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  1. My girls (11 and 12) have been struggling with this for the last year, too. They've basically just been wearing khaki colored shorts (sometimes even jean shorts) with whatever nice top they can find. Both of my girls are small for their ages and take after their mother who is 4' 11". We managed to find ONE girls polo in their size around Christmas time at a local store, but that's about all we can find. No cute golf skirts or anything for them in their size. I even asked the pro at my club if he had any ideas and reached out to the local First Tee chapter for advice. I was essent
  2. Agreed. I'm living proof. I've hit way more trees that have kicked the ball back into the fairway than I have hit fairways that have taken a bad kick. Way more. I'm far from a 'good' golfer. I have my moments... but they're equally split between good shots and shots that just happened to turn out good. CY
  3. I got to play both Friday and Saturday of last week. Friday was at a course one of my golf buddies is a member at. We played from 6484 yards with a rating/slope of 71.7/136. I play here about once per month, so I'm familiar with the course. A quick start was halted in a bunker near the 9th green. I managed 42 - 44 = 86 for the day with a pair of birdies. All-in-all... not a bad day. Saturday was at my home course. Although short at only 6147 yards, it's a tricky little course with the greens being the defense. The rating/slope here is 69.8/129. Being my home course, I'm gener
  4. Brutal today. I played Sunday and felt like things were starting to 'click' again for me. Today, I went out alone. Started pretty well... +2 through my first 5 holes. I made a poor decision on a pitch shot on the 6th hole and ultimately ended up with a triple. Lipped out a par attempt on the 7th. Duffed it around on the 8th for another triple. Ended up with a bogey on the 9th for a +10 front side. I managed to go +8 over the last 4 holes there. Things didn't get much better on the back. Poor swings on the 10th, 11th and 12th holes resulted in no pars. Found a narrow branch on my
  5. Fairway_CY


  6. Thank you, sir! I hope to do that a few times this season, at least! I believe I had a 38 for nine holes once last season. Thank you as well, sir! I did do some putting drills in my house after work that day (focused solely on putter path and starting the ball on my line). Seemed to pay off a bit on the course this morning. Still... temporarily patch one thing and another falls apart on me. Back at it tomorrow on the range and short-game areas! CY
  7. Definitely frustrating. Someone here once told me to step away for a few days and let your body re-calibrate. Dunno why... but it sees to work. CY
  8. I've never really met anybody who minds what others shoot providing they keep a good pace. If you shoot mid 90's but you spend 5 minutes looking for balls on half the holes or something... they're gonna be ticked. Beyond that... most will be happy to share a round with a golfer of any skill providing they keep it moving. CY
  9. I had a group of friends out to my course yesterday to play. We had some pretty heavy rains the night before, so it was cart path only throughout our round. In our group, our indexes ranged from around 12 to as high as 18. We've not horrible golfers, but we're not "point and shoot" golfers either. On the 7th hole, we had one of the guys from our pro shop pull up on us and ask us to move a little faster. Admittedly, we were about half a stroke behind the group in front of us, so we said we'd pick up the pace. When we finished the 9th hole, we realized we had played that side in ju
  10. This is always one of my favorite threads each year. It gives me a chance to get really specific with my goals and then I get to look back on them at the end of the year. Anyway... my 2018 goals are below. 1. Reduce penalties to fewer than 1 per round. Last season was my best in this category, but I still averaged 1.39 penalties per round (for almost 2 strokes per round). I'd like to reduce those numbers to less than 1 penalty and less than 1.5 strokes per round. A large number of my penalties last year came on the approach shot of the 10th hole of my home course. The lie is almost
  11. Number 1 is the only way toast should be cut. Any other way should be considered illegal and the toast should be thrown out. PS - I'm the same as @saevel25. I don't cut toast when I make it at home. I fold it in half and eat it that way. My wife cuts toast and that's the reason I say number 1 is the only way. That's the only way I've seen her cut it, ever. CY
  12. Definitely getting into the 70's. Actually... getting to 80 would be an accomplishment I've yet to reach. Since March of 2016, I've got 17 rounds between 81 - 83 but I can't seem to crack that barrier. One of my good golfing buddies who has a game very similar to mine has shot 79 twice this year (the first 2 times he's done it in his life). I'm convinced that I CAN do it... I just haven't been able to yet. Another friend of mine who regularly shoots 90+ shot a 78 earlier this year as well (and I believe he's got 5 or 6 sub-80 rounds under his belt in his life). I've focused on not co
  13. I'm in the 'never' camp. I play one brand and one model until I don't anymore. Also... I've played golf for almost 24 years now and I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've ever purchased golf balls at a course. Gloves? Sure. Tees? Yep. I've even purchased a few hats here and there. Very rarely have I purchased golf balls. Usually, it's an 'emergency' because I forgot to put some in my bag or something. CY
  14. Generally, I'm laying up if there's a reason I shouldn't be going for it. Using my home course par 5's as examples... #3 is too long for me to get at in 2 strokes... but there's no real trouble to prevent me from hitting my 3 wood and getting as close to the green as possible, so I almost always go driver - 3 wood at this point. #7 is very reachable... but if my drive is struck abnormally well, it may run into the cross-bunkers which will prevent me from going for it. Typically, this hole is driver - 4 iron for me and I'm either on or around the green in 2 strokes. #13 is the lo
  15. I use my 4 iron more often than any other club for this situation. That said... it'll vary depending upon the lie. If it's really sitting down in something, I'll deloft a 7 iron. A typical situation, though... it'll usually be a 4 iron. CY
  16. Probably not the best shot of the week for me last week, but certainly the most satisfying... 13th Hole - Par 5 - 525 Yards I've played out at this course for just over a year now. I've told most of the guys I play with that the 13th hole is out of reach for me in two. I absolutely pured a drive off this tee on Friday afternoon. It was measured at 287 yards. The pin was up front that day, so I was sitting about 220 yards from the hole. Typically, if there is no trouble... I'll pull my 3 wood anywhere up to 240 yards and just try to get it close. Average 3 wood off the deck for me
  17. I guess it depends. There are 2 golf versions of me. The 'everyday' me and the 'competitive' me. If I'm out with buddies and we're playing for fun or for a small amount of money or something... I'm the quiet guy who stands back and lets everybody else throw the one-liners around. I'm not as quick-witted as a lot of my friends are... but every once in awhile, I'll throw one out there. That's usually when the biggest reactions come because I'm the least likely in our group to do that. Still... that's my favorite time to golf. When it's just buddies and we're all just having fun.
