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Goodbye Fairway Woods, Hello Hybrids......

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Does anyone else play lower lofted hybrids instead of fairway woods?


I have been working on my iron swing a lot lately, and have gotten a lot better about hitting down on the ball and taking nice divots after the ball, however, these swing changes have made me very inconsistent with the sweeping type swing required to hit a nice fairway wood shot.  I found myself taking divots with my fairways lately, and just popping them straight up in the air.  My playing partners and I were laughing today at the fact that I can back up an 8 iron on the green, but can't hit a fairway wood (or my driver at this point either).  I want to take divots with every club, it seems.


It seems the hybrids could be a better option for people with steep swings?


Because of this, I switched out my gap wedge and one of my larger headed rescues with some old Walter Hagen cheapo hybrids that I've had for years and never really hit much.  Because I could hit down on them just like an iron, I was hitting some of the best long shots out on the course for the past 2 days. I pulled my 5 Wood once today, and used the hybrids every other time I needed a longer shot and felt much more consistent with them.  I never really cared for them until my iron swing recently got a lot better, but now I find myself not even reaching for the fairway wood at all.

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Hmmm, it is a shame you are giving up on your fairway woods but what ever works for you. I have spent about as much time practicing my fairway woods as I do my irons and I hit them well. I have trouble hitting lower lofted hybrids versus a fairway wood by the way. One thing I like about practicing with fairway wood at the range is that you sweep a fairway wood so it is easier to practice off the mats at the range ( at my range you hit off a mat versus grass).

I hit the Cobra S3 Max, I have a 3 and 7 wood. I started hitting the 7 years ago and I just like the club, I hit it a country mile. Some people say it is a women's club but I don't pay them any mind. I even use the 7 wood out of fairway bunkers. The loft of the 7 gives me the confidence to hit it, and I do.

Maybe take the wood out of your bag but keep practicing with them until you get your confidence back. They are great clubs and you'll out drive a hybrid every time, assuming you hit it correctly.

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Amen to that, Id never completely give up on FWs.

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I've had an 18* 5 Wood but am in the process of testing different 2013 Hybrids to switch too. I use a 21* iron so need the Hybrid to give me a better option out of the rough. Also I find it much easier to hit straight compared to the 5 Wood.

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Replaced my 19* metal wood with a 18* hybrid last summer. I found it easier to hit and control from all lies. In the last year I have gone from no hybrids to 3 hybrids, 18*, 20.5* and 23*. Looking to replace my 3 wood but will probably stay with a metal wood.
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I used to be quite fond of my 5 wood, but after months and months of shanking it, I finally replaced it with a 4 hybrid.  Both go the same distance, a bit over 200 yards.  Should have done it years ago.


I still carry a 3 wood but unless I'm looking to hit a green more than 220 yards away, I usually hit my 2 hybrid which is much less erratic.

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I still have my 18 degree 5 wood in my bag along with my 18 degree 2 hybrid only because I carry two wedges. The 5 wood rarely gets used, and even then it is off a tee. The 2 , I use from the deck or the rough or the pine needles. I hit it much better than the 5 wood. I used to carry a 7 wood but that was replaced with a 3 hybrid quite a while ago. I am beginning to think that I want to replace all my irons with hybrids or as some call them hybrid/hybrids like the new Razr HL hybrid irons, but I guess that is a subject for a different thread.  

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I have all cobra t-rail baffler hybrids and love them. 19,22 25, 28,and 31degree .
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I'm ultimately in the middle on this one, as I've tried both ways... 

I started by carrying 3 and 5 woods... Rarely hit them, didn't like them. Probably the wrong clubs for me.

Then I realized that a 2 and 3 hybrid basically correspond to a 3 and 5 wood from a loft standpoint. Of course, since the fairways are longer, they theoretically can generate more power... Nevertheless, I swapped out for 2 and 3 hybrids because I figured they'd be easier to hit. They were, generally speaking.

Then, I found a 3-wood that I absolutely love, super easy to hit (Superfast 1.0, see signature below). I soon after bought my hybrid iron set, which includes 3-4-5 hybrid, so in essence, I ditched my 2-hybrid but not my 3-hybrid.

So that's where I stand now. I only carry the 3-wood in terms of fairways, and have 3-4-5 hybrid.

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If you like the hybrids, try out a 4W as a single fairway wood. Golf Digest reports the 4W is easier to hit for many golfers than the 3W. The extra 2 degrees is all some people need to get the ball launched. With an extra 1.5" of shaft, you could pick up 20+ yards on carry.

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Actually, I did this exact thing about three years ago. I was tired of hitting my 18 degree hybrid as far as my 15 degree three wood. One night after a very frustrating three-wood performance I went on eBay and found an old Nickent 14 degree hybrid and have been using that as my "3 wood" ever since.


All that being said, I am currently in the market for a new (traditional) 3 wood. The 14 degree hybrid worked excellent for the problems I was having with my old 3 wood (too high ball flight, too much ballspin). However, the hybrid has its drawbacks as well: nearly impossible to get any kind of height on shots, little to no shot shaping ability.


So, I guess I say all this to say that using a hybrid to replace your 3 wood may very well be what you are looking for. I have loved my 14 degree for almost 3 years now. But, at the end of the day the correctly fitted and selected 3 wood will ALWAYS work out better than a hybrid.


Hybrids are hybrids and 3 woods are 3 woods...... if you get what Im saying.

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I don't consider hybrids a replacement for fairway metal as much as a replacement for long irons. My hybrids look and feel more iron like, shorter shaft, significantly smaller head. I get a little more distance from my hybrids than my previous irons but the biggest difference was consistency, especially from tricky lies.

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I have been playing a hybrid iron set (3-7) for some time now .


I had tried to swap out irons for higher lofted FW woods but found the results unsatisfactory as I can not hit a FW wood with the accuracy or consistency that I can hit a hybrid....thus the FW woods reside in the closet and the Hybrids remain in my bag.


However, I've known other guys for whom the results are exactly the opposite.....this really boils down to your willingness to experiment with both and discover which kind of swing works best for your game.


BTW: It needn't be too expensive as you can pick up some higher lofted FW woods ( 7, 11, 13, 15, etc.) for cheap on ebay....once you discover what you like you can always upgrade later.


Good Luck

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Originally Posted by outrider2288 View Post

However, the hybrid has its drawbacks as well: nearly impossible to get any kind of height on shots, little to no shot shaping ability.



I don't entirely disagree with you... I for one can get plenty of height on my 4h and 5h, especially off a tee on a par-3.

As for shot shaping... well... you probably don't even need hybrids if you're at the point in your career where shot shaping is a big concern.

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I've got a 15˚ 3-wood and a 17˚ 2-hybrid. My hybrids and fairways perform different functions, and I don't want to drop either or double up on either.
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Its a 1H, so its a little more difficult to get elevated. Off the tee it is not bad at all but the better CG of a wood helps to elevate the ball from fairways.

Ya Im not saying shot shaping is a do or die for a hybrid, but in certain instances if I need to draw or cut around trees it is nearly impossible with my 1H.

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I used to carry a 15* 3 Wood and 17* and 19* hybrids, but I've recently purchased the RBZ 3 Wood, 5 Wood and 19* hybrid. The 5 Wood is so much easier for me to hit than the 17* hybrid that I've gone back to the more conventional Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Wood combination.

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