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Al Capone, The Golfer Side.

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This was a story from last year apparently, which was written several days before the Ryder Cup took place at Medinah Country Club. I found this just today though (I'm super, late... so feel free to cuss at me if the majority of you already read this). 

This is a story about Al Capone and some golfing history. I found this ironic as I happen to be drinking coffee out of an Al "Scarface" Capone coffee mug right now.

I was fresh out of the Army and recently married when a fire broke out in the two-story house in Indiana Harbor, where we rented rooms. We had gone to a movie that evening, my wife Rose and I—it was Claudette Colbert in Imitation of Life - and by the time we got back the building was gutted. Most everything we owned had been burned to ashes, maybe a couple of thousand dollars worth of stuff, a tragedy for an ex-staff sergeant earning about $125 a week as a roller in a steel mill. But one of the possessions that hurt me most to lose had no dollar value. It was a faded snapshot of a big, beefy man with a golf club in his right hand and his left hand around the shoulders of a 12-year-old boy. The boy was me. The man was Al Capone. And the scene was Burnham Woods golf course, 18 miles south of Chicago, where I caddied for Al for almost four years...

Read morehttp://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/al-capones-caddie-talks-about-working-chicagos-most-famous-gangster#ixzz2TTq8yezg
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Al Capone golfs at my golf course. True story.

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Good read, thanks for posting it.

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Thanks for sharing! This re-newed my thirst for Boardwalk Empire. How cool would it be to have this included in the show?

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Good story.


My grandfather used to be a cab driver in Chicago back in the 1930s, and Al Capone and his buddys would always picked up by my grandfather. They actually asked him to join their gang (on multiple occasions) but he respectfully declined.


My grandfather was from Palermo Sicily. That was part of the reason they like him.

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Fascinating story!

Thanks for the link.

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