definitly not a high handicapper anymore. A nice goal to try to get there. If you are able to reach that goal in 18 months, there is more to come. At the moment your hcp is the average of the best 10 rounds out of the last 20 multiplied by .96
  6. Wow, you guys are harsh on her. She forgot to take her passport out of her golfbag. These things happen. I must be a vile person too then.
  7. Brooks is my hero, better then Captain America, harder then the Hulk, tougher then Chuck Norris. Always rooting for him, except when Tiger is in the mix.
  8. Yet an other disappointing performance by overrated Tommy haircut. Only T4 at a WGC event this week/s
  9. That was @Nosevi he hasn’t been here since 2017. His gamegolf name is also Nosevi. But I don’t know how his adventure went. Think he has the same nice words for for @iacas as Erik has for him. 😀
  10. @KrisF , I hope you are here to learn things (as opposed to trolling). When a starter says ‘don’t rush and be patient’ to you as a single player, it is because a one ball should be way faster than a 2,3 or 4 ball. Never in my life I have had to let through when playing as a one ball. A one ball should finish his round in 3 hours. The only reason why that would not work is because of other slower flights in front of you. There are thousands of posts on this forum alone discussing slow play, how to fix it and how irritating it is. The rules were changed this year part of trying to make the
  11. Tommy now 13th on the owgr. Not bad for a 28 year old. His best years are yet to come.
  12. If you want to be taken seriously on the golfcourse, yes.
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