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  1. Wisconsin Trip Composite Course Hole #1 - Sand Valley This was the best starting hole of the four courses. SV #1 is a drivable par 4 for some, but one were driver can give you an easy pitch or a putt for eagle, but also put you in a really nasty spot. A 3-wood off the tee leaves you with a difficult 2nd short shot to the green due to the green complex. I really like this hole. Hole #2 - Mammoth Dunes A solid par 4 with a wide landing area off the tee, but a bunker in the fairway to challenge the direct angle to the green. I think LLB #2 is just a bad hole. Sand Valley #2 is jus
  2. This^ A range near me shut down early on a Wednesday because they were mowing the next day and they wanted to get all the balls off the range so the mower didn't hit them.
  3. Some range time after playing today. Just searching a bit for some consistency. I found it more in making shorter (of course) backswings. Also, a bit more left hip goes back and up, and feels like I get some belt buckle pointing to sky more. Just trying to clean up low point better. I rather hit some slight thins by extending up more than by flipping to avoid fatting shots. Some driver swings. Today I was hitting a ton of push cuts (no playable). When I tried to play for them I hit the ball straight (Golf sucks). Baseline Driver... (not a push cut, of course)
  4. Well, I got to figure out this huge push slice. Like starts 30-40 yards right and cuts another 10-20.
  5. Jesus, it’s not just white people who are offended. Just because he isn’t doesn’t mean many more native Americans are not. This line of logic is just idiotic.
  6. It was a smashed 3-wood. Any other strike and I am at the bottom of the hill. It rewarded a great shot.
  7. I lost more golf balls at LLB than I did the previous 4 days combined. 😉 I agree. Visually appealing, but from a golfing perspective, kind of boring.
  8. It always amazes me how someone can have the top 13 of anything done at the highest athletic level.
  9. Just buy one more hybrid, you hit that really good!!! Glad to see you back at the game again. It was fun playing golf with you up in Wisconsin!
  10. Played 9 today. had my best off the tee nine holes in a while. Weakened the right hand slightly so fast the right thumb feels more on top of the left thumb and less off to the side. It helped me feel like I could swing out at the ball better.
  11. More and more as time passes, and nearly no one is having adverse reaction to the first rounds of the vaccine just validates that statement. Right now, the pro's list is about 10x longer than the cons list for the vaccine. Really, the cons list is only valid for those with certain medical conditions. For the vast majority of people, the pros list is infinitely larger than the cons list. Yea, at this point I think people are just stuck in the mode of validating their initial choice. I partially blame them and I partially blame the people who are belligerent to them. Why would they e
  12. If you know you are better, just get enjoyment out of beating them 😉 If not, mindfulness is a good way to try to not stay annoyed.
  13. I shot around 83-85 on all the courses except the last day at Sand Valley when I shot a 79. I had a really good back nine at Sand Valley that day. I typically started slowly, and then had a good middle stretch of holes, 6-15, then have a bad last few holes. I putted really well, thanks Erik for giving me two putting tips about 4-5 weeks ago. Started making everything inside 15-FT. I think at the Sand Box, I had a 9 hole stretch where I made everything inside 15-FT. I didn't have many putts inside 5-Ft there. The best hole for me was #12 at Sand Valley where I went Driver, 7 iron to about
  14. No, It does impact lie angle at address. Hand position can effect lie angle at impact to. just because you present no toe up at address doesn’t mean you present that same position at impact. Your hand position can be different at impact than at address, and the dynamics of the golf club will change the lie angle as well. you could have very low hands at address and then swing where they end up much higher. If you change the lie angle of the club because it looks a lot toe up at address, then you could induce the toe to be down at impact. impact is what matters. When fitting, th
  15. Depends on the swing. The club shaft is not straight at impact, even if you match hand position because the weight of the clubhead will cause the shaft to bend, sending the toe closer to the ground. That depends on your swing speed, and the golf shaft. Its best just to get fitted for irons and use a lie board.
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