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Google Glass - New app available to calculate distances

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"Also out today are a number of new applications for Glass built using the GDK. Google demoed them this morning for the press, and a cadre of developers and Glass Explorers. I got a bit of hands on time as well, notes from which I have included below. The new applications:


  • Allthecooks: A cooking app to help you read recipes without using your hands.
  • Spellista: A word jumble game.
  • GolfSight: A tool to calculate distances and the like as you wear silly pants and wave sticks at small round objects.

Screencap, err, HUDcap, errr, whatever, in link below:




App site:





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They need an app that can trace your golf ball!!!

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Imagine if everyone wore glass on the course - you could write a kill slow play app to tell people when it's okay to hit, tips on doing things more efficiently, time limit on searching for ball, etc...


Big red bold on HUD - "just hit the freaking ball you idiot!" :-D 

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And an app that can aimpoint greens, or even an app that can let you see that putting grid in golf video games (sorry if I'm repeating myself, I said this in another thread). 



Actually, to take this one step further, how about Google Glass Only tournaments with all these crazy apps available to every player?


Laser finder app, green reading app, wind speed/direction app, maybe an app that can read and judge your lie complete with a recommended solution: Some lady's voice plays in your bluetooth, which is obviously connected to the glasses: "Warning. Warning. Flyer lie. Warning. Flyer lie probability at 91%. Warning."


Okay, that last one may be a bit too Sci-Fi :-D

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ya.. there is no way I would play with that thing.  Too annoying to always have information in my face, one of the reasons I play golf is to walk around and look at nature. I keep all the stats on my phone and can pull that data at anytime!

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I think the HUD is a little distracting, but it doesn't show if it disappears when addressing the ball. I'd be more interested in having a range finder where you can just look at a pin no matter how far and it will instantly give you the distance. Maybe even set it to give live distance readings to multiple targets. 


I think it'd be awesome if Glass can do something like ProTracer to keep track of your ball. Probably not possible, but I'm just saying. 

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Pro Trace would be awesome.  Would also be really nice if it could tell you approximately where your ball is when you're searching high and low with no luck.  Could definitely help pace of play.

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