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Take out 2/3/4 irons?

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So I had a lesson today, and the Pro told me " nobody plays 2/3 irons anymore." Then he told me to take the 2/3/4 iron out of my bag completely.

Mind you, he's never seen me hit a long iron. I really like the 2/3/4 irons honestly, but I'm a complete newbie.

So my question is, do I shut my mouth and just remove the clubs or keep them?

If I do remove them do I just replace my entire iron set?

BTW I have 2-8, PW, SW all matching old Titleist Gold DCI Oversize +
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I would listen to your Pro. you can change latter when you know how to hit the ball.


2/3 irons are rare. note that a 3 iron today has yesterdays 2 iron loft. playing a 2 iron is having a 3 iron in the bag.


- 2 irons are replaced by 5 woods or 3 hybrides. it's a 18-19° loft.


- 3 irons are after replaced by a 4 hybride. 21-22°


4 irons are still in use pretty often but few players hit it well enough to say it's a true 4 iron shot. about 24°.



hybrides and woods are easier for lower swing speeds. they also give the higher ball flight needed on modern courses that pitch less, roll more and have more frontal hazards.


This ai'nt the 80s anymore. Player that carry a 2 iron around here just do it for the show and it get's very ugly when out of the bag.

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I agree with @bubble and your pro.

Do you not have a 9-iron for your set, or is that a typo?
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Your pro is talking to you about current trends in golf equipment, not some kind of rule.  The DCI irons are older game improvement clubs, so they are probably pretty easy to hit, though newer GI clubs are probably a bit easier still.  If you can hit those longer irons well, and you want to keep them in the bag, hey, it's your bag. 


I wouldn't go out and buy a new set just yet.  Keep taking lessons, placate the pro by at least leaving the 2 and 3 in the car when you take the lesson :-).  If, like most of us, you get the itch for something new and golf related, shop around for a 3 hybrid or a 7 wood (okay, metal) that you like.  In six months or so, when you have your swing much more under control you will be in a better position to think about getting fitted for some newer clubs.

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With hybrids, you can hit the ball a lot higher.  So even though you may be able to hit 2 & 3 irons, the advantage you gain from height would help more, i.e. sticking to greens, less roll out, etc.  I play a 3 hybrid and my 4 iron is a Mizuno Fli-Hi.  I hit the MP 57 4 iron pretty well, but I hit the Fli-Hi better.

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I bought 3 and 4 hybrids several years ago just to see if I might like them. Went to the course on a day when I was the only one there and did a lot of experimenting with the hybrids and my 3 and 4 irons (which I usually hit pretty well and was on that day).


I couldn't see a difference in distance and the irons and the hybrids seemed about equally easy to hit. The one thing I noticed that ended up keeping the irons in my bag over the hybrids was that I could hit very low punch shots more consistently with the irons. No small factor as much as I was in the trees at that time.


Last fall I decided to give the 3 hybrid another shot and have had it in the bag instead of my 3 iron since then and it's working out pretty well. On the days I'm playing my best golf it doesn't matter which club I am playing but on the days I am not playing very well I like the hybrid much better.


I do still have to be aware that if I intend to hit a low shot I have to almost try to go twice as low with the hybrid for it to work. In my last round I went brain dead on a low shot, and forgot how quickly the hybrid could get up, and hit a limb. My fault for not paying attention (and a little rust) but something I'm going to have to pay close attention to in the future.

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I have always loved my old Maxfli 2 iron, but when I got new Nike Pro Blades 3 - PW I let it go. I was hitting the new 3 iron same distance. So I put a 52 wedge in my bag instead, more strokes to spare here :)

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