  18. No doubt, man! I'm not a patient person. People ask me why I don't play poker at the club and the answer is because of my lack of patience. My wife always says if she could change something in me, she'd either choose to make me more patient or less competitive. I think she'd elect to make me less competitive, personally... but, I know I lack patience, for sure! I even struggled to not fast forward your video to finally see you take a swing, so... yeah. The good thing is that the pro at our club works with guys like me all the time. He's told me that he already has a few things h
  19. I've taken a lot of these suggestions and put them into practice. I spent a good amount of time around the short game area on Tuesday morning. I played games to keep myself engaged and never got bored. I had to leave after about 90 minutes because I got a weird pain between my calf and my ankle of my left leg. I then went out on Wednesday morning and played nine, but I had to leave again because of the same pain. I played really, really poorly. Like... 52 poor. I felt like I couldn't swing the club through the ball because of the pain in my leg. I was completely off of work tod
  20. We're definitely on the opposite ends of that spectrum. I love to be on the course. I used to love to go to the range and beat balls over and over. I enjoyed going to the practice green at a local course to putt just to get away. It was a monetary decision, though. It was cheaper to buy a large basket of balls for $12 than to go to the course and pay $45 to play 18 holes. Since I've joined a club and I have access to play whenever I want, I just find it more fun to get out and play. I've improved quickly by being in different spots and having to teach myself certain shots. I was ne
  21. I like the ideas you mentioned above... especially the 18 holes of up & down from various, difficult lies. As for the short game, right now it's definitely hurting my scores. Prior to this weekend, I went over my last 17 scorecards and I counted 53 putts from 6 feet and in that I missed over those 17 rounds. A lot of them were 3 and 4 feet. I didn't bother going through the short game misses, but I can count at least 8 times over the 2 rounds I played this weekend where I was greenside (or close to it) and I hit especially poor shots. Overall, I converted just 1 of 15 up &
  22. I'm glad to know that at least I'm not alone in my boredom. @iacas - I'm certainly not content. That's the primary reason for my post. I want to practice more. I would just like to find a way to keep it interesting so I'm not looking to bail after only 30 minutes or so. My course is a 35 minute drive from my house, so... driving 35 minutes to practice for an equal amount of time and then driving back become tedious. I'd like to spend at least an hour (closer to 90 minutes) around the short game area really building confidence in the areas of my game that I'm struggling the most with.
  23. For some reason, I have absolutely no problem going out on the course alone and enjoying 3 hours of hitting a shot and leisurely walking to hit the next one. I'm at peace. I'm happy. I'm focused. That said... I don't really 'practice' on the course. Each time I step on a course, I'm trying to post a score. Doesn't matter if I'm alone, playing with a friend, playing a match at the club or playing in a tournament. I want to post the best score I can. That pretty much leaves the range and practice areas to work on my game. Currently, I'm working on having more confidence on and aroun
  24. ... well, it was clarity for me, anyway. I've been going through a slump recently. After finally achieving a single digit index, it's been all downhill for the last 3 weeks or so. Off the tee, I developed a quick hook that I couldn't get rid of. Everywhere else, I've struggled to strike the ball solidly. On the 5th hole this morning, I was in the rough up the left hand side. I had 193 yards to the hole and the ball was kind of sunken down a bit, but the back of the ball was exposed. I took a few practice swings, and then it hit me that I needed to play this like a fairway bunker
  25. I have a buddy who seems to go through this every year about this time. Like clockwork, he makes mention of how the game is becoming a chore, it's no fun, etc. I tell him to step away for a bit. Usually, a break of a few days, weeks or months rekindles the passion. Like that old saying... "if you love someone, let them go"... if they return, blah, blah, blah. It's kinda the same here. Step away. If the love for the game returns... great. If not... there are many other things you can turn your attention to. Forcing it will result in more frustration. CY
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