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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I work for Nippon Oil Lubricants America. We produce oil, transmission fluid, grease, etc. for the Asian automotive plants worldwide.
In my Nike U of Ala bag

Driver: Calloway FT-5 9.5 degree
Fairway Woods:Calloway Big Bertha
Irons:Taylormade Super Steel Burner 3-SWWedge:Cleveland CG14 60 degreePutter:Ping B60 I
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I'm an Assistant Powerplant Operator for the Tennessee Valley Authority

In my Nike Sport Cart Bag:
Driver: Burner SUPERFAST TP 10.5*
3 Wood Burner SUPERFAST
5 Wood SQ Dymo
Irons(4-GW) SZ Vokey Oil Can 56* 64* TP WedgePutter Oz Mallet 6Ball: ProV1x

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IT Developer for The Home Depot, and yes, I wear the apron.

In my Bag (work in progress):

Driver: TaylorMade 10.5* R11, Regular Shaft
3W: TaylorMade Burner 15*

3Hy: Nike SQ Sumo Hybrid
Irons: 2005 TaylorMade Rac OS, 4-AW

Wedge: Cleveland CG14 56*, old dingy 64* wedge that I have no business using

Putter: Odyssey White Hot Tour Putter or a Cleveland Classic Anser-Style

Kicks: Footjoy E-Comforts

Ball: Used Titleist DT Solos.

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Hello Everyone
I work as an IT Analyst.

I am a newbie, just started trying to learn the game of golf in about 2 weeks now, i have been to the range and so far i have no clue to where to begin regarding clubs, i have been reading and reading a lot about different drivers golf clubs and how to get started, a few people have given me ideas, so far so good. Golf is in my head now 24/7. Looking towards learning some more, just purchased my first set a dunlop set, and looking towards upgrading in the near future regarding the drivers and clubs, terminology to me is bit of a stretch, but getting accustomed to the lingo by now.
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I run a search and interactive marketing consulting firm in Seattle. Running my own company has many benefits but time is definitely not one.

DST Tour 9.5 Diamana Whiteboard
909F3 15* 3 FW stock Aldila Voodoo
909F3 18* 5 FW stock Aldila Voodoo
'09 X-Forged 3-PW Project-X 6.0 Flighted
CG15 56* X-Tour 60* Abaco

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Awesome ! I am a currenty Paramedic Student, working towards becoming a full-time FF/Medic down here in South Florida (Seems like everybody and their mother, uncle brother and sister are trying to do the same thing) LOL

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I'm a Graduate Student at the University of Texas at Arlington. I'm studying to be a music teacher.

What I've pieced together so far:

SQ Dymo Squared 10.5* Driver
SQ Dymo 3 Wood
Slingshot Hybrid 5 Wood Forged Pro Combo OS 2, 5, 8 Irons Forged Satin 53* Wedge Putter: Affinity Loop Pro Combo Stand Bag

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I am active duty in the Marine Corps. My role is Financial Management and m main focus is on resource analyzing. I have been in just under 4yrs and I have already re-enlisted for another 4. Here by mid june I will be re-located to Hawaii for a grueling three yrs of fun in the sun and plenty of golf....so i hope!!
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I'm new to the site. So I just wanted to say hey! :)

I'm currently a full-time student. I'll be heading to college in the fall with a major in Legal Studies and a minor in PoliSci.

In the bag:

Driver- SQ Dymo2 Str8-fit 10.5 Regular Flex
3 wood- NDS
Irons- FP with an A3 Idea 8 ironWedge- 60* Lob wedgePutter- FX3 (but looking to add a Scotty Cameron sometime this season)

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    • I selected the following: First ball, regular par-70-ish course, on a par three Seems obvious Hole in one on a regular course where you don't play all 18 holes (or even nine holes) Unless you're just playing a hole over and over to try and make one Par three course, > 100 yards This IMO is no different than a Par 3 on a regular course. NOTE: I didn't vote for the "under 100" option-anything TOO short is too tricked up to me and can almost be like holing out on an approach shot. That's also why I didn't vote for Regulation course with a hole under 75 yards, not that I've ever seen one that short. Par three, regular course, < 100 yards  The reason why I voted differently on this as opposed to the Par 3 course is that I haven't seen any regulation courses with anything under maybe 90 anyway. Mulligans, Simulators and temporary greens should be self explanatory IMO.
    • Over the years I’ve spent SO much time working on going from steep to shallow in transition. It didn’t improve my Ballstriking much if it all. But I wasn’t particularly laid off at the top when I was focusing on this… I was just chasing a picture. I somehow thought being on plane wasn’t as good as going steep to shallow. I’ve come to see that swing models can be classified into planar and non-planar mechanics. Non-planar being the ones with the steep to shallow move (see Matthew Wolf or Victor Hovland). While planar swings tend to go up and down on roughly the same plane (see Tiger / Fleetwood / O’Grady).   Now I see that both planar and non-planar swings can produce great golf shots consistently. 
    • Thanks for the feedback, @Bucki1968. May I ask what you didn’t like at Atlantic Dunes? I’ve also read that a lot of people liked it better that Harbour Town; more specifically that HT in the off-season isn’t kept at championship condition and isn’t worth the extra money. I’d probably bite the bullet and play HT if this was the only trip to Hilton Head I was planning on doing in my life but I have this timeshare access for 37 more years 😃
    • For me it would have to be on a hole “designed and built” as a par 3, even on par three courses with holes less than 100yds.  Don’t see where a Mulligan really qualifies as a legit hole-in-one, likewise Simulators offer perfect conditions, so real weather is not in play.  Personally I have come close a couple of times of late - the ball finishing within a couple feet of the hole.  
    • Here we go. I should mention that I work with Erik on Evolvr so I get routine coaching and swing feedback there. I have no plans to stop that in 2023 so "get help from Erik" is an ongoing element of seeking feedback for each of these items. Track missed shots with narrative / details (intention vs outcome) Review these monthly and feed into my other drill and improvement work. Arccos gives me good dispersion data, but cannot incorporate what I was intending to do. Biggest gains here I expect will be off the tee. For example, aiming for right edge of fairway but I pull it left towards OB but still land in the left side of fairway. Looks good on paper but is far from what I intended. Realistically I don’t expect to track every shot this way, but enough each round to produce enough evidence on trends to monitor. Play in at least three individual stroke play tournaments in 2023 At least one of these being a Rochester District Golf Association tournament Stoke medal play will be a true benchmark of improvement over time. I view 2023 as a baseline setting year so have no specific outcome goals here other than participation. Improve driver speed (from TheStack baseline start speed of 99) Goal is 105 by August 1 2023 I'm turning 55 in December so perhaps 105 is aggressive and perhaps "maintain current speed" would be more realistic, but I'm gonna try. I’m not convinced that Stack gives enough specific guidance on how to improve (other than repeated testing and workout sessions), but I have access to Top Speed Golf which should help with technique training. Improve strokes gained putting, with a focus on 0–10 foot putts Current overall –1.7 putting, –1.8 on 0–10 foot Routine practice (9–11 foot challenge, Mickelson circle putting) at least twice per week on this range, with speed control work mixed in (ladder drill primarily). Consider taking either a refresher AimPoint class, or the AimPoint level II Goal is –1.4 putting (past 10 rounds vs scratch) measured around December 2023. Stretch goal is –1.0.

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