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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I am an Engineering/Business leader. I have worked in Automotive Interiors for 30+ years designing, manufacturing, and running divisions. I started, grew, and sold a custom software development company. I am currently in a semi-retired job at a very small company that does automotive interior components with textile products that we manufacture right here in North Carolina. My role is largely a teaching, mentoring, leadership role and I love it.

I live in the "Sandhills" of North Carolina. You may have heard of Pinehurst? :-) I live 4 miles from Pinehurst Resort in Talamore Golf Resort located in Southern Pines North Carolina.

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For a living? Currently not actually working except on my blog. Previously was a Process Improvement Eng (Six Sigma stuff). Have been around golf since the age of 15 and have worked in different fields in the golf world.

Live on my home course, "Country Club at The Highlands" in Chesterfield (Richmond) Va. I love to talk rules and golf equipment seeing I do and did a lot of it for years. I have coached young kids, which can be the most rewarding thing in golf. A true story about this is on my site entitled " A Golf Shot to Remember" about a young boy with a partial artificial leg.

I love humor in about everything. I am looking forward to becoming an active contributor to The Sand Trap.


Gary Stephens


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Been away from the forums for a while, getting a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a new job as a seventh grade Social Studies teacher.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Pro cricket trader - specialising in using weather, to get a betting edge, in the length of games .. (test matches last 5 days).

golfing tragic .. play 2x a week, and cant break 90.

Still trying ..just love the game.

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I've been in sales, played guitar professionally, taught guitar and music, dealt in high end music instruments, did political consulting and campaign consulting for the GOP, and most recently, started a car dealership with my father for a family business. I have lots of passions and always feel the need for something new in my life. :)
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A proprietary Quant Trader.  International currencies.  Bespoke trading systems research, design & development.  Growing revenues geometrically and privately.  Formal education: mathematics, aerospace and physics.  Love supercars, hypercars and aircraft of all kinds.  Oh, and I love wild animals and Hummingbirds in particular.  Actually, I envy birds for their genuine freedom.  Getting involved with Competition Shooting for the first time and look forward to one day making Grand Master, IDPA/IPSC.

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