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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I'm a TV producer for  a sports network in Belgium. Specifically the dutch speaking part, Flanders.
Our main interests are soccer, cycling and, in general, all Belgian athletes .

My day to day job is producing our sports news, every Sunday. We have a little more than 1 million viewers.
I guess that's not much from your perspective but for us that's a market share of about 45%. So not so bad after all :-)

In July, I'm in France, for the Tour. Long days, hard work, but very satisfaying.

Unfortunately not much interest for golf. But I'm trying to change that ;-)

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I'm an independent technical consultant.  My clients are typically manufacturing companies installing new ERP systems.  A very fun and interesting job - I am constantly meeting new people, learning about new businesses and, my favorite thing, programming.

I'm just doing this for now until I go out on tour.   

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I am a Portuguese Language Resource in Accenture.  I work with our Brazilian clients and my job is to liaise with the client and ensure our team in India is able to communicate and also when the training is going on to ensure that the team learns the job well.

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new to site but am glad for what I read so far. My work has been as a Captain, recently changed careers, now I teach high school. Good move.



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I help self employed business owners and professionals organize their finances so that they can retire on time. aka coordinate your financial plan with your taxes and investments. 

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I'm in computer graphics. I work for one of the biggest book component manufacturers in the world. I do 90% of the retouching and color correction done at the facility. Don't trust anything you see in print. Grass isn't that green. Water and skies aren't that blue. People aren't that good looking. LOL

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    • I’m a fan of the M2… always be one of TM’s best heads.  BUT. Doea the other Titleist driver’s hosel adapter fit the TS4 and vice versa??  If it does you can use the proforce in both heads etc…. 
    • Yup. Have to agree. Can't give up 40+ on the road and expect to win. Would have like to see OSU take more chances down the field. Hats off to Michigan though they were simply better today. It's Georgia's national championship to lose now IMO, I don't think there's any offense left in the playoff picture that will challenge Georgia's defense.
    • Too much so, yes. The body is responsible for the AROUND. The arms are responsible for the UP.
    • Figured since I have this, I may as well post it.   Even though it’s not a good video. Can’t get back far enough.    driver swing is quite a bit more flat.  Probably too much sway rather than turn.    But, I’m really working on speed, and this summer I averaged 278 off the tee with driver and hit 61% fairways.     So, I just don’t think it’s my biggest concern.  I do want to be longer, though.      
    • Day 119: Worked on backswing cupped wrist feel and also transition priority piece. Decided to get the feel of head position change (I call it Rory-ing) first, before working on clubface. I will be playing 18 tomorrow and will pay attention to ball flight to see how I need to adjust palmar flexion amount. Also did pitching/chipping drills from covid-19 practice plan days 6/7.
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