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  1. I have done the same many times. Wait until the last moment to make a bid, so the price goes up like mad the last two minutes. This is because others also use the same strategy. Nothing fishy in my eyes. You did not get a bargain? And now the seller is wrong?
  2. True, I heared an English commentator say something like ‘course setup is a bit like European style’. Don’t know if thats correct, but the Euro’s were in form at Bay Hill.
  3. Many years ago I did a golf clinic because I was invited. They gave me the prize for ‘most promising non golfer’. 10 years later I bought a second home near Orlando (was living in the Netherlands). During my discovery of the surroundings I bumped into some golfcourses and decided to learn playing golf. That was 11 years ago. Two years ago I retired, sold everything and moved to Spain/Andalusia. I’m 15 minutes from the costa del sol, also known as the costa del golf. Living and playing at the golfcourse Alhaurin.
  4. You know @iacas never made a hole in one ever? So lets say he is a scratch golfer, and he never ever made a hole in one. Its not about beeing good at golf. There is luck involved. What do you think would happen if you missed the first 1,000? There would be stress, cause you could go to jail for 5 years. It would ruin your life.
  5. Just made my third hole in one, 110y wind helping, green slopes back if you hit it long. So pitchingwedge just less then a yard long and..... in tha hole! Still not going to take the challenge though. 😉
  6. Here in Europe a pizza with egg on it is nothing special. I for myself don’t like it.
  7. No! Don’t want to hit 250 shots every day with my 8 iron. And I’m a lot better making hole in ones with my hybrids. So, not gonna take the bet.
  8. It didn’t work for the long run. Used it 5 rounds, the good shots were really good, but the bad shots were too bad and occured 1 out of 5 shots. So you loose confidence and stop using it.
  9. MacDutch

    Joost Luiten

    And a T10 at WGC Mexico, well done Joost. Believe he can play the Honda classic now, but he has to choose between that and Oman. He won at Oman last year, so thats a tough decision to make.
  10. Paging @David in FL he is a member at both if I’m correct.
  11. Really rooting against him. What an irritating golfer that is.
  12. I average 3.5 rounds a week. Playing for 10 years now, so that makes more then 1500 but less then 2000 rounds.
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