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  1. Nice round! Seems like your short game saved you quite a few strokes last night. Keep it going! CY
  2. It's been awhile since I've posted a recap of one of my rounds. I'm bored today, so... I figure I may as well post one. I played last night in the weekly 'dogfight' at our club. It's a nine-hole Stableford scoring event with a $10 buy-in. It's a blind draw for partners, so... it's really a crap-shoot. Either way, it's always fun. I hadn't played in it since the middle of May and I hadn't touched a club in 10 days prior to yesterday. The weather was nice and I really just looked at it as an excuse to get back out on the course. Anyway... details are below. Hole #9 - Par 4 - 342
  3. Just bought the Bose Soundlink for my parents as an anniversary gift. Outside of that... nothing really stood out to me. CY
  4. Mine is the 10th hole at my home course. It's really not a difficult hole, but I always seem to start the back with an ugly score. From the tees I play, it's listed at 349 yards. It's downhill pretty severely the entire way, but just shy of the green (at about 280 yards from the tee) is a creek. A lot of people will hit a fairway wood or a hybrid from the tee to try and get as close to the creek as possible, but... I've tried that and managed to run into the creek, so... my play is usually a 4 iron off the tee to about the only flat area on the hole, which is up on the right side of th
  5. Without going too deep into anything right now, the biggest thing that 'clicked' for me was where my weight was at impact. I paid more attention to my lower body during the swing when someone said I was always starting the swing with my upper body. I fought the sh*nks with wedges for a portion of last season. On the range one morning, one of my buddies saw me struggling and asked me if I knew my lower body wasn't moving at all. He then had me do a drill with my feet together and after that, told me to focus on turning my belt buckle to my target. I immediately felt off balance bec
  6. I love reading these types of things and I'm happy I got to be a part of one. I can say that, between LSW, a lot of practice & on-course time and the analysis that @RandallT put together... my game has completely changed. I don't have access to take a screenshot now, but... as of this morning, my Game Golf insights page has the following: Handicap - 12.5 Average Score - 88.9 Fairway Accuracy - 46% Greens in Regulation - 38% Putting - 1.9 Scrambling - 17% My USGA index is 11.8 and trending down. My penalty strokes off the tee are few and far between now. Recently, my
  7. So, due to some unforeseen life circumstances, I had to put the clubs away for about 2.5 weeks to take care of some things. That was, quite possibly, what I needed to turn things around. Prior to that break, I was battling my game. I lost everything with my driver. I was playing a nice draw... and suddenly, I couldn't draw the ball at all... and it had turned into a fade. Of course, because I was playing to the right side of the fairway for a draw... when the ball would fade, I ended up in trouble. My 9 hole scores had gone from a consistent 40 - 42 to a wildly fluctuating 43 - 50.
  8. I had 3 contenders today... all on consecutive holes. 1) 10th hole. I had hit a solid 4 iron off the tee and found a fairly flat (slightly downhill compared to the rest of the hole) lie. I had 141 to the stick... and it play downhill about a club. I played my 9 iron to drift off to the right because of the downhill lie... and it did perfectly. The ball landed 2 feet behind the flag, bounced once and spun back to about 3 feet. Unfortunately, I didn't make the super-quick, slippery downhill birdie putt and had to settle for par. I tried the putt 2 more times before giving up. 2) 11t
  9. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1605174 I decided to drop back to the back tees at the club today to prepare for a tournament on Tuesday where we'll be playing from further back than I'm used to. The back tees (Blue - 72.2 / 134) at my course are just over 6600 yards... which is nearly 500 yards more than the tees I typically play (White - 69.8 / 129). I jumped onto the first tee right out of the car. I hadn't touched a club since Sunday... and it showed. I opened quad - bogey - triple before settling into a pattern of bogies with some pars mixed in. Things on the ba
  10. I carry 4 wedges right now... PW - 122 Yards (Max) 115 Yards (90%) AW - 107 Yards (Max) 100 Yards (90%) 54° - 95 Yards (Max) 85 Yards (90%) 58° - 80 Yards (Max) 75 Yards (90%) Inside of 100 yards... it really depends a lot on my lie and where the flag is located. I like to play a lower flight with my 54° when a pin is back... but I prefer a higher shot with my 58° when a pin is up front. I'm inconsistent (at best) when I get inside 70 yards. I've tried the 'clock' system with my arms, but I find that if I pay too much attention to my arms, I forget to move my lower body
  11. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1587244 I truthfully wanted to go back to the 1st tee and start over after I played that hole. I just kind of chopped it around that one. The rest of the round wasn't horrible, but it wasn't all that good either. I had a tough chip on the 16th after missing long. I'm still not sure how the ball ended up there. Outside of that, the back side was pretty good. I'll be playing another round tomorrow with my buddy who is my member - guest partner this weekend. He's playing pretty well and I'm playing average so... I feel like if I can
  12. Wow... it's almost crazy to read this. I can't imagine playing from distances like that. I typically play 6200 - 6400 yards. I've been moved up a flight in the group I play with which means moving further back. In 2 weeks, we're playing from 6700 yards and I'm honestly worried I won't break 100. There are 4 (at least) par 4's that I will have either a 4 iron or hybrid into the greens and a par 3 that I may very well play a choked-down driver on. My average drive (with roll) is only 235. My average carry is probably in the 215 range. I play with a lot of guys that are between 3.
