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New Irons

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I need some help and tips and steps. This summer I am looking into getting a new iron set. It will be the first set I have ever bought because the one I have now was given to me and isn't a very great or new set. I need help with the steps to take on picking new irons and trying new irons.


Things to consider

1) Graduating college in May so not the highest salary at the moment

2) I play golf regularly and the clubs will get a lot of use

3) I want them to last a long time, a good investment

4) Im an average player

5) I have TaylorMade Burner HT woods that I use and love (Dont know if that is a worthy thing to consider)

6) I take care of my equipment


If you could help out that would be great!


Like I said, I need to know what to look for, how to go about trying clubs and maybe some suggestions. 

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I would just suggest you go in and try out a few different types. If you are tight on money once you find a set you could look to buy used. I just got cobra amp cell and it put me back 850. Absoulty love them. I hit them best out of all irons.
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I second that
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Got Taylormade RBZ last year, love those things, they ran me $750. Irons are pricy, but they should last 10 years so totally worth getting what you want.
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I know its going to be pricey and know Im going to be out $500-$800 but if they are lasting a long time I think its worth it. Ive been looking at the TaylorMade Burners and really like TaylorMade clubs. Any comments on that?

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Well you should ask yourself the question first. casted or forged. 

If you take care off them like you said forged is not a problem, if 

your lazy on them they can easily rust.

Go to the local store and find the right shaft for you. 

Than try as many club heads as you can, if your looking for some good deals

maybe Wilson is your friend, good quality for a fair price. For forged you got the FG Tour V2 bladed irons,

i've got a friend who plays the ci11 irons and he likes them.

Personally i'm a big mizuno fan, because they make the best feeling irons in the market.

But this is more off a personal matter.

Woods and irons are a totally different story, i like the woods of TM but dislike their irons.

So just try as many as possible.

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Originally Posted by tomvk77 View Post

Well you should ask yourself the question first. casted or forged. 

If you take care off them like you said forged is not a problem, if 

your lazy on them they can easily rust.



I'm gonna hate myself for asking, but why would the method of manufacture concern him?  Why would the method of manufacture affect whether or not they rust?


Try a bunch, engage a qualified fitter, and buy what you like best is good advice though.

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Interesting thread.  I notice a lot of people saying to try ones out and see which ones you 'like'.  Without hijacking the thread, I wonder what specifically tends to influence people in terms of 'liking' one club over another.


Sound/Feel on impact

Look of clubhead from address position


Feedback from seller


Any others?  Is it just what ones you tend to hit sweetly in the few practice hits in the shop?  


Personally I remember being at a bit of a loss as to what to go on when I bought my last irons about a decade ago.  In the end I plumped for a set my friend had that I had hit a few decent shots with, but that was more out of uncertainty than anything else.




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Just go to a fitting or demo day and try em out.  Pick what you hit the best.  Just keep in mind that if you think you've got a lot of room to improve, and are likely to do so, and want to buy one set to last you many years, you might want to pick something that you can grow into rather than SGI stuff.  

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Loadwire. For me as I just bought new clubs two weeks ago. It was the feel I got from the clubs. I went three different days and all three the amp cells were mine. Also the look is huge for me. The mental confidence you get from seeing a great looking club is huge.
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Try them all, narrow it down and come back in a day or so and go from there.

I tried every club Roger Dunn had got it to about 5 took me 4 visits before I went with my Pings. And make sure the person helping you does not just sell you what he feels is the best clubs out there and not the best club for you.

Lot of great brands lot to choose from take your time.

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