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  1. No need for Brooks to please the audience. He is here to win majors. The icy stare will help him do that on Pebble Beach. He’s my favourite.
  2. Took me 7 or 8 times to break 80, only needing a bogey to do it and could not do it. Then I was 5 over after 17 and I only needed a double bogey to break 80. Made an up and down double 😅 Now I break 80 on a monthly basis.
  3. Thanks! Nothing about practising bunkershots?
  4. Brooks Koepka is tha man.
  5. Yeah, Brooks gave him the ice stare. Nobody (except for Tiger) can withstand that.
  6. Yes, well done. Brooks reminds me of you, David.
  7. Today I was at the LET (ladies european tour) at La Reserva Spain. The flight I was following took a buggy (players and caddies) after they finished hole 9 to the 10th tee. Is the rule changed? I am under the impression this is a dq for the players involved. Maybe a local rule?
  8. Yeah, you trying to top Brooks on that matter? My statement: Brooks gonna win.
  9. Mine doesn’t do anything. Back to watching the talking heads 😕
  10. I like Koepka’s solution, I like Edoardo’s calling the slow guy’s out. I get a rash when I see J.B Holmes playing. I want him to get the shanks!
  11. Sometimes the golfgods concentrate all the luck in one round. Hit the tree, ball bounces back on the fairway. And you score a lucky 79. Becoming a single digit player, there is no luck involved.
  12. This is also not the same situation. Not getting out of your house is like the end of your normal life. You can’t compare these two situations at all.
  13. I’ve played the RSI’s and nothing wrong with them. But it’s more about the shafts. You realy need to know if the shafts go well with your swing. So try to hit them on a trackman or on the the course before you buy. Just buying without hitting and you need a lot of luck to get the right clubs for you.
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