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#NBC #Sergio #lag #120degrees #godgivengenes #yougottabekiddingme

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Again, :doh:

Christ on a cracker, :doh:

One minute into the video below, the crew at NBC is gushing over Garcia's lag. They've been doing this for years and it just pains me how this is screwing up people who are less informed or experienced. And before I start, let me ask, aren't all genes, "God given"? Where would genes come from otherwise? The fairy golden space fantasy unicorn that poops multi colored ice cream? :doh:

If you face a mirror, make an L with a golf club and then rotate your forearms so the clubhead goes behind you, that's the same exact look. That's just massive shallowing from the top or even before it a little. The angle between Garcia's forearms and the shaft is still 90 or thereabouts. If you literally take a dry erase and draw an angle on your tv, sure, it's ~120 degrees, but that's the shallowing that makes it look that way, the wrists are around 90. It's an illusion. Garcia is a supremely talented golfer, I love watching him, but he's not some X-Men Mutant outcast or Richard Reed or a guy with rubber band wrists. Holding the angle in general, is not conducive to a good swing. I bet lots of people will be at the range tonight, tomorrow morning, and they're going to try this, and for the most part, it's going to be for naught. Look, I understand it's partially marketing, they're making the product look good. But there's a balance of that, and informing your audience with facts and good information. 

And it's not just NBC, so I'm being fair.


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They mention the pulling the chain reference as if it's some kind of Rocky Balboa training tip.

Yep that's all Sergio has really done to be successful on tour for years....he pulled that chain, man.

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13 hours ago, billchao said:

That space unicorn sure gets around.

Wouldn't 120° from the left arm make an obtuse angle? :-P

I wrote this diatribe so quickly, I totally did not do a double take on 120 vs 60. The angle between the shaft and arms, it makes more sense to say it's going from 90 to 60, maybe even 45. Probably a bigger number sounds better. 120 is not intuitive, I agree. 

Off topic, but notice how Garcia's lead foot twists counter clockwise, off the ground.

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