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Special Problem, Need Unique Help

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I have a habit problem that plagues my golf game. My swing can't start unless I roll my wrists some, which causes me to 'slap' through the ball, or basically hit it with my wrists coming over the top slightly. I've learned to play this way and can maneuver around my home course at par but my consistency and confidence is usually awful.


When I watch videos of my swing I see my body leaning over the ball slightly and the swing is an accidental 'Stack and Tilt'.

My wrist roll the club over and fix themselves at the top. From there I hit down on the ball in a fashion that will cause a pull, straight but weaker than normal shot, or an ugly slice.


When I'm actually playing I can control it enough to let my short game take over but when I'm at the range trying to fix it I can't hit anything. My range ball striking is porous to say the least.


Any help whatsoever would be extremely helpful!!!!

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You're too handsy? Quiet them and your arms at the start by keeping them against your ribs. The wrist cocks up, not back.


As to your pulls, watch ball position and swing path. You may have to move the ball back slightly to swing out at the ball.

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When you start rolling your wrist on the takeaway you tend to get a too inside of a backswing which can lead to all sorts of problems with your swing plane such as coming over the top which can lead to bad pulls or a slice.


Practice some takeaway drills to quiet your hands.  LIke Desmond said the wrist are only supposed to hinge up and not back.  


Here are a few drills that will help.



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Thanks guys. I've started drills where I hinge my wrists 'up' as if the left thumb is pushing up, just to get in the habit. That should help the rollback if I can Ingrain it into my muscle memory.

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Another good feel i find is feel like your pushing the handle of the club away from your body in the backswing. 


Also, do very slow motion swing with a mirror, and experiment with wrist movements, shoulder rotation, see were the clubhead is in the backswing in the mirror. Try to keep it outside your hands or inline with your hands, not behind it. 

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