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Anyone use a KillerBee driver?

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Saw these at Golfsmith and they are fairly cheap.  Anyone use one?  Comments?

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My father inlaw does. A while ago his clubs got stolen, and that was the first club he replaced. He loves his killer bee driver. He's twenty-five years older then me and keeps up with my distance, and is 10x straiter than me. Maybe he's on to something.
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Thanks....I will try one out next time I go to Golfsmith

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I thought these were non-conforming clubs? Maybe they have different models though. The one I saw was an anti-slice, non-conforming franken-club.

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Had one of the originals when they first came out - longer shaft, whippy, low kick point. If you hit it right, the club was amazingly long. More often then not, you would  hit it deep into the woods. Very difficult to time and control.

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Same here, but I hit it only at the driving range. VERY whippy long shaft. Talk about a rock on a string. Think I'd do better with a string. Just thinking about it makes me hanker for Wilson's fat shafts. The saga of the Black Rock Killer Bee is interesting. Oughta be a link for the full story. Entrepeneur had a warehouse full of the clubs made to sell on TV, then the USGA came down on them as non-conforming, then a lawsuit, then bankruptcy, then vindication that they were in fact legal, too late. Sale of brand name to Golfsmith, who has had it for years now. I assume Golfsmith's Killer Bees are better than the old ones?
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My dad has one and he hits that thing pretty good. Even uses it on the fairway occasionally.

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Couple of days ago I got out the old Killer Bee (that I still have; loaned it out for a year or two and got it back with a dent on the sole--were they hitting off concrete?) and swung it. The shaft doesn't seem as whippy as I remembered. Last time I hit a ball with it, it was alongside stiff and XS shafts.
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It worked for Rocky Thompson! 

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My first Killer Bee 46" would ring like a tuning fork when hit the sweet spot had to slow down the back swing to get the whip out of it but incredible distance best drive was 370 when i was a young man.

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Almost bought one when they first came out.almost..lol

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Interesting fact - before they named it the "Killer Bee" they originally intended to call it the "Tiger Wood". And that's before Tiger Woods hit the golf scene. They would have been able to keep the name, and probably would have sold a whole pile more.

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 I had one when they first came out and loved it, that is until I broke the shaft and never has it fixed. They give you way more accurate drives and longer distance on your drive as well ! 

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Yes, I have and play with an NC500. And I love it. In fact, if I could find another one; I'd buy it on the spot. I hope the one I have will last many years. 

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