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proper shaft, stiff or regular flex

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I had my swing speed checked an hour ago and it averaged 96mph, irons or woods. They suggest Regular, but I have played stiff shafts a long time. I have been playing for me the best rounds ever the last 5 days. I am only buying new clubs for the technology and hopefully more control in distance as I really love these clubs.

I am 6'2" 225lbs and a gym rat going at least 5 day per week and hit the range 2 or 3 afternoons and play either Saturday or Sunday. All that said, do I go with the regular shaft or stick with the stiff shafts? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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It appears you are increasing your golf activity, and do a lot of conditioning. Sounds like you're getting more serious about golf.


If you are going to buy new clubs, you should go beyond selecting Regular or Stiff and see which type of shaft would work best for you in driver, woods and irons. The flex - Regular or Stiff - is just one factor in selecting golf shafts. Might be time to get a full fitting to help you get the right club mix for your bag.


You say your swing speed "averaged 96mph, irons or woods." I'm not sure what you mean by this. Most people have their highest swing speed with their driver, which is the longest club. Are you above 100 MPH on your driver and in the 80s with your 5 iron? Does this average out to 96 MPH?


Keep us posted.

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My average was 96mph with the Driver either with a stiff or regular shaft... irons were done with Calloway irons in regular and it was 88. I goofed the origanal post up with not all of the complete innformation, sorry I new to this posting thing. I did however have a 96mph average with the new taylor made irons, but everything was to the right. I need to feel the club in my swing or I really pull through and never get back to square at impact, those irons were way to light for me personally..

My natural ball flight is a Fade until the set of clubs I just purchased used. They for some reason play to a slight draw and are stiff shafts. My new driver 3, 5 and 7 wood also from the same company with weight adjustment play to a draw. I do feel I'm leaviing both strokes and distaance in the golf shop with shafts, that was the original question. I am planning on buying a new set of irons, and 2 hybrids this next weeks from the same company. They have a 30 day return policy. So I am thinking about having the new Driver 3, 5 & 7 reshafted to regular. My Driving average in the last 5 rounds according to my Garmin is 254. 7 iron I am down to 166 with this set from 173 with my last set, both have stiff shafts. Hope that helped, again I am new to this so again, my apologies.
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Visited Golftec and Golfsmith the other day and told them that my avg driver swing speed was 92 mph and both "experts" recommends a stiff shafted driver. I'm no expert, but with your description as a "gym rat" and a larger guy, I'd think a regular shafted club would wreak havoc in your game.

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A few thing to note about shaft flex.  There is no standard in what makes a shaft stiff vs. regular.   One brand's stiff can (and in some cases is) softer than another brands R.  Also some companies now make multiple levels of flex.  Ping makes soft R, R, S, tour S, tour XS. 


Also, swing speed is only one indication of which flex you will need.  If you have an aggressive transition from the top of your back swing down to the ball, you will load up the shaft more so you will need a stiffer shaft to decrease shot dispersion.  However, I have met people who use "R" shafts to hit the ball way past what I can hit it.  I played a few weeks ago with a college kid who hit a Callaway Octane driver in 10.5 /w R flex.  He hit it to the moon in terms of height, but got a TON of carry and very little roll.  I asked him if he ever thought about trying a 9.5 in S to see if it can bring the height down and maybe give him some roll out distance.  His response was, why would I ever need to hit it further? 


My point is simply this.  The letter written on the shaft means alot less than people think it does. 

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I just returned home from my Sunday round. Shot 84, I play golf with the same 2 guys both are 2 handicap golfers. Both play regular shafts. + 1/4 and up 3. I hit both of their 7 irons on the range afterwards with the same results as my clubs which is a whole other thread. I could feel more shaft load and unload with the regular flex shafts that I can barely feel with my irons. I am staying with Stiff on my Driver and Fairway. Woods. I will try the new irons with flex shafts and if I don't like it Ill send them back to be re-shafted with Stiff Shafts. Off to the gym.
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Clearwaterms said it quite well.  It's hard for someone on the internet to recommend a shaft flex for you...there are just too many variables.


Assuming that you were swinging a 6 or 5 iron at the golf shop...an 88 mph swing speed is pretty fast.  I would think a stiffer shaft in your irons would be the right choice.  For comparison, I swing my 6 iron about 86 mph and use DG S300 shafts.  I feel like I'm right on the edge between regular and stiff shafts...and it really depends on the shaft manufacturer.  For example, I can swing the DG S300's well but struggle to properly load a PX6.0.  I prefer the lower flight, less ballooning and better shot dispersion I get with the stiff shafts...but I could probably play a regular flex without too much issue.


Your driver swing speed of 96mph isn't all that high...in fact I would expect it to be higher if you iron SS is in the upper 80's.

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My driver shaft swing speed for whatever reason has never been much more than that. I just returned home from the gym and I really think I am just going to go down to a range in Oceanside Ca right off the 78 I think the street is college. I hear that guy is real good at fitting and is not Name Brand Specific like most of the "pro shops" are in my opinion. That is what got me to this point. I had no buisness with a pro iron set like I am putting on ebay tomorrow. Ill let this guy fit me to a shaft based on the club head weight of a set of X22's or the GX922's I spoke of buying used. This should put me in the right shaft.

I just want to shoot low 80's with a 70ish thrown in here and their. I work a lot of hours, spend 10+ in the gym, hit the range and play once or sometimes twice per week. I know I will never shoot low 70's because of practice time. I just want to enjoy a good time in the fresh air and enjoy life. Thank you all for your help
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May I suggest looking at golfclubshaftreview.com They have all types of charts to help you decide what is right for your swing speed, club length and information on shafts

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Thank all of you for your input. I ended up going to Golf Galaxy near my home in Vegas. Spent about two hours with their fitter. He suggested I stay with Stiff on the driver and gave me 3 suggestions on the irons. TRUE TEMPER GOLD in Regular. TRUE TEMPER PRO T in Stiff or TRUE TEMPER FEATHER FLIGHT (premium) in FIRM flex. They do no sell the last one nor has he ever seen one let alone, swing one.

He pointed out that I have a higher swing path on the Driver than my Irons. He was concerned that I was playing a "knockoff club" as he put it. He suggested, here we go boys a brand name club. I told him I played the Adams A12Pro Irons Adams Fairway Woods and an R11s driver with GREAT FRUSTRATION! I switched to Gigagolf Irons after hitting a set of GX920 irons and was amazed how well I hit them. I bought my current set used. I did buy their TXR driver. 3. 5 & 7 new and am out driving all of my friends that are way better than I am. He got a A12pro 7 iron and he hit it, then hit mine. He was 3 yards longer and as straight as with my Gigagolf 7 iron. I hit both and my swing speed was within 2 mph of each club both stiff shafts. My distance was 14 yards longer with my current club. The A12 pro was 22 yards right, and my iron was 2 yards left center. I was impressed with him till he bacame the salesman.

Long story short, I am going to order a new set of GX944 Irons from Gigagolf with one of the three shafts, I was given a choice of. Again, I look forward to reading many posts on this site.
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The shaft, in my opinion is the single most important component, especially in drivers. Without the proper shaft, the best head in the world simply will not work properly and produce a consistent trajectory even with solid ball striking.
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