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  1. I take it you'll be trying skateboarding next instead? Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hopefully American daytime TV isn't as bad as ours in the UK (Loose women, it's not how it sounds ), cos' i'm sure you'll end up an expert on it.
  2. I've experienced the mystery of the vanishing golf ball. The shot is struck sweet and then, like a phantom in the night, they disappear into thin air (or trees, long grass, water, car parks, peoples gardens). Either way it must be paranormal so let's get Zak Bagan on the case.
  3. This is a great comment. As a High hcp player myself it's often unerving to play alongside a decent player because you just dont want to embarrass yourself. It's worse if you dont know the person you are playing with. However, all it takes is for the low capper to say something like "Dont worry about a bad shot, lets just have fun". On the plus side playing with a good golfer often rubs off on you and can actually help you to play better. Also good to see good players cock it up too (really puts you at ease ), hence the reason i watch Mark Crossfield!
  4. voted yes, but the technology would have to be viable, reliable and cost effective. I't doesn't matter how many people are killed through drink driving it will always be too many simply because drink driving is easily avoidable. If you want to drink dont use your car, get a taxi, a bus or walk home, it's not rocket science. Maybe punishments should be harsher and the blood alcohol limits stricter. I know guys who can drink for England and not get affected and others who have one drink, be legally under the limit, and cant walk straight. Personally, i'm all for zero tolerance on drink driving. If you go to the pub for a beer and want to drive then drink alcohol free beer. Most pubs sell it and its actually not bad these days. I'll step down of my soap box now guys
  5. Sure does Erik, but i find blaming the kids for lack of playing opportunities works wonders
  6. Yep, unless he's going all Roid Rage . When i read the topic title i thought by "bulking up" he meant "eating pies". In 6 weeks he could really bulk up on the pies diet.
  7. I use a Cleveland Smart Square blade putter and it's the best putter i've used. Feels nice, good weight and looks like the sort of putter Darth Vader would use. Not strictly Cleveland but as they own the brand Srixon irons are fab. I got fit for Z155 irons with miyazaki jinsoku graphite shafts, love them.
  8. Indeed, whilst browsing sports direct the other day I almost choked on my earl grey when i saw that Callaway CXR power had increased from £9.99 to £10.99. Extortion I tell you. I'm the mind to send them a very firmly worded email for them to ingore. Seriously though, companies like Titleist can charge more for their balls (within reasonable limits) because they know people will still buy them. There are so many deals to be had if you are willing to do the leg work. Also, I actually like the CXR power in Yellow as i can see it and it doesn't actually feel like a rock .
  9. RussUK

    Bio Kim Suspended

    Agree. I think we look at this from a western point of view. Over here if someone flipped you the middle finger not much (if anything) would be done. In many eastern cultures they are very high up on respect, politeness and general good manners and there is nothing wrong with any of those (some over here could do with learning the above). In some Eastern cultures even showing the soles of your feet is a criminal offense. So while it seems like a harsh punishment to us he probably feels he got off pretty lightly, especialy after seeing him on hi knees begging after the tournament. I'm asuming the ban only applies to the Korean Tour?. If so he still has options for the next 3 years.
  10. Thankfully not, otherwise i'd be broke . Had someone watch me take a few swings and on each one i thinned, shanked, pulled, swore at, sobbed uncontrolably at, it seems i was coming out of posture and swinging very flat. Using a mirror helped with that. And man was i tense, trying to keep everything as a unit just made my upper body rigid. The ones i was hitting well i was indeed using my left side with the shoulder as a trigger but rotating it down at the start and the whole thing felt nice and loose. I'm my own worst enemy at times. When i'm hitting well all it takes is for someone to say "maybe this is how you should do it" and i'm like "hmm i wonder......"
  11. Up until this weekend i have been hitting my irons really well till someone stated i start the swing moving the clubhead first before the hands, arms etc. and according to them i should be moving the club with my shoulders as a "unit" I, being the moron i am, decided to try this and i have hit pretty much all the bad shots you can think of. I noticed that if i start the swing with the shoulders turning down my arms go stiff and at when coming into impact my body raises up, however when i swing like I normally do which feels free flowing i seem to stay in posture. So, my question is, can tension in the arms/shoulders/hands potentially cause topped/thinned shots and the dreaded hosel rockets?.
  12. You can get pretry much whatever you want on a pizza over here. You can even get it deep fried followed by a deep fried Snickers for desert
  13. With Deliveroo and Uber Eats you can get your fave food pretty much wherever you want, heck i might have to order something myself mid round. Might be a bit hard to eat a 12" meat feast pizza while carrying my bag though
  14. Usually 9 holes. I love to play 18 but often dont have enough spare time. 9 holes is good for helping the golf addiction cravings
  15. Come on now, do we really need comments like this?. It may have been "ok" at a working mens club variety show in the 70's but no place for it here.
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