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Super Bowl LV Outcome…

Sandy Lie

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First off I’m a Seahawks fan.  Two great QB’s played last night. We all watched the game, I thought the Buc’s Defense was ready for Mahomes.  Two deep safeties took away the long ball.  Plus the pass rush really looked good. Chiefs had a few offensive lineman out but it happens.

Bad form by Mahomes mom on Twitter. 2nd time I read that she blames someone or something when her son loses.  Everyone will always say this or that happened as to why their team lost on any given week.  The Buc’s were ready, their Defensive Coordinator had a plan, the players executed it.


Brady didn't spare Mahomes when celebrating the dominant effort of the Buccaneers Super Bowl defense.



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I thought about 2-3 penalties on KC were kind-of 50/50 calls. Besides that, they looked sloppy. Losing the O-line killed them. Tampa Bay lives and dies with their pass rush. They did a great job keeping someone over the top of Hill. It just looked like once he was shut down then offense just stalled out. There wasn't a 2nd WR option. The TE got his, but it wasn't easy. I think they needed to try to get the RB out in the flat more, or sneak him behind the D-Line on screens. Something to slow down the pass rush. I was surprised KC's Defense didn't step up more. 

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I am far from an NFL guru, but I was not surprised by the Bucs win. I followed this season more closely than ever before (mostly because there's nothing else to do) and I feel like I really saw the Bucs evolve from a rag-tag band of mercenaries at the start of the season to a well oiled machine by the end.


Brady played well, but more than that was a coach, and all season kept the guys motivated and focused. The receivers he brought along obviously showed up when it mattered. Love or hate AB, he is a quality WR. And lining Gronk up on the end of the line was the exact right move vs KC defense. Fournette, the O line, and everyone really had a great game and well deserved way to cap off the season.


But this game really came down to the Bucs defense. The whole 2 weeks leading up to it, it was pretty clear that this game would live or die by the front 4 or 5 rush. Being able to get to Mahomes without blitzing. This was the key and they were able to do it! I feel like the Bucs D as a whole deserved the Super Bowl MVP even more so than Brady. JPP, Shaq B, Vita V, everyone. They played 110% and it absolutely showed by being able to shut down the most explosive offense in the league with authority. Well done.

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