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My Swing (kpaulhus)

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It has been over a year since I have seen my swing on video. That's probably one of the reasons my handicap has climbed from a mid 6 to struggling to stay in the single digits. Anyways, I am casting/flipping so bad all my clubs are shorter, and less accurate. I need to get back to driving down and through the ball. I really with the Pure Ball Striker guy wasnt messing up on orders so I could buy one.....anyone have an extra? Im going back to the range tomorrow with my new camera to get some videos where I will be working on hitting down and compressing the ball rather than hitting "at" the ball.





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looks to me like you're getting your center of gravity out in front of the ball and effectively coming over the top and pulling it. i think if you open up slightly to your target and keep your head back it will correct the pull, the ott, and the flip. but as always, i could be dead wrong. 

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We will see how this session looks. Id like to get a few more pointers. I played today, and hit the ball very well. I hit 12 fairways and 8 greens. If I missed the green it was not by much. I had two terrible holes where I was +5 on each, so needless to say it was a rough day. Putting needs work, but thats something I just need to put time into. I want to hit more greens. Here are some more videos from this morning. Not sure if you guys need 4 videos of each, but its something to look at....


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On your 6 iron shots your hands are way behind the ball at impact. Imagine your left wrist beating your right hand to the ball. Look up videos on YouTube on creating more lag and you'll see what i'm talking about. Your tempo is all over the place. Just slow down. Try saying your name during your swing for example. TI-GER (backswing) -try pausing at the top- Woods (downswing). Tempo is everything. Let me know how it works out. Good Luck.

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Yeah Tempo can be a problem at times. What do you recommend as far as keeping my center of gravity over the ball?


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from what i saw in your second posting of videos, your first move from the top is an "attempt" at shifting your weight to your left side. Instead your only shifting your upper body & head, which is what you dont want. Really focus on keeping that head still which in turn will most likely keep the upper body still and focus more on moving the lower body when shifting your weight forward and not your upper body. After doing this, most likely it will help make that flip and cast move dissipate.

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Thanks for the tip. Ill give that a try tomorrow at the range. Im going to bring the camera back out again this weekend after I have worked on a few things this week. Club Championship is the last week of June and I would really like to put on a good show. (Hopefully top 5). There are some really good players at my club and I want to make a statement (and prove to myself I can do it)

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like i said previously, if you keep your head just behind the ball the whole time it will keep you from pulling the ball. i don't know of any drills that can accomplish this other than to just get out and do it, and make the conscious effort not to let your upper body move toward the target. i can pretty much guarantee that will take care of the flip and the pull. 

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If you pause your driver swing at the top looking from the rear notice how your shoulder plane is completly level,try a few slow practice swings by taking the club away by just rotating your upper torso.don't over rotate either.Try not to level out while doing this.

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Just some updates from last night. Hitting the ball very well as of late. Club Championship is 6 weeks from tomorrow. Handicap has dropped about a stroke and a half in the last month. I am still not where I need to be, but I need to work on getting up and down more. I pulled some numbers and the last 5 years the Club Champions have averaged 3 consecutive rounds of 74....my best is a 77.....







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I paused one of the driver videos from Down the LINE and I'm not sure how you even see the ball. Your shoulder turn is so flat coming back and down that there's no way you're seeing the ball near impact unless you can really, really look out of the bottom of your eyes.


Chin down and a shoulder turn that isn't practically horizontal to the ground... that's what I'd be teachin' ya.

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It is weird, and not the first time I have heard that. When i do try and focus on rotating around my spine rather than my regular shoulder turn, I end up hitting the ball really fat?

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I agree with Phil. If you hit the ball fat you probably aren't pushing forward enough on the downswing and/or extending enough on the backswing. EVERY PGA Tour player rotates, stands up, and tilts left during the backswing to some degree or another. They all push their hips forward too.

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i think i see a problem with your setup as far as the six iron goes. i can't really tell with your driver because your setup and the camera angle are throwing me off, but judging by what your left arm is doing in the driver swing, you are likely doing the same thing. personally, i think you're standing too close to the ball. i'd bend my waist forward just a bit more and play the ball out another 2 inches from where it is now. your swing at the moment looks like you're just alligator arming it. to maximize your wingspan and thus ability to hit the ball farther than most with the same effort you need to get some extension. but if you try to extend with your swing as is, you're going to sh#nk the ball. 

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Thanks for the tips guys. Ill try to set up an inch or two further away from the ball and see if that helps any. I need some range time with the rotating around the spine to really get it down. I shot my career round today, so things are clicking. Putter was the best club in my bag. Shot a +1 72 at my home course, beating my previous best round by 5 strokes.

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Alright guys....tonight I worked on setting up a bit further from the ball, and really trying to rotate my shoulders so they were not parallel to the ground. Some swings we better, others were bad. Check out the second swing in the Slow Mo 6 iron video for a good laugh. I was absolutely crushing my driver tonight.


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Wanted to bump this for the morning crowd.

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Think I like your modified setup better, at least with the driver. I'm no pro but it would seem logical to me that being a little more flexed forward at address might help you to turn the left shoulder down on a steeper plane.



(PS: Try and film straight down your toe line when taking DTL video. Makes it a lot easier to see what's going on.)




Can't conclude much here with the angle and the dark shirt, but doesn't look like a night and day difference to me.

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