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Fantasy Golf 2013

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Hey guys


We have done a fantasy league through Yahoo the past 4 years. I was commish for a while, someone else did it last year... is there interest in having another one this season?


I can set up the group and get it going if last year's commish doesn't want to do it again.


Post if you are interested.

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I have not done it before but I would definitely be interested

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I'm in.

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I'm in

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I'm in

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There are still four segments, right?


Perhaps Mike and I can put together a winner's pack for each segment and one for the overall winner.

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Yes Erik, there are three seasons: winter, spring and summer, and then the overall season leader. That would be great to have some prizes available. 


I am going to set the league up later today and then I will post the registration instructions.

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I'll play again  this year and wow everyone with my 51st percentile showing. 

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Never played fantasy golf before but I would love to play.  Always been a fan a fantasy football so why not fantasy golf?


I'm in!

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Okay guys; the group has been created. Here are the instructions for registering:


1. Go to http://golf.fantasysports.yahoo.com/ and you need to create your own user name; click on Sign Up Now button. You will have to set up a Yahoo ID too if you don't already have one.


2. Once you have your own user name set up, click on the link for Join a Group, and then Select Join a Private Group.


3. You will then be asked to enter the group ID and Password: Group ID is 5372, and the password is sandtrap (all lower case, one word).


4. You will then be part of the group; it is called The Sand Trap.


Some things to note:

-picks must be in by deadline, and when you set your account up, you can choose to get email reminders one or two days in advance. From past years, it is a good idea to always check your picks the night before to make sure they haven't WD from the tourney.


-for each week, you must pick 1 A player, 2 B players, and one C, along with the same # for the bench. You can use a player a maximum 10 times through the season. If you sub someone in from the bench, it counts as using them, along with the player you have subbed out. 


-if you are inactive for 3 consecutive weeks, you will be dropped from the group. I do this because some guys quit making picks if they are doing poorly etc...if you are inactive for a good reason, then email me and I will not drop you. My name in the group is Go Golfing.


-I have set the pool up with the Mulligan Option. This means that your lowest week for each segment is dropped at the end of the segment. This allows for the mulligan if you have a terrible week, or if something comes up and you forget to make picks one week, it won't kill your pool.


- There are a total of 3 segments: Winter, Spring and Summer, and then an overall season race. Yahoo gives out gifts for winning weeks, segments and seasons.


Have fun and enjoy fantasy golf. Trash talk is encouraged in the Forum!!! 

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I'm in!

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Thinking about joining. How does the Yahoo league stack up against the Golf Channel one?

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I've never done the Golf Channel's so I am not sure. We have used Yahoo for 4 years now and it has been a good format.
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We have 13 joined up so far...room for 40 in total.


Field will be set on Yahoo site for the first tourney on January 2nd, so wait to make your picks until then.

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Just joined ;)
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Finally signed up for an account (after years of lurking) just to say I'm in!

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I'm in!

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