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Rythm and/tempo - how do you work on it or what mental thoughts help

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As I loosen up during a round I start swinging harder and probably" overswinging."

My rounds usually start with pars and bogeys and after the 8th- 9th hole that start getting worse.

When I play with people for the first time thay think I am a ringer because of the way I play the first few hoes. I always tell them to wait until the real me starts playing.


The only thing that sometimes help me is to start making the practice swing with only my left arm. I can feel the weight transfer and the trajectory of the club. I then place the right hand on the club and try to imitate the swing with one arm. Many times it works....other times I accelerate on the downswing leading to a hook or slice. (Sometimes I try to think or Ernie Els before hitting the ball!!)


Wondering if people have exercises or mental images that help maintain or develop a good tempo

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I think "tick... toc" except I say to myself, "Freddie... Couples." That is my tempo swing thought. Thinking of his swing also helps remind me that a smooth tempo can generate a swing with great power and distance.


BTW, My actual swing is nothing like Mr. Couples' swing. I am not comparing anything about me or my game to Freddie. But I do like to think I can get close to his tempo. 

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I work on my rhythm and tempo before I start hitting balls at the range. I just swing a driver counting to myself, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 1 is taking the club away from the ball, 4 is the top of the backswing, 5 is impact: a 3:1 ratio. I also practice this at home with a metronome, set to my tempo, to get that rhythm ingrained.

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Just watch a video of Luke Donald's swing. Best tempo you'll ever see.
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I like watching this video: 


Tiger in the good ol' days, great tempo

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A couple of thoughts.  I'm not pro but have slept in a ....


I found an android app Metronome Beats.  It allows the user to vary the tempo and is very customizable. 


I recently purchased the Orange Whip.  I fell in love with it.  You won't overswing with it and it's a great warm up tool.   Google it.  I believe there is a review here on this forum. 

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I use the,"tick, tock" or, "1, 2, 3, 4" method.  Either of them gets you focused on your tempo and not rushing your swing.

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Looked at the OrangeBall Whip

I can see how it would help with tempo and slowing you down

But.............over a hundred bucks??  Wow

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Tour Tempo.........27/9 for me........swing.......set, through

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I suffer from the same problem and tend to get quicker as the round progresses and can begin to jerk the club down on the forward swing.  But I have found that almost anything you can to to institute (re-institute?) some rhythm will help.  I personally like the back-hit-back thoughts.  I try to concentrate on the club head and think "back" when the back swing is complete, hit when the club face contacts the ball, and back when the swing is complete.  Seems to work for me better than most "brain entertaining" sequences I've tried to regain rhythm when the swing gets too quick.



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