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TST Michigan



The first TST-Michigan outing is in the books.  We exceeded our target with a total of seven TST’ers meeting up in Okemos, MI.  A few observations:

  • It was interesting meeting the people behind the user names and avatars.  My plan was to get to the course a bit early to put out a small “TST” sign to attract the members as we wandered in.  Before setting out the sign, I passed a gentleman a couple times and I strongly suspected he was part of our outing. Why?  No idea other than he seemed as interested as I in everyone wandering around. Yep!  @JonMA1.
  • We got lucky with the weather.  While it was much chillier than we might have wanted, there was no rain.  We have had a very rainy start to the year in the Soggy Mitten (aka Michigan) and attempting to select a day without rain is a real crap shoot.  A few members had to drive close to 2 hours.  For me, nothing is more depressing than making a long drive to the course in the rain.
  • I often look at user names and make assumptions.  One looks at @MSchott or @tlazzol and it is easy to assume that their first name starts with “M” and “T” respectively.  And so it turned out that was the case.  Then we get to @Wally Fairway.  Okay, his last name was unlikely to be “Fairway” but I might have bet his first was “Walter” or “Wally.”  Wrong!  Joe?  How the heck is WallyFairway named Joe?  I am not sure how @Braivo connects to Mark, but maybe next time I can get in his group and find out.
  • Amazingly, we all got there a bit early.  Considering the traffic, construction projects and distance some had to travel, getting everyone there 30 minutes before tee time was a minor miracle.
  • Every time I looked at @dennyjones, I felt like wagging my head side to side.  I wonder why?
  • I think we all left with the feeling that we could have played better.  Still, we all hit some good shots and next time we will have great weather and our “A” game.
  • I witnessed one of the best birdies in a long while.  We had a fairly hefty par 3 (184 on the score card).  It is cold.  The wind is in our face.  There is trouble between us and the hole.  There is greenside bunkering.  @tlazzol struck a pure hybrid/wood and hits the green.  Then rolls in about a 35-footer for birdie.  Outstanding!

If/when we have a next time, we might consider setting up a “game.” No big stakes but maybe play one group’s best ball score against the other for a drink after the round.  Also, we will try to recruit an even dozen players.  Aim high!


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On 5/31/2017 at 8:35 PM, Single Length Irons Guy said:

That's only a couple hours from my house -- I may have been there if I'd realized that this was going on -- please include me in the next outing!


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56 minutes ago, Pepsivanilla93 said:

I'm a little over an hour away from Okemos. If you're still looking for 12 next time let me know and I'll see if I can make it!

Absolutely.  We are in the talking stage for late June or July.  We will put you on the "mailing list."

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    • Strike is important, yes.  It depends on what level you want to play at.  I'd take a guy who swings really fast over a guy who strikes it solid every time.  The fast swinger can be taught strike.  I think speed is largely God-given or at least learned at a young age child level.  IIRC, studies have shown that kids who played stick and ball sports as a kid, even if not golf, develop the fast twitch muscles and hand/eye coordination much better than those who did not.  And besides, the guy who swings fast is doing so much already correctly in his swing, he's probably not far off from strike anyway.  Maybe face to path issues perhaps.  Look at some Dennis Pugh's tweets about the importance of distance.  Even at the pro level game, pretty soon all the short hitters will be eliminated.  I said it before he arrived on tour when I saw him at Chambers Bay, because of Tiger guys like Cameron Champ who are athletes and the kids who have parents fortunate enough to afford launch monitors, will take over the tour.  You're going to have golf overcome by super athletes.  You won't see size 38" waistlines on tour for much longer.    If we go with your "majority of golfer" the same applies- you need reasonable speed in order to play well.  It's that simple.  That or move up to a different tee box.  I'm making a big assumption and it's not completely true, but again, with speed comes some level of skill at swinging a club and with that, you can kinda see strike in there as well.  
    • Probably, but how many people have a swing speed above 100 mph? Younger low handicap golfers might well be in the 100-120 mph range, but in reality they make up a small proportion of golfers (Probably less than 10% of golfers?).  The majority are probably in the 85-95 mph range. It’s a big ask to get them into the 100-110 mph range, whereas they could all probably learn to deliver the club better quite quickly?
    • I don’t think I’m really talking about improving strike to a comparable quality of a tour player. I’m suggesting that some general improvement in how people launch the ball will make a big difference. The LPGA reference I made is really to illustrate the distance potential of better striking and optimal launch conditions. 
    • I play because it would be fun to shoot low scores.
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