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My Swing (Vinsk)

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I've been Playing Golf for: on/off over 20yrs
My current handicap index or average score is: 7.7
My typical ball flight is: push
The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: shank
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First thing I would do


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Hey Mike. I've been working on better rotation and using a wider stance with my toes outward a bit. Definitely allows more rotation. I've hit about 500 balls working on this. I'm gaining a little more distance while doing this.

However, I still have some inconsistencies. My miss hit is usually a push or push slice. I struggle with a consistent grip. Usually a strong grip is used. If I take a neutral or weak grip I tend to slice. Can you suggest anything else for me? Thanks Mike.
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Post an updated video if you can, I don't want to speculate too much. This might be the next piece IMO, legs extending, belt buckle facing the sky


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Can you share a little? What have you been doing, working on, what results have you been seeing, etc.?

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Absolutely. Since my first swing video I watched the video drills that help with good rotation and weight forward. A wider stance just seemed to hinder me a bit but pointing out my toes felt good. I watched other videos and read comments from you and Mike. Crazy good teaching IMO.

I then took this knowledge along with the 5 keys principles and headed off to Denver for 3 days of Golf Made Simple. I had some interviews with the program before going and I was very attracted to their philosophies of teaching and they too agreeing about the important concepts of an efficient golf swing.

Upon arrival I was thrilled to find out I would be the ONLY STUDENT in that program. So three days, eight hours a day just me and a pro. I was beside myself. Some very effective drills regarding weight forward and compressing the ball were done and in the afternoon of the first day I began hitting shots like I've never felt before. It was absolutely the best feeling I've ever felt on a golf course.

Hitting down and through the ball making a nice divot forward from the ball was just awesome for me. We worked on all aspects of the game and now I'm just focusing on keeping this going. My old habits of swinging too far from the inside creep in here and there. Still a lot of work to do of course but I feel pretty good about my progress.

Last but certainly not least, I read Erik and Dave's book. LSW is an exceptional book IMO. It really helped me build a complete plan for continuing this journey. The statistics in the book were pretty eye opening. So lots of work left to do but I like the path I'm on.
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It sounds like you are hitting the ball much better than before...  I took a look at your head movement, and this might be an area for you to improve.



I'm just re-attaching the video that @mvmac posted above, as I think it address exactly what you should be looking at.  Good Luck!


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