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  1. Biggest difference I see with these shafts is the balance point, assuming the weights are the same you are looking at. The Black will hit it lower in theory than the Yellow or Smoke depending on the golfer. The swing weights will change depending on what shaft you use unless TM re weights the head after assembly. The Black is the heaviest in the tip section, the Yellow the heaviest in the butt section, and the smoke somewhere in the middle. Not sure how that compares to the Ping shaft however.
  2. You can buy some shafts that are pre cut, adaptered, and gripped different places including eBay. I would be very careful though with anything like that from eBay. However that does not change the issue of rebalancing the club, you will still have to add weight to the head if you are trying to get back to a certain swing weight. The simplest way would still be to just cut down your current shaft and regrip, then lead tape it to get it back to weight. If you are wanting a new shaft then I would either buy it raw and have someone do the reshaft, or some retailers will do the prep work and install the adapter, cut to length and grip for you. Again eBay is more of a gamble unless you know your seller.
  3. That is my current driver. I like the blue head although I know it's not everyones cup of tea. Paired with a Aldila Tour Blue 75, cut down a bit and hotmelted back to weight. Mizuno has had plenty of great drivers that never got the respect they deserved. The new 190 is probably the first that really gets the recognition in a long time.
  4. Hi Everyone: I just uploaded a new Spec Review for the Callaway Epic Flash driver. Please let me know what you think.
  5. It could effect the trajectory, whereby the stiffer shaft lowers the launch a bit, and on paper that should happen, but the longer shaft can influence this, both in reducing overall stiffness and possibly altering your swing mechanics. The longer shaft might influence your release. I ideally don't like to separate the shaft from the swing in a discussion like this. That's why my best advise is to extend one or two and see what happens.
  6. 1/2 inch will offer little change other than the 3 swing weight points heavier. If you like the shafts you have, just extend them. I might recommend just doing a couple irons first and taking them out to the range to see if you are getting the results you were hoping for before doing the whole set.
  7. Since you have the spare club, the best way to figure out what you're asking is to go ahead and extend it, and hit it against your other 6 iron. I can tell you in theory that you might get more distance, but that doesn't always pan out with longer clubs, as it often leads to more inconsistency. Shaft will flex a bit more if nothing else changed, however if you start removing the lead tape than it will feel stiffer. Trajectory should not really change at least from what the shaft is contributing, but the longer club may influence your swing in such a way as you might see some launch changes. As far as extensions vs. reshafting, my personal rule has always been that up to an inch or so, extensions are fine. If you are going longer than that I personally would look at new shafts. Weight change in one vs. the other is minimal. A few grams more back weighted with the overlap from the extension.
  8. Not sure if I can re-edit after I already did once, so here is the above mentioned first review.
  9. Not sure how many of you have looked at my club spec review of the TM M5 I posted a link to here. Hopefully people found it informative. I am currently working on the next video for the Callaway Epic Flash driver, but wanted to see if people had another driver they wanted spec checked next. If interested please vote for what will be the 3rd review.
  10. Just finished the first of a new series of club reviews. No banging balls at 120mph, no GC Quad ball data, just looking at how consistent these modern clubs are. Have not seen anything like it before and figured some TSTers would hopefully appreciate. First up, TaylorMade M5 driver. Please enjoy.
  11. Yes. In theory should drop your back spin numbers a bit which might give you some more roll.
  12. Callaway did this way back in 2006 I think for Phil winning the Masters and he did (think that's the year he did). I was working for Golfsmith during it and honestly don't remember that many people actually buying the drivers before the event. When it comes down to it, it's a fun promotion when you hear about it but most people are too lazy to actually go out and buy the driver or order it online, so the numbers are probably far less then you would expect. Beyond that, as someone else mentioned, TM buy insurance against it, just like when a tournament buys insurance for a $1,000,000 hole in one prize.
  13. From my memory it was around 58g, high launch, relatively soft for the flex designation. Maybe look at PX Hzdrs Red, or Diamana Red type in the lighter weights.
  14. Low slice is the opposite of what to expect from a shaft that is too whippy. The shaft could be causing you to do something in your swing to hit low slices but that softer shaft is only going to increase loft and close the face more. Your hands will never outrun the head. It always gets to the ball first.
  15. That was the White Tie correct?
  16. Pretty sure all the TP specific shafts were .335 regardless of driver or fairway. May be wrong. Good old caliper will answer your question definitively.
  17. Yes, mainly from changes to weights and balance points. How your body reacts to different swing feels can change with changes in swing weight, head, grip, or shaft weight. That being said I personally believe that the firmness of the club in your hands (as influenced by grip firmness or shaft butt stiffness) can influence how your two hands interact, which could change your release point. This one is more of personal experience with my own game and fitting others, don't have any hard data to prove it.
  18. Are you losing them left with the long irons or too high? Is it a playability issue or just a feel issue? If both, then you may want to reshaft with steel. I know you said you like the weight feel at the end of the club but really on a technical level the steel is going to naturally provide more head weight at least in terms of swing weight because of the greater mass closer to the heads. Beyond that, one can always head weight adjust to get to a certain feel.
  19. It could be that you are swinging the graphite faster vs. the steel Nikes. Again if they feel different from what you tried when you bought them though I would go back and see if there is an issue with them.
  20. First question, did you change the swing weight from what the standard Ping weight is? That can change things. If not, you have a couple options. You could go to a store and find some Pings with the stiff Altas, and compare them to yours. Waggle them, hit them side by side. See if there is a difference. Other option is take them to a golf shop who can at least do a frequency check or load (deflection) test and see if the shafts are at least in the right range for stiff and not senior. S should be stiff, so unless there was a major printing mix up, (which I suppose could happen, though unlikely), not sure how this could be the case.
  21. If your tempo is quick, then heavier shafts are usually never a bad thing. Quick tempo by itself is not bad if you can still sequence everything correctly. Problem is if things get a little off with quick tempo, it's hard to recover. Not sure there is much to be done from a fitting standpoint, unless it's one particular part of your game that is the issue. I am guessing that the driver is your big issue club? If so could start out with shortening the shaft, maybe go heavier also. Also moving out of Canada to somewhere with a longer season would be helpful, if that's an option!
  22. If you haven't played in ten years I am guessing you are pretty rusty. I would get just a basic fitting to make sure the grip size, length, lie angle, and flex are in the ballpark. Then just pick out what looks good to your eye and your budget. If you are in the same category of irons (ie game improvement), the differences between brands will be minimal. If you like the look of TM, go that way. Don't over think it.
  23. The short answer to the second question is yes. The further out the cg is on the club, the more toe droop you can expect during the swing thanks to centrifugal force. However that being said, the amount of change would be minimal, the biggest difference seen in a driver, less so with irons. And as lie angle becomes less important as loft decreases, doubt you would ever notice it with driver.
  24. Just remember you don't have to buy anything from them once the fitting is done. You can take the specs they give you and shop around to find what they recommend or something else close. Seems like most of the stories I have heard end up with people in some exotic ultra premium shaft that runs over $400. If it goes that direction, remember you can always find cheaper shaft options that are just as good.
  25. Either those are the cheapest, most poorly manufactured irons ever, or you have the most violent golf swing in the history of the game!! Kidding aside, I have seen clubs break like this but only with starter sets. 4 breaking in one round though is extra impressive, in a bad way. Cheap materials, bad heat treatment, previous misuse, who knows. I definitely would not use any of the still in one piece clubs though as they are clearly dangerous.
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