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Brain dead for New Irons

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Been searching for a new set of irons for the past 2 months. Went to Golfsmith and they are tired of looking at me. I have hit nearly every set they have. My hands are killing me. I have played for over 40 years- had two decent sets- my first was Golden Bears and then I hit 845s for the last 20 years. Time for an upgrade- big time. But after hitting so many clubs and my hands turning to crap, I can't hit a decent shot due to abuse and trying different irons. I hit the AP1s pretty good and have always wanted Titleist irons. The thing that is killing me, and I am sorry if I piss of the TM fans... but I hit the R11s and RazorBall irons real well, but I can't or don't want to buy into the TM marketing choke me to death ad campaign- I feel as though I am getting sucked in- that ain't me... but I hit them real well. I current have all TM driver, 3 and fairway with a smile on my face but the marketing is overkill for the irons. I am choke IER. Sorry but I am venting. Too many choices. I got to find my sweet spot on the irons before I go brain dead. Trying to fall in love with the irons but can't see it... yet. I know.... get fitted and get back on the course.

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Hate on the ads, not the clubs.


Get what genuinely works best for you.  Don't pass up the better irons, if that's what they are, just because of the ad.  That would be as silly as buying the clubs just because of the ads.  a2_wink.gif

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Originally Posted by press View Post I am choke IER. 


I haven't seen that one on a bag yet. 


Get what you want and what works for you. 

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Yeah I don't know. I thought I needed new irons too, also playing old 845s. After many trips to stores, demo days, pro shops, you name it, I have yet to find anything that feels and performs as well as my old 845s. I was playing PING G5's, G2's before that and when I switched to the vintage 845s my scores dropped significantly. My solution was buy more 845s, lot's of hardly used 845s out there, and get them fitted. From there I branched out into some of the newer Armour clubs to try. Call me crazy but I love the 845 EVO V-31 and the form forged Silver Scot CB with 6.0 Rifles. The only other thing I found like liked was the 2012 Cleveland 588 cb/mb's. But I found a similar club in the Macgregor Tourney PCB Tour so I have a few sets of those too. Not quite up to snuff to hit them consistently but that will be my next jump.


Biggest problem for me is the old 845s is a very small head compared to today's monsters. Even the GI clubs that share some traits with blades are big by comparison. I just can't get used to it, the look or feel, and no matter what shaft they put in them the ball heads for the sky. My ball flight is high without help.

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I tried the Rocketbladz 7-iron challenge back around Christmas. My X20 Tour 7i averaged 3 yards farther than the Rocketbladz.


If anyone is thinking about original Rocketbalz FWs, consider going for the heavier-shafted Tour version. Had major hook problems with base RBZ FWs - 45 gram shaft just too light.

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Press, I did the same thing, went a couple days a week for 2 months, used the 90 day return at RD to the point I think they will change it.

I am not a TM fan at all but did try the Rockbladz just because i went for the "you have to have them the next big deal that will change your game". Long story short settled on G25's, had to waite 5 weeks for them but man I love these clubs.


Do your self a favor, think about what you hit, what did you liked or not like, if there was no brand name would you buy them?

How was the monitor numbers on the ones you liked the best.

It really does not matter the brand, what matters is how they work for you what ever the brand is.

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I want to replace my 17 year old irons. I tried all the new TM stuff, but they are just too pricey with graphite shafts and that is what I need with my swing speed. I finally decided on the new Callaway Razr HL hybrid irons but no one locally has them in stock at the moment. I hit the demo seven iron really well compared to almost all the other ones I tried. I was surprised by the new Cobra Amp cell irons, they felt pretty good but I am sticking with Callaway. 

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