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Determining grip size on a club?

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I've recently decided to learn the game of golf. I've been acquiring used clubs over the last few months. I currently have a set of irons, a driver, and 3 wood. I've always thought the grips on the irons were kind of small, but after purchasing my driver and 3W I've started questioning the size even more since I find the grips on the new clubs to be more comfortable.


I would like to know what grips are on the current clubs. Is there anyway to determine this? I don't have particularly large hands. I'm starting to think the grips on my irons maybe undersized grips. They appear to be the Taylormade factory grips. Do they sell OEM grips that are undersized?

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Most new clubs come with a standard size grip with one wrap of tape under the grip.  This is standard, but grips vary slightly.  Most manufacturers of grip will put "midsize" or "jumbo" on the butt end of the grip if it is larger.


If you picked up used clubs, they may have extra wraps of tape under the grip to make it larger.  This is done to make the grip bigger for in between sizes.  This may be what you are feeling.  


When you go to replace your clubs, show the store the grip you think feels best.  They can match the grip size to this using tape.


For more info check out the Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn or Pure Grips web sites.

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Once i get my hands on a set of clubs, the first thing i do is change the grips. But when you do this, make sure you check the butt size of the golf shaft, that will determine how many wraps you will need to stay consistent. But i can usually tell by feel, i've had the same grip set up for years. 

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If you're buying used clubs and they have stock grips on them it is time for a change. Go to Golfsmiths or a proshop and they can help you select the best grip. Also by your hand size they can put one or more wraps of tape under the grip to suit your need. New grips will make your clubs feel like new.

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Grips should be to each individual as I feel there is no universal size for grips. when your front hand is placed around the grip properly your fingertips should be just barely touching your palm for proper sizing. some people go a bit bigger for ease of swing or arthritis reasons, but not having a proper sized golf grip can give you big problems on the course when trying to turn the club over at impact or vice versa!

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Many golf shops have a grip fitting station where you can try different size grips that are mounted on sample club shafts.

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