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Golf Goals for Remainder of 2013

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Yes, as crazy as it may sound, we are just approaching being half way through this year. With that being said, that means that most of us only have about 4 month left of good weather for golf before it gets too cold. So I figured with 6 months to go in 2013, let's start discussing some real individual goals that will help improve your game. Personally, I have 3. 1. Go to the range 20 times 2. Break 95 3. Play 18 without any 3 putts.
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I'd like to gain more consistency in my swing so I hit less fat shots.


As far as score, I'd like to break 45 on 9 holes. 

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Break 100

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After shooting 72 (personal best) I feel like I've overcome a huge mental barrier to consistently shooting in the 70's - which I probably only did 2-3 times a year for the last 5 years.  5 of my last 9 18 hole rounds (non-combined) have been in the 70's, so my goal is to keep that ratio of shooting at least half my rounds in the 70's. 

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I just go into golf a couple weeks ago. Bought my first set of clubs on Friday. Through the summer I plan on working on my mechanics, getting to the range to learn the characteristics of each ball, and generally learning everything I can. Once fall rolls around, and morning time temperatures are tolerable (I live in Tucson, its 10:15 am and already getting close to 100) I want to start getting in a few rounds and establish  a handicap. From there, 2014 will be about chiseling that handicap down to respectability. 

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Get my Drive back, I guess that drunken fall down the stairs hurt my drive. God bless the 3-iron !

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Break 90
Hit a driver (relatively) consistently
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I want to get into the 80's. That seems to be a very reachable goal right now being that I just shot a 44 last night and have been keeping my scores in the mid to upper 40's in most of my 9 hole outtings.

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Post 4-5 rounds in the 80s. Sleep train my 6 month old.
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Much like the OP I would also say avoid the dreadful 3 put but I've accomplished that a couple times now.

So to have a more realistic goal, since I've never shot par for a full 18 holes I'll aim for shooting par for 9 holes and continue the back 9 so I shoot in the 70's. I think that's a realistic goal seeing that I've shot 2 over a few times this year. If I can get rid of my yips on my short game I should be golden, if not I'm going to watch that handicap keep going up.

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I honestly just want to be more consistent around the green. I think I got the pitch shot down that erik talks about in the quickie pitching video. I think I've hit 200+ of those shots in the last 18 hours. I'm playing tomorrow and Sunday so I hope all goes well.
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I have 3 goals for the rest of this year.


1. Have fun no matter how I am playing. 

2. Be more consistent with my tee shots.

3. Start getting lessons.

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Become a bogey golfer. I've had several rounds just under 100, and my driving has taken a big step for better. I'm confident that I could already be at the target if my sessions at the driving ranger were better. In retrospect, I'll get the small bucket of balls so maybe I won't feel the need to hit 'em as fast as I can. I, originally, wanted to break 90 but feel that is too lofty of a goal and I don't need more pressure. I hope y'all make all of your golfing dreams come true! Lmao
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I don't want to get worse..........



LOL....the season is half over?  I feel like it's just starting!!

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1 - Score 45- 50 per 9 holes and 95 -100 on 18 holes consistently.

2 - be able to hit my driver 230-240 with a playable shot.

3 - No 3 putts during a round.

4 - Score par on at least 2 holes per 9.

5 - Make a birdie once every 2 - 3 rounds

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Originally Posted by School Yard Pro View Post

Post 4-5 rounds in the 80s. Sleep train my 6 month old.



Sounds like a great goal to me!   The wife and I just got a 3.5 month old foster baby and sleep training is definitely in the works!




My main golf goal right now is actually off the course.  I lost 65lbs last year to get from 284 to 219.   My new goal is to work my way down to 205 by September and work on some strength training.  I'm a very short hitter of the golf ball (7 iron goes about 140) and I would like to get my smooth 7 iron distance up to about 150.

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Just starting out so I wouldn't mind playing enough to where I understand alot of rules and to have chosen the clubs that fit me
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My 2013 goals are


1. to break par but still not able to , just close close a few time


2. Get putter fitting with Edel - just got it done last week and now waiting for my putter to arrive . Should be any time soon . I also found out that my aim is okay ( during the putter fitting ) and that helps my confidence.


Things that was not in my 2013 goal but acquired 

1. Bunker shot - improve significantly and able t put very near to the hole ( green side bunker ) 

2. Swing Change - Adopt Rotary Swing methodology and i m hitting more consistent.


What is for 2nd half of 2013 ?

Break Par !!

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