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  1. I have been going to Golf Tec a couple years. My first teacher left in March and I took a instructor who was much more organized and has begun to take me step by step. Now he is leaving and I had just signed up for a year because I was excited to have him. Anyway the owner teaches Stack and Tilt and said he would take me on even though his schedule is busy. Any opinions on Stack and Tilt from experienced people here. I ask as this thread is older. Also, I had a pro analyze my swing after I bought, "The Hanger" online. (It was part of the package), and his opinion was that Stack and Ti
  2. I posted my swing here a few years ago and after reviewing the comments decided to take lessons at a nearby Golf Tec. (Well not so near). I took 40 lessons did not improve so much , but hey, I figured it takes time. Took another 10. Getting a little better. Still inconsistent though. Not breaking 100. Signed up for another 10 getting frustrated after about 3 of those. Determined to move on to another place/instructor. My instructor calls me, he is leaving Golf Tec and turns me over to one of the guys who was very, very good. Guess what he has a lesson plan and we start at square one. I h
  3. How long is a typical Aim Point lesson. There is one close to me who teaches a 1 hour private lesson.
  4. I grew up in a blue collar town and not many of us were exposed to Golf. Color had nothing to do with it. My father was Polish came over after serving as a worker of no choice in Germany during WW2. Soccor was his game. None of my friends Dad's played Golf. Never even on our radar. Wish it was.
  5. Anyone have experience with Blast motion in 2019/2020. I am interested in full swing face angle. How accurate? Thanks
  6. My last 2 Golf Tec lessons on hold.
  7. There are a lot of pieces to a Golf swing that an instructor would find it difficult to teach in one lesson. IMHO. I took a year of lessons at Golf Tec and feel I'm just finally hitting the ball consistently. Now if it would just go where I aim! But I played for 30 years and had a lot of bad habits ingrained in me. I'll bet you just need to find the right instructor.
  8. I have never broken 100 but will this season. I think the reason the book is titled as such is because the majority of golfers are not practicing their game as much as people who frequent this site. Emphasize "frequent". Its aimed towards the majority of recreational golfers.
  9. Thanks, I will check him out. I have invested the past year in lessons and practicing at Golf Tec. At the range and at home. My swing and confidence are better. But both need more work. I had no idea how technical the golf swing is. I will forever be a work in progress as I love this game. Thanks for all the replies.
  10. Hi all. I have been taking lessons at Golf Tec for a year. Hitting the ball more consistently but still its a work in progress. Ive seen a few threads here for mental aspect of the game but i am inrterested in a book like, "Zen Golfing", anyone have any recommended titles?
  11. I have a question about the 2019 Titelist 14 divider hybrid stand bag. I am interested in purchasing. But one of the reviewers mentions only 4 of the dividers go all the way to the bottom. What does that mean for loading 14 clubs?
  12. SemperFi

    Loopers Movie

    That looks good. Hopefully, it goes national or Netflix picks it up.
  13. Can I ask what you use to film? And if its an iphone what setting? Thanks.
  14. Yes I know. I have tried to keep the left arm straight while swinging. What technique do you use? Do you break the wrists earlier or just work on flexibility? I feel my arm just won't do that.
  15. Yes. I usually practice 1 hour twice a week at GolfTec. I do mostly full swings as this is the only place I can right now and see ball flight and replay the swing. But, I do practice drills given to me by my instructor mostly at the Gym after I work out. They have a mirrors on all the walls in the group exercise room and i can see the correct position I should be in at each stage of the swing.The last thing we worked at was pushing the hips towards target or shifting weight to the left to shallow out the club. I did it well Monday and felt I had really turned a corner but as I stated in my
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