  13. My home course from the white tees (middle) is 69.8 / 129 and just about 6200 yards. I'll typically score 82 - 86 there. This past Saturday, we played a course from a set of mixed tees that was 71.1 / 141 and played about just shy of 6500 yards. In the middle part of my round, I completely lost my driver swing. For 6 holes (not including a par 3)... I was in the woods or in trouble and punching out after my tee shot. This is the 4th time I've played this course from varying sets of tees (69.6 / 135 or 71.1 / 141). I've shot 102, 94, 93 and 95 there. I don't typically pay too
  14. It depends on the circumstances. Alone at my home course... I prefer to walk. Playing with other walkers at my home course... I will walk. Playing with 'riders' at my home course... I will ride. Any other course... I ride. I enjoy walking... but because I'm lazy... I prefer to ride. CY
  15. I don't know how to feel about these rounds in the mid-80's anymore. I used to come home smiling and excited about scoring below 90. Now I feel a little disappointed when I don't post something below 85. Today's 43 - 43 = 86 had some positives (iron play, primarily) and some negatives (putting, as usual). I missed a 6 footer for birdie on the 5th hole and then a 3 footer for birdie on the 12th hole. I just wish I could figure out the putter. Anyway... the link is below. http://www.gamegolf.com/player/cyoung2ty/round/1571640 CY
  16. Since the 84 I posted about above, I've had 2 more opportunities to get to that 79 mark that I let slip away with a few bad holes. The most recent was on Saturday morning. I started poorly and that meant I never had that shot, but... if I could have taken a few bad swings/decisions and a pair of bad breaks out early on... I'd have been close. I missed a 7 footer for birdie on the 1st hole. On the 3rd hole, I landed on a fallen tree branch and the ball sit on the 'v' of the split in the branch meaning there was no way to move it. My only shot was to hack down on the ball, hope I s
  17. I had horrible issues with my wedges at times last year. Someone told me to take 10 practice swings without a ball and focus ONLY on turning my belt buckle to the target. I did that... put a ball back down in front of me... kept that swing thought in mind... and began hitting the ball as I envisioned it. Being able to hit my wedges inside of 100 yards with some level of consistency has cut 2-3 strokes from my index since early last year. I agree with others who have said that hitting a 'full' wedge is not the way to go. If I go 95% with my 58 degree wedge, it's about an 85 yard cl
  18. Nah... my index is 13.2 at the moment (trending lower) and I probably know FAR LESS than a lot of people that are in the 18 - 22 range. If I post a question and someone replies... I take the time to read it and attempt to process it. My 'knowledge' of the golf swing is basically just "hit the thing with the other thing while trying to get the thing into the small, round thing" if I'm being honest. CY
  19. Today was slightly frustrating. I got out to play at a course I have only played a few times but I really enjoy. My buddy, who is a member there, asked me to join him and since I had nothing else to do... I figured I'd get out. I opened really well. Except for missing 2 birdie opportunities early on, I was on fire. I started with 7 straight pars before I let a flyer with a 9 iron derail me a bit. I made a double on the 8th hole but then rebounded with another 3 pars. I was sitting at +2 on the 12th tee. On the short par 5, I hit a bit of a pull and my ball found the rough (stil
  20. A. Max Kellerman is about as athletic as a thong. B. Those who can, do. Those who can't, talk about it. (See Smith, Steven A.) C. I get more hyped seeing sportsmanship like what we saw Sunday (or between Reed and McIlroy at the Ryder Cup) than I do when I see something like Tiger's 9 & 8 win over Stephen Ames. CY
  21. Thanks for the drills! I'll give 'em a shot. I'm thinking about making a putter change. I have been using an Odyssey Sabertooth XG which I find to have too much weight to it on those slick, downhill putts. I'm looking at going to something lighter and smaller like a blade. I like the new Odyssey putters and I've been looking at a Scotty as well. Just gotta pull the trigger! CY
  22. Well... looks like I should be posting in this thread instead of the Breaking 90 thread. I've been consistently at or below the 90 mark. I had a really good shot at breaking 80 on Saturday. I was +1 through my first 10 holes and then kinda struggled with a few holes coming in and ended up posting an 84. My biggest issue at the moment is my putter. I have zero confidence when standing over putts. If I find myself over a putt from 5 - 7 feet, I just can't seem to get the speed correct. I worry more about hitting it 4 feet past the hole than about just putting it in the hole.
  23. Due to the weather and some things going on around the house, I took an unplanned week off since my last round. I then got out to play on Friday and Saturday. Friday Things started out pretty well. I struggled with my driver as I kept hooking tee shots, but they weren't so bad that they were unplayable. Other than a quad on the 3rd hole, I played pretty well and managed a 44. I was in pretty good position on the back when I reached the 15th and I was only +2 for that side. Then the wheels came off. I finished triple - double - double - double due to a combination of poor ball strik
  24. I never got one when I was in high school. My family just didn't have the money. I had letters in 3 sports... but nowhere to put 'em. It never bothered me. I met my wife when she was a senior in high school. Shortly after we began dating, she received her class ring (also something I never got). When she told me the cost of it, I about died. Her parents spent almost $5000 for her class ring. It sits in a drawer of her jewelry box which is on top of one of our dressers in a closet in our bedroom. I've seen her with it on twice in 18+ years. Our son is a high school junior now.
  25. Unfortunately, I've played with people like this. Even worse, it has happened in tournament rounds... so there was no escape. When it's happened... I've taken the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the sights & sounds of the course... breathing slowly and doing my best to block out anything else. It's calming to me which helps to balance out the idiocy going on around me some. If it was a casual round... I'd have backed out with some excuse and then tried to explain to the proshop what was going on so that I could get back out and actually enjoy my round. Sorry you had t
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