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anyone playing 2 diff drivers???

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anybody play different drivers. ? I play a smaller tour like driver and sometimes my swing isnt quite up to its terms but mostly im very good with it. Any slightly more forgiving drivers to look into this year? 


Not long ago I was looking around for help on driver shafts. And a local pro answered my question I've only read online all over including the forums here. Are stock shafts (made for) usually weaker in overall quality and performance to stuff you'd get from goldsmith for instance. And he said usually, yes. Bringing the price down. I pulled the trigger on an affordable prolaunch red shaft (can't beat 60 bucks for the quality).


That same day he mentioned something interesting. Maybe to try playing two different drivers. His reasons were many such as getting a feel for different shaft types and specs. Also since my driver is more of a tour driver (exotics cb3 tour) its a bit less forgiving so on days im not feeling particular confident or particular courses play as "either keep it in play or suffer my double bogey wrath"

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I swap back and forth between 2 drivers, but never have both in the bag at one time.  

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If Phil used it then that means anyone can do ita2_wink.gif

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Well I've considered a  3 wood and 4 wood but not two drivers.  Just two different drivers...im considering getting  a more forgiving one for certain days or courses

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If I am having driver issues , I will keep it in the bag and go for the 3 wood . I also use it on tighter fairways 

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I have in the past couple of years have carried 2 drivers.  The course where I teach and play has  some par 4 and 5's that are very tight. AI have a Adams HL Redline  44" driver I used for them.  The rest of holes are fairly wide open and I used a Mizuno with a 47 1/2 " 50 gram shaft and Winn lite grip(Total weight is id 265 grams)  Goes a long way, but not always straight.  . Using a Ti shaft now that I can hit straight.  If it goes south I will go back to 2 drivers..  I use irons that are in 5* intervals, so I only carry 13 clubs unless i carry an extra hybrid.

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I like the driver I have now. And when I do hit it proper it goes with a strong flight and straight shots are nearly untouchable by wind. But occasionally I suddenly will have a shot or two that is just leaking off the fairway before landing and I just lose loads of length. Now I know most people would say "well maybe you should get a lesson" although I haven't had a lesson I did hop on the stores launch monitor and the "monitor man" as they call him said I occasionally dont line up quite where im actually aimed. I'm slightly open. Slightly tweaked stance and im fine. But I just can't help but notice that my driver has only about half the forgiveness of some.. And unless im purposefully working the ball or trying to hit a nice low roller sometimes the course will bite at me with a tight fairway suddenly and I'll be left with a long shot in. So forgiveness is really my only concern. I do however have an extra spot an the bag. Although playing two drivers in the bag isn't what id hope for...desperation calls

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I have a low ball flight driver (Callaway X-Tour) a high flight driver (G10) and prefer one in the middle (MP600). I considered carrying the Callaway and PING, but prefer Driver, 3-wood setup. I have 3 decent 3-woods. Low (X-Tour), mid (MP-001) and High ('09 Launcher) and put them in the bag with their corresponding ball flight drivers (Cally / Cally), (Mizuno / Mizuno), and (PING / Cleveland). On a course with more forced carries I'll probably bag the high flight combo, but go with the mid/mid combo most days. Anyway, a two driver combo is not for me.

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I have enough trouble figuring one driver out, let alone two.  If I had one that was reliable and straight, I'd go with that one even if it cost me 10 to 20 yards.

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Originally Posted by Mr3Wiggle View Post

I have enough trouble figuring one driver out, let alone two.  If I had one that was reliable and straight, I'd go with that one even if it cost me 10 to 20 yards.


I may have come to the same conclusion since my Mizuno combo seems to have a permanent place in the bag. I might as well put persimmons in my other bag considering it's not likely to see daylight this season.

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I have 3 that get gamed in rotation depending on the mood I'm in.  I have an adams 9064LD 6.5 with an oban devotion 7 shaft as my normal and dependable heavy artillery.  If I'm working on something rather than playing, or it is stupid windy I have an adams 9064LD 7.5 with an x100 driver shaft in it (loads of fun)., and lastly if I'm playing a course under 6800 yards a custom louisville golf 7* persimmon wood driver that gets loads of attention.  I hit all of them well...just depends on the mood I'm in.

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I switch back and forth between the SFTP 1 and Ping I20. SFTP is low/mid flight, great on windy days or links courses, Ping is great for target courses and courses with a lot of doglegs because it goes high and doesn't get a ton of roll.
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I switch between a Ping i15 8* Axivcore Red S and an Adams 9015d 9.5* Harrison Saga Stiff.  I've hit both on a monitor and they're pretty similar as far as launch and spin numbers.  The Ping hits the ball a bit higher, and the shaft plays a bit more "boardy". 


The Ping is longer when hit on the screws and feels better on pure shots, but is not as forgiving.  The Adams is easier to load and swing well. 

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I will say I do like the i15 driver...it looks spectacular with the shape and bulge crown. Only reason I didnt buy one is because the Cb3 tour was the same type of driver (less forgiving low spin) for less money....its intriguing to me they made that club 460ccs though..which is why I wish I'd put it up against the cb3 tour to compare distance and forigiveness quality. When hit pure the cb3 tour feels like butter though and sounds perfect.  Not too tingy more low pitched and "mean" sounding much like the looks with the dark black face with no alignment mark..


I've considered a number of forgiving clubs like the Cleveland series drivers the Nike vr Adams drivers I dont care for the new speedline it looks strange to me. I've always felt their shape was strange enough already. Taylor made preferably anything that isn't white painted. And the top of my list is the ping g15....have yet to hit it but I know its proven as well as the others I've mentioned


anything on the r9? I had an r9 460 and it was great but I kinda wished it had weight ports. .just unsure of how much tuning helps

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