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Putting Yips cure--worked for me!

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I am 63 and have dealt with the yips for 20 years. Tried many different putters, stances, dots on the club handle, closing the

eyes, looking at the hole, belly putter etc. A friend's instructor showed him this and he passed it along to me. For a while

I forgot about it, and then in the middle of one really nasty yipping round, I said what the heck and that was 4 months ago and it

has worked like a charm ever since. Give it a real try if you yip and let me know what you think!


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Hank Haney, Tiger Woods’s former swing coach, has seen thousands of cases of the yips at his golf academies across the country — from putting to chipping to driver yips — and says he there are many causes and no single cure. “Nobody can really pinpoint any single cause. The best information is that it’s a neuromuscular problem. There’s not anybody who can cure it. All you can do is find ways to work around it.”


I, too, am 63 years old, and have had periodic bouts of the yips. Also, like you, I have tried a number of putting methods including long, belly, and short putters. Regular grip and cross-handed. Narrow stance and wide stance. Open stance (Jack Nicklaus) and closed stance (Bobby Locke). I finally settled on a 33" putter (I am 63"), regular grip (after 15 years cross-handed), and square stance, normal width. But this year I have changed to a Lamkin jumbo grip (something new) which seems to be more comfortable for me.


The book, Zen Putting, helped me to be more consistent on the greens, with less likelihood of yipping. In fact, this year has been my best on the greens in several decades.  I did view the video in your posting. I agree with Hank Haney that everyone needs to find a way to work around it for themselves. If this method works for you, Hallelujah!


Hit 'em straight and continued good putting.

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I guess because I have tried so many methods to cure this bane that had demoralized me

to point I was thinking of giving up the game, I wonder if there is something here that

can help others . The thing I was trying right before this was something called

EFT or emotional freedom technique and it involved "tapping" on pressure points on the body

and repeating re-assuring phrases--try working that into your Saturday foursome.


The day I first tried this Eagle method, I was very skeptical, but it worked immediately and

has held up in spots where I would have surely melted down (club championship matches). I

am hoping it can renew the game of others. I have searched the web and lots of books but

have never seen any stance quite like it. Michelle Wie's back is straighter and parallel with the

ground, but she doesn't have her elbows out, and I think that is one of the keys to this. Thanks

for looking and I am glad you have a grip on your yips!

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